Going Batty? YES can Help with Your Bat Control Problems


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http://www.yespestpros.com – A single bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitos within a single hour, which is nice for pest control. The problem, comes when they move into your house. Bats carry diseasesWest Nile Virus & Ebola not to mentions rabies, so if you find bats on your property, call animal control or a pest control company skilled in bat elimination services immediately.

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Going Batty? YES can Help with Your Bat Control Problems

  1. 1. Going Batty?YES can Help with Your BatControl Problems
  2. 2. Fighting Bats Bats are amazing creatures. One single bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitos within a single hour, which can keep your yard pest free. The problem, though, co mes when they decide that your house should be theirs too. www.yespestpros.com
  3. 3. Understanding BatsThere are 900 different species of batsthroughout the world. They make up afifth of the worlds mammal population.There are two main groups.The larger fruit eating bats areprevalent around the world and smallermicrobats that are more prevalent inthe US.The microbats typically consumeinsects, birds, nectar, and even lizardsand fish. Most microbats useecholocation to help locate variousobjects as theyre flying.
  4. 4. Whats theProblem?Aside from the "Ewwwww!" factor, the problem with havingbats living in or near your home is that they can carry anumber of different diseases including West Nile Virus andEbola. Additionally, bats can carry rabies, so if you find adead or sick bat near your property, dont pick it up. Callanimal control or a pest control company skilled in batelimination services immediately.
  5. 5. Do I Have a Bat Problem?Unless you find them flying around yourliving room, it might be tough to noticebats inside your house.One of the best things to do it is to waituntil dusk and go head outside. Look allaround your home to see if there are batsflying out of anywhere.If you stay until it is too dark to see and forseveral nights in a row, you should beable to establish if you have a batproblem or not.Additionally, look for bat droppings aswell as brown stains near where theymight enter and exit due to the grease intheir fur.
  6. 6. If You Find GuanoIf you do have a bat infestation, youre likely to find a buildup ofbat guano, and its essential to remove it from the premisesimmediately, as it can present a real problem to your health.While youre removing it from your home, be sure to wear arespirator as well as some old clothes. Bag the guano in a heavyduty trash bag, and disinfect the area carefully.
  7. 7. Preventing a Bat ProblemLook for entry points to yourhome carefully. You want toprevent bats from entering yourhome. Paying attention toareas like the chimney, atticvents, gaps in siding, or anyloose fitting doors.Cover attic vents with a rigid,tough screening and repairother spots.Be sure there are not any batsinside those areas while youremaking the repairs, or youcould have a very smellysituation on your hands.
  8. 8. The Bat Life CycleMost bats give birth between themonths of May and July.Gestation depends on the speciesand can take from six weeks to sixmonths. Though twins arepossible, most give birth to just asingle bat. They nurse for just fiveweeks and can reach full size by twomonths. By the time they hit three tofour weeks old, theyve learned to flyand find food. Once a bat hasreached maturity, there are fewpredators to eliminate bats, and theycan live up to thirty years. www.yespestpros.com
  9. 9. Dealing with Bat ProblemsIf you do have a bat problem in your house, its essential toeliminate them as soon as possible. While professional batexterminators dont typically use chemicals, they will helpyou seal up all of the entry points and encourage the batsto leave. This is the most environmentally responsiblemethod of bat elimination.