DIY Pest Control – Not Here


Published on – If you find pests around your home, the first thing many do is grab a can from the nearest home improvement store. But is that can really going to work? Do you really know what kind of pest you have? Is that can really safe for your family & pets? DIY pest control solutions are not always the best answer. By choosing the pest control professionals from Young Environmental Solutions, you can bet that any problems you have will be covered immediately.

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DIY Pest Control – Not Here

  1. 1. DIY PestControl?Not Here!
  2. 2. The Temptation If you’ve ever dealt with a pest infestation of any kind, you know what a frustration it can be. Almost equally as frustrating for many, though, is the need to call a pest control professional. Thanks to the time & expense involved, more than ever people are grabbing a can off the shelf at the home improvement store. Wondering whether you should go DIY or professional? This quick guide may help you make up your mind.
  3. 3. The Wrong ToolOne serious drawback for manywhen it comes to DIY pestcontrol is the fact the spray youchoose from those store shelvesmost likely not work as well as itsays it will. It may suggest it canhandle ants and roaches alike,but the reality is that it might notwork well for either of them.
  4. 4. The DevilYou KnowDo you even know what kind of pest you’re dealingwith? Just because you think it’s carpenter ants versustermites doesn’t mean you’re right. Only trained pestcontrol professionals really knows what type of problemyou have on your hands.
  5. 5. A Deeper ProblemDIY methods often only addressthe pests you see as opposedto the massive infestation youhave on your hands.Unfortunately, if you’re onlykilling the ants, roaches, mice,or any other pests that you see,you likely have lots of otherproblems you haven’t evenconsidered yet.
  6. 6. It’s Poison All DIY pest products contain some level of dangerous chemicals, and if you’re spraying it around young or old family members or pets, you could have some real problems on your hands. The pest control professionals at Young Environmental understand how to apply as little pesticide as possible so that is effective without creating a health risk to your family.
  7. 7. Property DamageYou may not realize it, butthe DIY solution you’vechosen could actuallydamage your property, andthat could create problemsfurther down the line. Pestcontrol professionals arebonded and insured, whichmeans you don’t have toworry whether someone elsewill pick up the tab for anydamage caused by theremedy.
  8. 8. Ongoing HelpIf your DIY pest control remedy doesn’t workfor you the first time, what do you do next?If you choose the pest control professionalsfrom Young Environmental Solutions instead,you can bet that any leftover problems youhappen to have will be coveredimmediately.