Red meats


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This slide show gives nutritional information on Red Meat products. As well as how the average teenager (Boy & Girl) can sill maintain a healthy weight while still being able to eat red meat.

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Red meats

  1. 1. Red Meats By: Elaini Young
  2. 2. What is Red Meat?Red meat is type of protein from animals that, when raw, is red.
  3. 3. What’s the difference between Lean and Red Meat? Lean Meat Red Meat Lighter color  Heavier, red color Comes mainly from poultry  Greater abundance of nutrients (zinc, iron, thiamine and riboflavin) Less fat content than red meat  Greater source of muscle-building Lower number of calories protein.  Can cause cardiovascular disease and even arthritis and hypertension as well as colon cancer.
  4. 4. Types of Red MeatsBeefLambDuckGoosePork
  5. 5. Nutritional Information on certain redBeef (100%) meats. Lamb (3 oz) Duck (1/2)Calories: 159 Calories: 187 Calories: 1159Total Fat: 10.5 g Total Fat: 7g -12% Total Fat: 113g- 174%Saturated Fat: 4.0g- 20% Sat. Fat: 3g- 14% Saturated Fat: 38 g 90%Monounsaturated Fat: 5.2g Cholesterol: 426 mg Cholesterol: 218 mgCholesterol: 55mg- 18% Sodium: 48mg Sugars: 0gSodium: 42mg- 2% Total Carbohydrate: 2g Protein: 33gTotal Carbohydrates: 0.6g Protein: 26g Vitamin A: 10%Protein: 14.7 g Vitamin A: 424% Vitamin C: 13%Vitamin A 0%• Vitamin C: 6% Calcium: 3%Vitamin C 0% Calcium: 1% Iron: 38%Calcium 1%• Iron: 39%Iron 9%Pork (1 unit) Goose (1/2)Calories: 445g Calories: 1407Total Fat: 10g 15% Total Fat: 75g 115%Sat.Fat:3g 16% Sat. Fat: 27g 135%Cholesterol: 1507mg 502% Cholesterol: 567mg 189%Sodium: 320 mg 13% Sodium: 449mg 19%Vitamin A: 0% Total Carbohydrate: 0gVitamin C: 4% Protein: 171gCalcium 4% Vitamin A: 5%Iron: 369% Vitamin C: 0% Calcium: 8% Iron: 94%
  6. 6. Pro’s & Con’s of Red Meats Pro’s Con’s Makes up most of our body that  Can contain sat. Fat, which causes protects (muscles, organs, bones, cartilage, skin and antibodies) our inflammatory, if consumed to bodies from diseases. much.  May contain antibiotics, Enzymes that facilitate critical chemical reactions in our body (from hormones and other substances digestion to the building and re- building of cells) are made up of potentially harmful to humans. protein. The protein in the meat breaks down into building blocks of amino acids, which are then used by cells to repair themselves.
  7. 7. Diet Plan For Teenage Girls Who Eat Red MeatBreakfast  3/4c whole grain cereal 1 slice of whole wheat or 2% or soy milk multigrain toast  ½ c of berries or bananas 1 ½ tbsp of jam  ½ cup of orange juice ¾ cup of yogurt (plain or fruited) ½ cup of cherry juiceLunch Salad (fruit or vegetable) (light Turkey/Chicken sandwich dressing if desired) 2 slices of tomatoes 1 cup of ice water 1 shred of lettuce *Add egg or chicken to salad Whole wheat bread (optional) ¾ cup of apple slices Cup of cranberry juiceDinner ¼ cup steamed/raw vegetables 1 beef burger w/ lettuce ½ pork chop tomato, lettuce and onion  ¼ cup of mashed potatoes (pickles, mustard, ketchup, and mayo in small portion) 1 cup MilkSnack 6 slices of apple w/ 1/8 cup of ½ cup of ice cream (no peanut butter or caramel sauce toppings) (optional) and ice water
  8. 8. Diet Plan for Teenage Boys Who Eat Red MeatBreakfast 1 1/2 – 2 eggs (whatever way 1 large bagel w/ light cream • preferable) cheese. • Whole grain toast w/ butter 1 protein bar •Orange Juice Orange JuiceLunch 1 roast beef sandwich on white or multi-grain bread w/ 1/2 pulled pork sandwich on white or multi-grain sandwich. lettuce and light dressing (if Celery stick desired) Gatorade ¼ c chips WaterDinner 1 c of pork meat 1/3 c mashed potatoes 8 oz. duck meat 1/4 c green beans Side salad (light dressing) 1 biscuit (light butter) ½ c milk ½ c milkSnack 2protein/fiber bars Gatorade   1 small bag of chips 1 orange  Gatorade
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