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YES! 2017 - Company Gateway - BBS Wirtschaft 1 Ludwigshafen


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Company Gateway is a solution by the YES! – Young Economic Summit 2017 team BBS Wirtschaft 1 Ludwigshafen to the topic "National Innovation Strategies".

Find out more about the solution here:

The team was supported by our academic partner Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim and the researchers Florence Blandinieres, Paul Hünermund and Martin Murmann.

Published in: Business
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YES! 2017 - Company Gateway - BBS Wirtschaft 1 Ludwigshafen

  1. 1. National Innovation Strategies COMPANY GATEWAY A joint project by:
  2. 2. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit COMPANY GATEWAY: BUSINESS EXPERTISE & Company Formation
  3. 3. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit Students: Felix Degen | Lukas Dissinger Benjamin Döring | FeLIX MUTTER ADRIAN ROTH Teacher: Thorsten Galm Researcher: Martin MurMann | Paul Hünermund | Florence Blandinières Our YES! - Team
  4. 4. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit Analysis of the current situation  Number of companies founded in Germany  Founding behaviour in Germany  Number of steps to set up a company Our Solution  Overview of the “Company Gateway“  How it works  How it could be implemented Agenda
  5. 5. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit Number of Companies Founded in Germany 350,000 360,000 370,000 380,000 390,000 400,000 410,000 420,000 430,000 440,000 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Source: Gesamtstatistik Existenzgründungen des Instituts für Mittelstandsforschung, Bonn
  6. 6. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit Founding Behaviour in Germany 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Lack of acceptance of failure Criticized by society Not enough capital Risk-averse Preference to be employed Source: HHL-Delphi-Study, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
  7. 7. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit Numberof Steps to Set Up a CompanY 0 5 10 15 20 Canada Australia Sweden New… Ireland Germany Chad Belarus Columbia Source: Worldbank, p. 118-120, 2004, version of the ifo institute, Leipzig
  8. 8. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit OUR Solution: COMPANY GATEWAY One Institution to... + set up a company in one step + check if the company is in line with the law + find venture capital + get advice & help + take part in events & workshops © TeroVesalainen / / CC0 Public Domain
  9. 9. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit COMPANY GATEWAY How Does it work? Company Gateway Set up a company •Full formation- process in one step •No notary needed, CG checks the law Business Guides •Free advice to run your business •Free advice to set up your company Venture Capital •Find venture capital for your company •Competition for innovative companies Workshops
  10. 10. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit How could Company GateWaybe Realised? Chambers of Commerce Public Authority Company Gateway can be a department of the Chambers of Commerce or another public authority
  11. 11. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit 1. Only one step to set up a company  If you set up a limited company (e.g. GmbH) in Germany these days you have to 1. create an “Memorandum of Association“ (if you need a lawyer it costs up to 1000€) 2. ask the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) if it‘s possible to use the name you want to use 3. sign an “Memorandum of Association“ in front of a notary (costs up to 1000€) 4. pay the share capital for the company 5. register the company at the company register at court (costs: 150€) 6. register the company at the local authority (costs: 10-25€) 7. apply with your company for tax & VAT at the tax authority 8. become a member at the Chamber of Commerce (IHK or HWK) 9. become a member at a professional association (Berufsgenossenschaft)  With company gateway you get everything done in only one step for little money  it‘s also possible to apply online Solve the Problems...
  12. 12. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit 1. Only one step to set up a company Why do we need it?  A company formation can be very difficult in Germany and you have to pass many steps  In the UK you only need to register your limited company online at the Companies‘ House and HRMC  A company formation in Germany is too expensive  Many authorities are involved and it‘s not possible to do it online Solve the Problems... Our Experience  Costs of norary: 850€  150€ for the company register  Time-conusming
  13. 13. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit 2. Find Venture Capital  42% of the experts in the HHL-Delphi-Study* said that there isn‘t enough capital for starT-ups  Company Gateway can help to... 1. find venture capital 2. find other shareholders 3. get a loan from your bank Solve the Problems... *Source: HHL-Delphi-Study, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
  14. 14. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit 3. Decrease risk aversion, the preference to be employed and reduce the stigmatisation by society if your company fails Company Gateway reduces many risks because...  you can participate in workshops  you get help when you set up the company  you get help to find venture capital or shareholders  you get knowledge prior to the foundation = avoid old mistakes Solve the Problems... © 3dman_eu / / CC0 Public Domain
  15. 15. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit Pros + Much easier than founding a company today + Help & advice reduces risks of failure + The entire formation process can be done in one step + Cheaper + Get expertise from other people Cons – Maybe too many “cheap companies“ – Notaries lose clients – Costs money proS & Cons
  16. 16. YES! – Young Economic Summit #yes_summit Company Gateway Cheap, safe and simple company foundation in one step combined with business expertise! Vote for Our YES!-Solution Company Gateway Easy setup of a company Business Guides Venture Capital Workshops © PublicDomainPictures / / CC0 Public Domain