Agenda For Ap 9.03.08


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Agenda For Ap 9.03.08

  1. 1. Agenda & Objective • Funny Video • Test Schedule (homework) • Review Characterization • Lord of the Flies: Character Study • Laugh • Encourage studying • Make sure we are retaining information • Increase knowledge of characters in LOTF to improve multiple choice test scores • Prepare notes for use on essay
  2. 2. Test and Essay Schedule A Day • Tuesday = Test • Thursday = Essay B Day • Wednesday = Test • Friday = Essay You should review and/or organize your notes this weekend. Reread the novel or important passages from the novel. Study websites like Cliffnotes and Sparknotes to read up on deeper meaning within the novel.
  3. 3. Learning Check: Ungraded Quiz • No notes • No cheating off of a neighbor • Do your best • This is not graded • When we go over the answers, write down the ones that you missed
  4. 4. Learning Check: Ungraded Quiz 1. Define characterization. 2. Define Inference. 3. What are direct and indirect characterization? 4. Name the five methods of characterization. 5. Provide one example of each of the methods of characterization from the Youtube video…we will watch it again.
  5. 5. ANSWERS Characterization = The art of creating a character Inference = An educated guess Direct = What an author tells us directly (He was mad.) Indirect = What the author makes us figure out (A vein bulged from his temple and his eyes narrowed as he grabbed the chair and broke it over the antique coffee table) 5 Characterization Techniques 1. Actions: What characters do 2. Thoughts: What characters think 3. Speech: What characters say 4. Opinions: The opinions of other characters 5. Appearance: The way characters look Indirect Characterization What examples did you find? What is the importance of appearance in characterization? What we can infer (guess) about the character?
  6. 6. Free Write • Write about anything you want • Specific challenge: Write a story that uses all five of the characterization techniques and NO DIRECT CHARACTERIZATION!
  7. 7. Quick Quiz • Raise your hand if you take effective notes in class.
  8. 8. Quick Quiz • Keep your hand up if you are a fast typist.
  9. 9. Congrats! You will be typing notes for the benefit of your absent students!
  10. 10. Character Study • Trait • Image – Explain • Page number • Quote • Characterization Technique