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Paul & mohamed

  1. 1. Exploring and Empowering the Deaf community through Sign Language Mohammed Salha, Jordanian Paul Scott, British
  2. 2. WelcomeWe will be talking about....• Using sign language as a medium to engage the Deaf community.• How using sign language can empower the Deaf community
  3. 3. Looking at Sign Language and Deaf community.Since our work is based in Jordan, and this means using Jordanian Sign Language, to engage the community.Jordanian Sign Language, is a language by its own Right, as recent linguistic work has been done on this language. (Hendriks, 2004)Deaf community is recognised as a community, with research been conducted by anthropologists, because they have own language, history, art, education, social, politics.Sign language differential in all over the world.
  4. 4. Empowering the Deaf community in Jordan• Working with the community, finding out what is missing, the gaps in provisions in Jordan for Deaf community.• Reading and writing skills, in both Arabic and English, are commonly below average. (Hends)• Arabic, as well English is not fully acquired, thus barriers being brought up in different areas such as: Employment Education Other areas
  5. 5. Developing teaching resources• Setting up English classes with the support from British Council in Amman, Jordan• Developing English Teacher training course for Deaf people, teaching the teacher linking to peer education, Deaf sign language user to Deaf sign language user.• Positive Impact.• Working with Jordanian Deaf community, to ensure full participation.• Role models for future generations.• English Learning Platform
  6. 6. Inclusion not exclusion• Inclusion of Deaf community, gives them opportunity to be a member of society.• Access to information, opportunities.• Supporting other, developing knowledge exchange platform (Deaf Space).• Giving them skills to break down barriers, improving quality of life.
  7. 7. With thank you to...• British Council, Jordan.• International Institute for Sign Language and Deaf Studies, Preston, UK.And to Deaf community in Jordan.
  8. 8. Any Questions?