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  1. 1. Teaching English to young people with disabilities2013 MATE Conference Marrakech Dr. Steve McCallWednesday 30 January 2013
  2. 2. Children with disabilities 20% of children have special educational needs that will affect their ability to learn 2% have complex needs Most children with special needs are in local mainstream schools
  3. 3. Disability and Inclusion Am I disabled? That depends ... What is inclusion? What is an inclusive school? What is an inclusive classroom?
  4. 4. Inclusive learning environmentsSound and Light Background noise, acoustics Lighting Glare Writing boards
  5. 5. Furnishings Walkways Predictable layout Accessible storage, labelled Workspace Seating
  6. 6. Resources Handouts Fonts Books Time
  7. 7. Reading Scanning and skimming Comprehension Artefacts Illustrations Displays
  8. 8. Writing Motor Control Writing slopes Lined paper Pens Typing skills
  9. 9. Language natural language terminology names look at me gesture, like this, over there.
  10. 10. Thank you!Shukran Jazilan!Merci!Gracias!