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Abou khalaf


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Published in: Education
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Abou khalaf

  1. 1. The Roots of Sexual Stereotyping in classroom Language
  2. 2. Language*A human system of communication that uses arbitrary signals, such as voice, sounds, gestures or written symbols-*a collection of symbols governed by rules and used to convey messages between individuals *a tool of communication through which we learn the culture values that are embedded in it.*symbols represent a communicators thoughts Examples: Signs, gestures and words
  3. 3. We need to be aware of how thelanguage we use may affect others:• By avoiding• racist language• stereotyping• sexist language
  4. 4. Racist language The use of derogatory terms used to label people outside of (the group) Language that denigrates a person because of race.Examples:• Color• origin Stereotyping Mistaken generalizations we make about othersExamples:• Men are strong and do all the work.• Men are the (backbone)• Women cant do as good of a job as a man.• Girls are not good at sports.• Guys are messy and unclean.
  5. 5. A riddle to solve• A young boy was riding in the car with his father, together they got in horrific car accident. The father died and the son was rushed to the hospital for critical surgery.• The boy was in the operation theatre when the surgeon walked in, looked at the boy and said “I can not operate on him he is my son”• How??????????????????????
  6. 6. Sexist LanguageLanguage that favors one sex over another, it expresses bias in favor of one sex and thus treats the other sex in discriminatory manner.
  7. 7. Why sexist language• Culture:• Thoughts& beliefs• Behaviors &attitudes The behaviorist theory suggests:• The emergence of language is the result of imitation and reinforcement. The nativist theory suggests:• Language in an inherent human quality and that children are born with a language acquisition device that allows them to produce language once they have learned the necessary vocabulary. Why men???????????• Boys are biologically, developmentally and psychologically different from girls.
  8. 8. Sexism examples• Sexism in words• 1-In English language , there are many words ,which are clearly male_oriented in that they contain the element (man) while they can in fact apply to both sexes.• Chairman –newsman-policeman• 2-Some English words, especially the name of some professions of common gender ,they can applied to both sexes.• Doctor_professoe|_engineer_lawyer_reporter• Sexism in proverbs• Women have got long hair and short sense• A woman has even cheated the devil.
  9. 9. Why to avoid sexist language• Sexist language encourages discrimination and can discourage people from pursuing their dreams.• It affects womens self_esteem, overall educational levels ,careers choices ,and ultimately income.• It also offends people when they find themselves excluded.
  10. 10. ConclusionThe way to change social inequality is to treat people equally and to put into place practices that treat them equally.Once that is done ,we will naturally use non_sexist language.
  11. 11. How to avoid sexist language• Don’t assume that a particular job is filled by a particular type of person.• Avoid gender pronouns (like he and she, his and her)• Avoid terms like (man) when you mean to include women as well.