Summer Jewelry Horoscopes


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Summer Jewelry Horoscopes

  1. 1. Summer Jewelry Horoscopes! Go for the gold! Any Aries is sure to achieve their secret hopes and dreams with a little extra work this summer. Remind yourself that wishes do come true by wearing a gold plated wishbone pendant. It’s time to get lucky in love Taurus! The stars say that this is your summer for romance, so be on the lookout for a secret admirer. Wearing a designer inspired triple heart necklace is sure to give you three times the luck. Happy birthday Gemini! Summer can be stressful for many Gems, because they want to make sure their birthday plans go perfectly. Keep your eyes on the big picture by wearing a golden peace and love necklace.
  2. 2. Happy birthday Cancer! This summer you have a can-do attitude. From work, to love, to family and friends, you’ve got it all under control. A pave crab pendant will remind you to embrace your crab nature each day. Happy birthday Leo! Do you feel the pride? You should feel proud of yourself this summer - you’ve worked hard to get where you are! A candy apple necklace can be a sweet way to reward yourself for a job well done. Hang in there Virgo! This month requires some extra effort on your part, but it will all pay off when you have the rest of summer to relax. Keep your eyes on the prize by wearing a tropical reminder - a palm tree pendant!
  3. 3. Libras are set for smooth sailing! Now is the time to travel and enjoy the sun, sea, and summer spirit. Capture the essence of the season by wearing a nautical charm - like an anchor necklace. Keep it calm Scorpio! Summer should be stress free for you, but other people keep interupting with their own drama. Ward off negativity and bad vibes with a hamsa necklace, and don’t let anyone else bring you down. Sags are getting friendly this season! Summer is all about spending time with your closest friends, and enjoying the love in your life. This seahorse necklace symbolizes everlasting friendship, so it’s the perfect pick.
  4. 4. Why so serious Capricorn?! You should be playing and having fun this summer - it keeps you young! Wear a pave cupcake necklace to remind yourself of the simple pleasures of your childhood. Keep your chin up Aquarius! Determination is all you need to make your dreams come true. The sea turtle knows that he has to keep moving towards the goal, so a sea turtle pendant is the perfect reminder for you. You hold the key Pisces! It’s all right there for you to take - just open up to receiving all the joy in the world. A pave key necklace is the perfect reminder that you’ve already unlocked the secret to happiness. Tags: Alani's Big CZ Key Pendant, Baker's CZ Pave Cupcake Necklace, Candy's CZ Apple Necklace, charm necklace, Emilie's Seahorse Necklace, Esme's Gold Plated Peace & Love Necklace, Gabi's Designer Inspired Triple Heart Necklace, Jennifer's Wishbone Necklace - Gold Plated, jewelry horoscope, Sheldon's Green Pave Turtle Pendant, Sirena's Gold Anchor Necklace, Tula's CZ Ruby Hamsa Necklace