Shop The Bib Necklace Boutique!
Bib necklaces are one of this season’s defining trends, so be sure to stock up this surpri...
Now that you know which bib necklace - or two or three! - that you have to have, how do you
actually wear these things? No...
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Shop The Bib Necklace Boutique!


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Shop The Bib Necklace Boutique

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Shop The Bib Necklace Boutique!

  1. 1. Shop The Bib Necklace Boutique! Bib necklaces are one of this season’s defining trends, so be sure to stock up this surprisingly versatile style! You can find a bib necklace for any occasion, from black tie formal to a day at the beach. A variety of materials and designs means plenty of pretty options to choose from… is always on top of the jewelry fashions, so of course we were on the lookout for bib necklaces that our customers would love. We decided to go for a wide selection, using materials that practically beg to be worn - and touched! Wide satin ribbons, shimmering rhinestones, wooden beads, and candy color acrylic stones are all represented in our collection. For a fancy occasion, we suggest a rhinestone bib necklace, like Lei’s Rhinestone Bib Necklace - Clear or Zsa Zsa’s Rhinestone and Ribbon Bib Necklace - Gray. Both of these bib necklaces are available in multiple hues, so there’s sure to be at least one that works perfectly with your attire. These look like vintage bib necklaces, but no one but you has to know that they’re really brand new! A smattering of rhinestones in a medley of cuts - oval, emerald, round, pear….the list goes on! - brings maximum sparkle to your style. If you want something that truly looks like a vintage bib necklace, try our Chantecaille’s CZ Victorian Necklace. It has an antique, auction house feel at a fraction of the price. Bib necklaces aren’t just for weddings and proms - they can be worn with casual clothes as well! Make a crayon box hued rhinestone bib necklace your statement piece, for example, or slip on a wooden bead fringe bib necklace. These options look intriguing and innovative when paired with a tank top and jeans, or even a bikini and sarong! Pairing a whimsical and ornate bib necklace with beach casual clothes makes a bold impression that will set you apart from the crowd.
  2. 2. Now that you know which bib necklace - or two or three! - that you have to have, how do you actually wear these things? No need to worry…these pieces have more range and flexibility than you might expect. You can wear them loose around your neck, for example, or tight like a bib choker necklace. Choker necklaces haven’t been super stylish since the ’90s, but perhaps bib chokers are making a comeback? Consider the neckline of your dress or blouse above all else, though. Make sure you’re wearing a simple top that won’t compete with the dazzle of your bib necklace! Solid colors and small prints work better than patterns and large prints, because they don’t detract from the bib necklace. Simple scoop collars and V-necks also work better than most necklines, but you can play with the look to see what suits you best. Consider a rhinestone bib necklace with a crisp white dress shirt - just leave the top couple buttons open so the necklace will lay properly. Or embrace the winter weather, and layer a bright beaded bib necklace over a simple black turtleneck. One celebrity style trick is to line your bib necklace up with the edge of your top. When you do it right, your simple sheath or shirt is transformed into a high fashion bejeweled masterpiece! Once the bib necklace boom has passed, don’t toss those gems! Fashion is a cycle, and hot items always come back into style. Plus, there are so many fun things you can do with your bib necklace. Sew it onto a dress or top for a permanently decadent look (be sure to hand wash gently), or use the bib necklace to accent a pillow, purse, or scarf. You can even wear this bling as a fancy hair accessory! Other options include wearing a satin ribbon bib necklace backwards, with the bow in the front. This look is perfect for a dare-to-wear low back dress and an up swept hair-do. Of course, you can always gift your bling to a junior fashionista - there’s nothing better for dress up than a sparkly bib necklace! Tags: bib choker, bib jewelry, bib necklace, celebrity style jewelry, CZ necklace, Emitations jewelry, necklace bib, rhinestone bib, rhinestone necklace, vintage bib necklace