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Youcast+ white paper

  1. 1. Youcast+.Net, a solution by Flash software solutions Inc.The proposal.Youcast+.NET – internet and proximity rich content sharing and push solutions.A platform assists people using devices in WLAN with zero networking setup. When we are talking aboutmobile networking, we will immediately think of the 3G, 4G internet access. It is true for mostapplications, but not always so true when more and more near at hand or near field communication(NFC) mobile applications help people in study and work on daily basis. Especially, the weakness isobvious in some prospective aspects: 1. Security and privacy 2. Efficiency of content publishing. 3. Information Localization, autonomic content and computing. 4. Reliance on the hardware infrastructure. 5. Lacking of real-time collaboration. 6. Centric cloud storage that requires extra internet bandwidth consumption.As private clouds concept emerging, more and more organizations tend to use the solution to reducethe dependence on the public cloud for the security, cost or agility reason. As a replacement of publicclouds, it brings up some level of flexibility and privacy; however at the same time, users find somedisadvantages such as costs in licensing and maintenance.The concept behind youcast agent is not only trying to complement the private cloud solutions shortageof mobile delivery but also is to involve the devices as part of cloud computing. In the context ofenterprise management or personal productivity, the service-oriented architecture is more critical andpivotal than the static content itself. Users will look for some dynamic and real-time information whichwill be constantly changed from time to time.Apple bonjour framework enables users to make automatic discovery for computers, devices andservices in the IP network with zero-configuration. Based on bonjour, I developed three types ofprototype agents: mobile agent, interactive message agent and auto agent. With the Youcast prototypeagents, user can share the hierarchical content and push real-time content to device or vice versa induplex mode.In the prototype agents, using Java swing and NIO - the same java technique used by Oracle’s Glassfishto implement auto and interactive message agent, enable the agents to run on Mac, Windows or Linuxwith intensive I/O operation. User is also required to install the Bonjour open source package and jre 1.5or above. User will be able to share content and links by defining the resource tree in the Youcast autoagent. The content will advertise and propagate to the devices in WLAN.Let me discuss how it works and some use cases:Ying Ma, 1150 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020  6463274559
  2. 2. Youcast+.Net, a solution by Flash software solutions Inc.At home  Scenario #1:Select the device and drag &drop the files into message agent and the mobile agent will synchronize thefiles to the selected device automatically.Currently the mobile agent is already available for iPhone/Ipad/IPod. Thanks to JmDNS and j2mdns –bonjour for java and j2me, I will quickly be able to develop Android and Blackberry mobile agentversions. In addition, the mobile agent provides offline capability which enable users to open and viewfiles that have been downloaded to the device.Figure 1 Resource tree defined in auto agentFigure 2 Left: message and auto agents on the mobile agent; right: the first level of resource tree display on the agentYing Ma, 1150 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020  6463274559
  3. 3. Youcast+.Net, a solution by Flash software solutions Inc.Figure 3 Left: Links under home web node in the tree; right: the folders under favorite contents in the treeFigure 4 The files under discovery video folder, with downloaded files in solid black color and unsynchronized files in graycolor.Ying Ma, 1150 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020  6463274559
  4. 4. Youcast+.Net, a solution by Flash software solutions Inc.Figure 5 Left: drag & drop files in the message agent; right: the synchronized files in the mobile agent automatically.In officeThe multiple Youcast agents will link to different intranet resources including web, content, service (suchas printing, NFS) or integration with the messaging system. In addition, Youcast mobile agent will alsobe able to integrate to different mobile software: pdf reader, quick office or more productivity tools.  Scenario #1:During a product presentation, the presenter can simply push the notes and materials to the audienceinstantly by using Youcast message agent.  Scenario #2:Advertise some training documents or video by auto agent, employees can download by tapping thefiles and read them offline in transition.  Scenario #3:Help visitors immediately access product video and guest resource across WLAN with zeroconfigurations.Ying Ma, 1150 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020  6463274559
  5. 5. Youcast+.Net, a solution by Flash software solutions Inc.Figure 6 Diagram of youcast agents in the enterprises contextIn public context  Scenario #1:In public places, Youcast message agent will offer the online consumer service instantly. Besides, themerchant or store owns auto agent combined with Indoor Position System, also known as IPS, push thesales content to customers based on the vicinity of customer’s device, relevant information or salesadvertisement will pop up on the customers’ device when the users close to the spot. The currentYing Ma, 1150 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020  6463274559
  6. 6. Youcast+.Net, a solution by Flash software solutions Inc.Youcast agent architecture allows the stores to distribute and maintain the self-management content byutilizing shared WLAN inside a complex of buildings.  Scenario #2:Visitors access public library search system and help desk from their own devices when they walk into alibrary with little knowledge on their internal servers or networking setup.Business ModelYoucast mobile agent is free to public, with iAd opportunity. Youcast PC agent is also free to public, withAds. Youcast server agents will be charged with licensing fee or the number of users for enterprise.Team summaryYing Ma as a principle software developer with 7 years’ j2ee and 3 years’ mobile experience in IPhone,android, blackberry and 8 years’ .NET with strong interests in the cutting edge technology.Joshua Wang, PHD, an evangelist who has 15 years’ experience enterprise software management.Ying Ma, 1150 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020  6463274559