ECCU Survivor Workshop: Levine


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Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association: Survivor Support

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ECCU Survivor Workshop: Levine

  1. 1. Sudden  Cardiac  Arrest  Associa0on Survivor  Support December  2010
  2. 2. Sudden  Cardiac  Arrest Associa0on• SCA  claims  an  es4mated  325,000  lives  annually• SCAA  MISSION:  To  eliminate  unnecessary  deaths from  sudden  cardiac  arrest  (SCA)  by  2020.• To  fulfill  our  mission – Developed  community  programs  to  increase  awareness and  understanding  of  SCA – Share  informa4on,  resources  and  experiences  about  SCA – We  strengthen  SCA  chain  of  survival  through  public educa4on  and  awareness  about  state  of  the  art  treatment, and  beKer  access  to  AEDs
  3. 3. Resources  for  Survivors• Access  to  SCAA  website  resources• Inspire  –  online  community• Sharing  survivor  stories  and  contacts• SCAA  membership• Par4cipa4on  in  50  Chapters• Advocacy• Educa4onal  programs
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Website  Resources• Mul0media  Resources • Heart  Library • HEARTISTRY  -­‐  The  Art  of Caring  for  Your  Heart • Sudden  Cardiac  Arrest  and • To  Protect  and  Save:  Law AEDs Enforcement  Early • Hands-­‐Only  CPR Defibrillator  Programs • See  Whats  Inside  video • Shocked  Back  to  Life  -­‐  A • Artery  Explorer:  The  Movie Survivor  Story • Worried  About  Having  to  Use  an • Easy  two-­‐minute  CPR  lesson AED? • Saving  Lives  from  Sudden • Be  Red  Cross  Ready  –  CPR Cardiac  Arrest Training  and  More • Heart  Library • Awareness  of  congenital  long • Seconds  Save  Lives QT  syndrome. • Related  Links
  6. 6. Inspire  –  Online  Community Connec4ng  pa4ents,  family,  friends  and  caregivers
  7. 7. Survivor  Stories  &  Celebra0ons
  8. 8. SCAA  Membership! A  vibrant  community  of  individuals  who  share  our  vision  and  passion  of  preven4ng  loss  of  life  from  SCA.• 4,200  Members  Include: – SCA  survivors – Individuals  with  ICDs – Family  and  friends  of  survivors  and  ICD  pa4ents – First  responders – Healthcare  and  public  safety  professionals – Industry  representa4ves – Government  officials;  and; – Family  and  friends  who  have  lost  a  loved  one  to  SCA – Expand  public  access  to  defibrilla4on.
  9. 9. Membership  Benefits• – Gain  valuable  informa4on  on  the  latest  medical  and  legisla4ve informa4on  related  to  SCA – Expand  public  access  to  defibrilla4on. – Learn  or  teach  CPR/AED  and  promote  the  "Chain  of  Survival – Spearhead  local  and  state  advocacy  efforts  to  change  public  policy  to make  AEDs  and  ICDs  more  widely  available –  Local  chapter  ac4vi4es  and  networking – Legisla4ve  ac4on  alerts  on  federal  and  local  ini4a4ves – No4fied  of  breaking  news  by  e-­‐mail – Power  Points  Quarterly  newsleKer  includes  medical  updates, announcement  of  Na4onal  and  chapter  ac4vi4es,  news  on educa4onal  programs
  10. 10. Get  Involved  !
  11. 11. What  Do  Chapters  Do?• Suppor4ve  community• SCAA  Chapter,  members  and  legislators  work together  to  change  public  policy• Engage  na4onal,  state  and  local  government officials• Enlist  support  of  AED  placements• Encourage  CPR  training• Expand  public  awareness  for  bystander  ac4on
  12. 12. Sudden  Cardiac  Arrest  Associa0on