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What Are Native Ads? An Introduction To Native Advertising


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Native advertising is very new to many marketing professionals. This deck walks you through the basics of native ads, what they are, why they are important, and the different native ad platforms you can leverage to further your online visibility and grow your business!

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What Are Native Ads? An Introduction To Native Advertising

  1. 1. Intro To Native Advertising
  2. 2. What Are Native Ads?
  3. 3. Native ads are a form of advertising that is built into the visual design and content of a web page, social network, or mobile application
  4. 4. Native Format Advertisers & publishers are moving away from traditional banner advertisements. To higher performing native ad units. Native Context Native Format + Native Content + Individual Users Native ads that are served based on the content an individual consumes online. Native Content Where ads are laser targeted and support the content topic they are hosted in or near. Three Components To Native Ads
  5. 5. Advertiser Benefits • Ads feel natural and are not intrusive • Ads are on target with surrounding content • Strong click through rates • Inexpensive visibility on high profile sites
  6. 6. Publisher Benefits • Increased reader/visitor engagement • Increased revenue
  7. 7. Editorial Native Ads
  8. 8. Content Recommendation Engines • Outbrain • Zemanta • nRelate • Taboola • AdBlaze • Google (coming soon)
  9. 9. Social Native Ads
  10. 10. Facebook Sponsored Posts
  11. 11. Twitter Sponsored Tweets
  12. 12. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  13. 13. Reddit Sponsored Links
  14. 14. StumbleUpon Paid Discovery
  15. 15. Tumblr Radar
  16. 16. YouTube Video Ads
  17. 17. Mobile Native Ads
  18. 18. App Recommendation Leverage mobile assets (mobile apps, mobile websites, mobile blogs) to recommend apps. Get paid per install!
  19. 19. Learn more at