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7 Best Practices for e-Retailers to Follow in the "Era of the Customer"


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See the best practices for reaching consumers in the "age of the customer" for E-Retail.

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7 Best Practices for e-Retailers to Follow in the "Era of the Customer"

  1. 1. Best Practices to Follow in the “Era of the Customer” for E- Retailers
  2. 2. In today’s market, the customer now has all the power If you want to gain a lead you must play by the customer’s rules
  3. 3. Identify Your Customers Creating an incredible customer experience only happens if you have clearly defined your customers. Without the proper persona research you can end up trying to sell to people who have no interest in your product or service.
  4. 4. Survey Your Customers By surveying your customers, you are showing that you value their opinion and you want to make your business better for them!
  5. 5. Keep it Simple Make the customer journey on your application as simple as possible. Clear out any distractions that will deter your customers away from the checkout. According to Christian Holst of Smashing Magazine, the average eCommerce checkout process consists of 5.08 steps. Keep the steps in the process easy to understand to avoid user abandonment.
  6. 6. Utilize Free Shipping “66% of online shoppers say free shipping is “very important” to them when making a purchase online, according to the poll from the National Retail Federation.” -Cooper Smith
  7. 7. Utilize Free Shipping More and more E-Retailers are using free shipping. Often times if your web application does not have it, users will look elsewhere for free shipping. According to Shopify “a ComScore study found that 61% of shoppers would quit their order if free shipping wasn’t offered.”
  8. 8. Make the Experience the Same Across Devices “In 2014, mobile commerce spending grew an impressive 47% making mobile the fastest growing retail channel, by a long shot”. -Brendan MacArthur, Yottaa
  9. 9. Across All Devices The Era of the Customer does not just take place on a desktop; it takes place across all devices. You must meet your customers where they are and make your application easy to navigate across all devices.
  10. 10. Have a Customer Focused Culture “Customer Focused marketing is at the core of delivering a personalized, relevant experience to every customer, which is the first step toward fostering loyalty.” -Ashley Tate, The BigDoor Blog
  11. 11. Have a Customer Focused Culture A good way to create a more "Customer Focused Culture" is to engage your employees so you all have a common goal. says, " When employees can identify and resolve failures, they contribute to that culture and help it to become entrenched".
  12. 12. Speed Things Up The worst thing you can do is keeping your customer waiting for a product to load. A good way to ensure faster page speed is to optimize your images so they can load quicker. "40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load." -Kiss Metrics
  13. 13. Still looking for Tips? See how you are engaging your online shoppers with our free Ebook: "10 User Engagement Metrics Everyone Can Use" And start living in the "Era of the Customer"
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