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Blogference The World Around Your Blog Yosi Taguri


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This is the session I gave at Blogference 07 in Israel. You can download it at:, feel free to check out the comment in my blog at:

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Blogference The World Around Your Blog Yosi Taguri

  1. 1. The World Around Your Blog Alpha Geek
  2. 2. Hemorrhoid
  3. 10. <A /> href=“…” rel =“….” <A href=“…” rel =“ met contact muse ” /> Categoty Term friendship (pick at most one) contact acquaintance friend physical met professional co-worker colleague geographical (pick at most one) co-resident neighbor family (pick at most one) child parent sibling spouse kin romantic muse crush date sweetheart identity me
  4. 11.
  5. 12. How-To-Open-a-New-Blog.aspx
  6. 14. Making your site more visible – How much do they LOVE me?
  7. 19. <a href=&quot;; rel=&quot;tag&quot; >iPod</a> <a href=&quot;; rel=&quot;tag&quot; >Gravity</a> <a href=&quot;; rel=&quot;tag&quot; >Chihuahua</a>
  8. 28. On Comments “ … The discussion in the comments to each blog post was as or more compelling than the actual news we were reporting…. Mike Arrington
  10. 42. MAKE YOUR BLOG SHINE <ul><li>Web 2.0 </li></ul>
  11. 44. I NEVER THINK OF THE FUTURE IT COMES SOON ENOUGH <ul><li>Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) </li></ul>
  12. 45.