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Introduction to amazon web service (clean)


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A brief survey and intro of Amazon Web Service (AWS).

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Introduction to amazon web service (clean)

  1. 1. Introduction to Amazon Web Service Yoshi *Some pages are from official AWS website on SlideShare
  2. 2. Basic Terminology
  3. 3. Cost Estimation • An online calculator for estimating –
  5. 5. AWS Dashboard
  6. 6. Many details…it’s worth giving it a try
  7. 7. Public domain name
  8. 8. Instances can be reserved as you pay
  9. 9. AWS SNS
  10. 10. Get your Google API Key
  11. 11. Summary • As the very first cloud-service provider, AWS has the most mature ecosystem • Not only Western countries, but also China market is considered, i.e., Baidu message • Successful stories can be easily found – Such as Netflix, g0v, and many startups • New experimental functions are still being added (such as machine learning, N. Virginia site limited)