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West hills community college 2


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West hills community college 2

  1. 1. West Hills College Coalinga
  2. 2. WHCC HISTORY AND DEMOGRAPHICSHistory Demographics West Hills College district has  Serves students from small be serving the San Joaquin communities such as valley for over 7 decades in Armona, Avenal, Cantua, Coa locations such as linga, Firebaugh, Hanford, Hu Coalinga, Firebaugh, and ron, Kettlemen Lemoore. city, Laton, Lemoore, Mendot a and many more West Hills College Coalinga Ethnic Demographics was opened to students in  59% are Hispanic 1956.  32% White,  4% African American and low percentages on any other ethnicities.  I work in student services and, therefore, deal with different services.
  3. 3. MAIN SOCIAL ISSUES West Hills College student services directs access to services for students who are in need of services because of the different social issues that exists. There are different programs offer to students that address social issues such as low income, low levels of educational levels, legal status and so on. One of the main problem at the college is that students place below college levels of math and English. In order to help these students there is the Basic Skill Initiative Program. Another social issue that exists in this community is the lack of financial stability.  In order to address this social issue among students there are programs such as EOPS, Cal Works, Camp ,and HEP programs..
  4. 4. WEST HILLS COLLEGE COALINGA’S SERVICES CalWorks-This program is for  International Student Program-This students who are receiving cash program is for international students aid(TANF). The program offers that come from all over the country. childcare, employment opportunities, This program tries to make the and refers students to other sources. students transition and experience CAMP/HEP- This program is for into the college and United States the students who’s parents or themselves best experience. This program offers have worked in agriculture. This academic support, language program offers academic support, classes, clubs, sports and many financial support for books and other more. school supplies.  Student Support Services-Federally EOPS/CARE- is a state funded funded and it is for students who are program that helps students that are low income, first generation, or of low income and have low levels of students are physically disable. education. This program offers academic support as well as financial support through book services, grants and book supplies. This program also offers life learning workshops and students get priority registration.
  6. 6. MAIN ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE President of the college Administrative assistant.Director of Maintenance, Vice President of Student Services, Director of Farm of the Future and vice president of educational services. Title IV Projects, Student Services, Health Careers, Associate dean of Student Learning Associates Dean of Student Services, Director of Financial Aid, Director of North District Food Services, Office Manager And More
  7. 7. COMMUNITY CONTEXT OF THE AGENCY The community college is intended to meet community needs in Coalinga, Ca. The main service is to provide education however, the community also has the right to request things for them. There are college meetings for the community to discuss the needs of the community. In these meetings the community can request things like educational classes for the people from the community. For example, the elderly then the college does their best to provide the services requested.  The community college is open to work with local businesses that ask for request like typing classes or any other type of classes.
  8. 8. POPULATIONS AT RISK During 2009-2010 academic year “984 students took a placements test. Approximately 90% of those students placed below college math and English levels” These students come in to the college with a disadvantage because they come from low income families, or limited resources to enhance their educational levels. The college has created the Basic Skills Initiative Program (BSI) in response to this issue. The Basic BSI program offers workshops, tutoring and many other things that help the student.
  9. 9. WORKING COMPONENTS OF THE BSI PROGRAM Orientation, assessment, and placement are mandatory for all new students Regular program evaluations are conducted, results are disseminated widely, and data are used to improve practice. Counseling support provided is substantial, accessible, and integrated with academic courses/programs Information on opportunities such as financial aid.
  10. 10. AGENCY’S MISSIONS & GOALSThe main Mission of the college is to provide education opportunities for students.“West Hills College Coalinga is committed to achieving student learning through the provision of educational, cultural, and economic development opportunities to our current and future students and the local and global communities that we serve.West Hills Community college has four mission goals that they follow in order to provide adequate services to students and community.
  11. 11. 4 GOALS OF THE COLLEGEWest Hills Community college has four mission goals that they follow in order to provide adequate services to students and community1. We will maintain our focus on improving student success, improving customer service, and on being learner-centered.  This is done by the college meeting strategic goals set by the district goal2. We will develop and strengthen college and community interactions to improve access to education opportunities.  This is done by providing services to help students such as offering tutorial services.3. We will demonstrate academic quality, leadership, engagement, innovation, and creative thought.  This is done by putting students first in all ways. This refers to offering the classes and services needed for students to complete their education and expand their opportunities.
  12. 12. GOALS OF COLLEGE 4. We will effectively utilize existing resources and pursue additional resources to achieve the mission of the college.  This is accomplished with all of the services that the college offers.
  13. 13. ANALYZE THE AGENCY’S PRACTICESInstructional Non-Instructional Instructional practices are  The non-instructional the classes being taught by practices are the resources instructors for students. Instructors follow a that the college has available curriculum and syllabus that at the college. guides the class and Some of those are counseling students throughout the at the student semester. services, Financial Students are completing aid, programs such as their educational goals EOPS, CAL through available classes at Works, Camp, HEP, and West Hills College. DSPS.
  14. 14. SIGNIFICANCE OF AGENCYSocial Justice Social Work Values and Human The agency’s main purpose and goal is to Rights help students meet their educational  In order to help students reach their needs while at the same time prepare educational goals the college offers them to transfer to a university to pursue a and refer students to different bachelorette degree. services. This implies with social work West Hills College provides programs for because one of the roles of social students who have low income, and low work is to asses and refer clients to levels of education. West Hills College different services that are needed in addresses the different social issues and order for client to succeed. provides opportunities of improvement  The college and staff asses students and help for those that need it through by teaching, helping and counseling certain programs available. students in the right direction. Social The college also offers programs for workers also teach, help, and counsel students who have low levels of clients in the right direction when education. needed. All these addresses the social issues that exists among this population of students.
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