Campus culture and organization


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Campus culture and organization

  1. 1. Occidental Campus Culture &Organization GHC Training
  2. 2. Campus Culture vs. Campus Climate What is Campus Culture? The way that the campus, in general, runs and operates (using both verbal and non-verbal communication styles) The way the campus promotes academic engagement opportunities outside of the Monday – Friday “academic” week, working towards a 7-day campus week. What is Campus Climate? Is a direct result of the Campus Culture Refers to the environment related to the inclusive nature of our campus Might be different for each person on campus, or might be the same for sub- groups of people
  3. 3. What is the Campus Culture at Oxy? Student centered, holistic approach You will wear many hats, and play multiple roles Fast-paced nature Formation of close relationships with students (good vs. bad)  Can lead to long days/weeks – trying to get to all programs/events Family oriented – can include biological family Finding balance and understanding boundaries Autonomous nature in decision making Ability to be creative (can mean you take the lead so beware!) Collaborate, collaborate, COLLABORATE!!
  4. 4. What is the Student Culture at Oxy? Seek a demanding learning environment that prepares them to address important social problems once they graduate they want to make a difference (watch your words) Thrive on the close relationships they form with faculty, administration, staff, and other students Challenge, challenge, CHALLENGE Want to be a part of everything – organizations, projects, decisions, etc. Overcommitted student staff members
  5. 5. DepartmentsDOS - Dean of StudentsOfficeREHS - ResidentialEducation & Housing ServiceOSL - Office Of StudentLifeEmmons Health CenterICC - InterculturalCommunity CenterOCE- Office of CivicEngagementNPP - NeighborhoodPartnership ProgramORSL - Office of Religious& Spiritual Life
  6. 6. Barbara Avery Responsibilities: Reports directly to President Vietch. Supervises all departments within the division of Student Affairs.Department: Deanof Students OfficeJob: VicePresident for Additional Information: BarbaraStudent formerly worked at LoyolaAffairs/Dean of Marymount University.Students
  7. 7. Terri FinchResponsibilities:Coordinates all phonecalls, emails andscheduling for Dean Avery. Department: Dean of Students Office Job: Executive and Administrative Assistants to Dean of Students
  8. 8. Erica O’Neal Howard Responsibilities: Reports to Dean Avery. Is the campuses primary Title IX Officer.Department: Deanof Students OfficeJob: Associate Deanof Students
  9. 9. Emily HarrisResponsibilities:Coordinates all off campusconduct cases. Works withstudents of concernreported through the SEANsystem. Coordinatesdisability services andfirst generation college Department: Deanstudent initiatives. of Students Office Job: Director for Student Advocacy andAdditional Information: Emily Accountabilityhas taken dance classes herwhole life, and often drops inthe hip-hop classes at Oxy!
  10. 10. Ruth TavlinResponsibilities: Worksdirectly with students thatmight be struggling duringtheir time at Oxy,especially students withdrug and/or alcoholconcerns. Department: Dean of Students Office Job: Assistant Director for Student Success
  11. 11. Lorelei SanetoResponsibilities: SupportsErica, Emily, and Ruth inthe Dean of StudentsOffice. Department: Dean of Students Office Job: Administrative Assistant
  12. 12. Tim Chang Responsibilities: Reports directly to Barbara Avery, Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students. Oversees the Department of Residential Education and Housing Services.Department:Residential Education &Housing ServicesJob: Assistant Deanof Students & Director Additional Information: Tim isof Residential a USC alumni and formerlyEducation & Housing worked at CalTech for 13Services years.
  13. 13. Michelle SaldañaResponsibilities:Coordinate the HousingServices side of thedepartment. Coordinate allaspects of room assignments:Room Draw, First-Year studentplacement, health anddisability placements. ManageWait-List Process and LicenseAgreements and Room Condition Department:Reports. Residential Education & Housing ServicesAdditional Information: Job: Associate DirectorMichelle is an Oxy graduate! of Housing ServicesShe has a beautiful dog namedLola!
  14. 14. Ross MaxwellResponsibilities:Coordinate the HousingServices side of thedepartment. Manage DirecTVservice and attend weeklyFacilities meetings.Coordinates summer housing. Department: Residential Education & Housing ServicesAdditional Information:Ross aspires to be a Job: Assistant Directorninja! Many of our for Housing Servicesstudents believe he isBruce Steele’s Son
  15. 15. Juls White Responsibilities: Oversees the Residential Education side of the department and is direct supervisor of the Assistant and Community Directors, and indirect supervisor and mentor to the Graduate Hall Coordinators, Mentor Resident Advisors and Resident Advisors.Department: Coordinates residence hallResidential conduct process, and acts as aEducation & campus liaison between ourHousing Services department and other areas.Job: AssociateDirector ofResidential Additional Information: JulsEducation is the proud owner of Parker!
  16. 16. Chad Myers Responsibilities: Responsible for the direct supervision of 2 graduate hall coordinators and indirectly for the Themed Housing staff and all buildings in that area. Coordinates themed housing and RA Training.Department:Residential Education& Housing ServicesJob: Assistant Directorof Themed Housing Additional Information: Chad has a cat named Monkey!
  17. 17. TBDResponsibilities:Responsible for the directsupervision of 2 graduatehall coordinators andindirectly for the UpperDivision staff and allbuildings in that area.Coordinates summer storageand other office projects. Department: Residential Education & Housing ServicesAdditional Information: Job: Assistant Director for Upper Division
  18. 18. Meredith MickaligerResponsibilities:Responsible for the directsupervision of 2 graduatehall coordinators andindirectly for the FYEstaff and all buildings inthat area. Coordinates theRA Candidate Workshop and Department:other office projects. Residential Education & Housing ServicesAdditional Information:Meredith has a dog named after Job: Assistanta Rancid song (Ruby Soho)! Director for the First-Year Experience
  19. 19. Graduate Hall CoordinatorsResponsibilities:Responsible for the directsupervision RA staff in theirarea. As well as programming Kathleen Jasonand community developmentDepartment:Residential Education& Housing Services Ray BriseidaJob: Graduate HallCoordinators Katelyn Denice
  20. 20. Graduate Housing Coordinator Responsibilities: Assist Ross with coordinating t Housing Services side of the department. Manage DirecTV service and attend weekly Facilities meetings. Coordinate summer housing. Coordinates summer storage and other office projects.Department:ResidentialEducation & HousingServices Additional Information: Jack has bee an RA or MRA in Braun,Stewie and Chilcott and currently lives in Newc so he has resided in every FYE build
  21. 21. Tatiana BarzaghiResponsibilities: Reportsdirectly to Tim Chang. Managesthe front office and supportsall staff within the department.Oversees Resident Advisors whileworking office hours. Managesstudent and parent concerns,phone calls, emails, etc.Schedules appointments andreserves meeting locations. Department:Manages reimbursement paperwork Residentialfor all budgets in the Education &department. Housing ServicesAdditional Information: Job: SeniorTatiana loves pineapple. Administrative Assistant
  22. 22. Tamara Rice Responsibilities: Supervises all operations that OSL is responsible for which include Orientation, OxyEngage, Greek Life, KOXY and the Oxy Weekly. OSL also organizes student clubs and programs.Department: TheOffice ofStudent LifeJob: AssistantDean of Additional Information: TamaraStudents for completed her Ph.D at Bowling Green State University and has aStudent Life dog named Pauley.
  23. 23. Devon MacIverResponsibilities: Workswith the Greek studentorganizations, supervisesthe Programming Board andcoordinates OxyEngage whichis a pre-Orientationprogram exposing studentsto Los Angeles. Department: The Office of Student Life Job: AssistantAdditional Information: Devon Director-Studentenjoys taking hikes outdoors Activities &and has worked and lived in Greek Lifethe north-east.
  24. 24. Justin Gerboc Responsibilities: Supervises the Bengal Bus which is a transportation system for Oxy students. He also creates leadership programs, including the Spring Leadership Conference with over 100Department: The participants.Office ofStudent LifeJob: AssistantDirector-Student Additional Information: JustinOrganizations & graduated with his MastersLeadership degree from The Ohio StateDevelopment University.
  25. 25. Gabriela Niculescu Responsibilities: Coordinates all finances for the OSL office, including budget transfers to and from all student clubs and organizations.Department: TheOffice ofStudent Life Additional Information: GabrielaJob: ASOC always has a smile on her faceFinance Manager and a warm welcome to the OSL office.
  26. 26. Genaro CabreraResponsibilities:Supervises the studentstaff who work at theStudent Activities Centerwhich offers discounts onmovie tickets and localtheme parks. Genaro is thedirect assistant to Tamara. Department: The Office of Student Life Job: DepartmentAdditional Information: Aside Assistantfrom attending IndianaUniversity, Genaro has livedin Eagle Rock his whole life.
  27. 27. Rick Youngblood Responsibilities: Rick serves as the Director of Emmons which provides medical care, preventative health education and supportive counseling services. Rick meets individually with manyDepartment: students to address theirEmmons Health medical needs.CenterJob: Director of Additional Information: RickEmmons Health also owns a motel in New Mexico.Center
  28. 28. Matt Calkins Responsibilities: Matt supervises the Psychology interns as well meets with students of concern. Matt collaborates with REHS to help train the RA staff on issues of eating disorders, suicide and depression.Department:Emmons HealthCenterJob: Director ofCounseling Additional Information: MattServices holds a PsyD and has a private cliental locally.
  29. 29. Jenny Heetderks Responsibilities: Provides individual, couple, and group counseling; facilitate Survivors Circle; Training director of the predoctoral psychology intern program at Emmons.Department:Emmons HealthCenterJob: AssistantDirector of Additional Information: JennyCounseling has been to 30 countries!
  30. 30. Roberta & JuliaResponsibilities:Roberta & Julia bothserve as the primarycare takers of studentswhen admitted forhealth problems, aswell as Oxy employeesduring an on job Department:injury. Emmons Health CenterAdditional Information: Julia Job: Nurseis pictured on the right. Practitioner
  31. 31. Corrina RoblesResponsibilities:Corrina manages allemails, phone calls andscheduling in theHealth Center as wellas all medical andinsurance files. Department: Emmons Health CenterAdditional Information: Job: SeniorCorrina attended Eagle Rock AdministrativeHigh School. Assistant
  32. 32. Paula Crisostomo Responsibilities: Supervises all operations that ICC is responsible for which include the MSI, the CGE, Project SAFE. Co- chairs the Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT).Department:InterculturalAffairsJob: AssistantDean for ICA Additional Information: Paula is looking forward to her vacation to Denali Nat’l Park in Alaska after MSI!
  33. 33. Dominic AllettoResponsibilities: Dom workswith the ICC students andstaff in administeringtheir programs, events andefforts including, ProjectS.A.F.E and the Center forGender Equity. Department: Intercultural AffairsAdditional Information: Dom Job: Assistantformerly worked at Cal Poly San Director ofLuis Obispo as a coordinator of Interculturalstudent development. Affairs
  34. 34. Sean FordResponsibilities: Overseesprogramming, managesoperational logistics andsupervise student staff forthe ICC, CGE, Project Safe,and MSI. Department: Intercultural AffairsAdditional Information: Sean Job: Programhas a cat named Smokey, and heis a total B-O-S-S. Coordinator
  35. 35. Susan YoungResponsibilities: Serve theOxy community by providingleadership and resourcesfor programs that explorespirituality on manylevels. Advises the 9spiritual and religiousgroups on campus. Department: Religious & Spiritual Life Job: DirectorAdditional Information: Susanis currently working on her Religious &PHD and is a reverend already. Spiritual Life
  36. 36. Jesus Maldonado Responsibilities: Serves underrepresented middle school and high school students in the area by helping them gain skills to successfully graduate high school and transition into college. Works with 5Department: program assistants in hisNeighborhood office.PartnershipProgramJob: Director ofNeighborhood Additional Information:Partnership Program Jesus is an Oxy alumni and advices the SAE fraternity.
  37. 37. Ella Turenne Responsibilities: Works with students to foster their engagement with communities in the city of Los Angeles. Directs the OCE, advises student organizations, manages programs such as the Alternative Break Program and various days ofDepartment: service.Office of CommunityEngagementJob: AssistantDean of Students Additional Information:for CivicEngagement Ella can tap dance!