South Yorkshire Disability Case study


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South Yorkshire Disability Case study

  1. 1. Case Study Template Yorkshire Cricket BoardCounty Cricket Board Disability DevelopmentScheme South YorkshireLocation (Inner City / Rural) Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley & DoncasterSpecific Location YCB, Staff Time, Club Volunteers, Chance ToFunding Streams Shine, FDSO. ECB, SSP, CSP, LA, FDSOKey Partners Gareth Davis: SY CDMAuthor / Title 30/3/11DateQuantitative and Qualitative DetailBackground: SY has a high number of SEN schools and young people with disabilities in the area,the South has pro active School Sport Partnerships and a CSP disability development officers whohelp support schools to develop school sport with an outlet to NGB and local community clubswhich provide an exit route for the young people, and give them the opportunity to playrecreational sport outside of school hours. Having worked closely with key partners it was clear weneeded Focus Clubs to buy in to becoming district development centre for disability cricket. A SYtask force group was set up to look at how we would do this and what actions/ time scales wouldneed to be actioned.Aims and Objectives:  Form a SY Task Force to drive disability cricket  Create Strong links with key partners delivering within disability sport  Identify Focus Clubs to become disability development centres  Utilise local funding streams to support clubs with resources and capital investment  Send club coaches in to SEN schools to deliver curriculum and after schools coaching  Host kwik cricket/skill development days in the 4 districts where young people come to the development centre at the focus club for a winner to feed in to the SY Finals.  Invite Yorkshire Terriers county manager to come to the festivals as part of talent ID  Host SY Finals and sign post to county finals at Headingley
  2. 2. Achievements to date:  4 clubs Identified and delivering at disability development centre , 3 of which are delivering as part of a chance to shine scheme.  Around 216 hours of coaching being delivered in SEN Schools  Approximately 380 children attending the 4 festivals throughout the year in SY.  Players identified have now moved on to the Yorkshire Terriers county squad.  A county Physical and Learning Task Force has now been formed.  County Final at Headingley is an annual event.  Funding is being drawn down by clubs such as Sport England Small Grant, ECB Grant aid, Sport Unlimited, Chance to shine and now Sportivate.  Disability Young Leaders being part of the Yorkshire Cricket Young Leaders Academy  Structured and developing key partner links ensuring cricket is the number 1 NGB for disability development  Won FDSO award for services to Disability Sport.Pictures:
  3. 3. Comments from Key Partners / CCBs/ TLT:  FDSO Nominated YCB for award for services to disability sport.  SSP: Great to see cricket clubs taking ownership of local SEN schools and developing links.  LA: Having points of contact at clubs saves time and produces a clear and concise exit route for young people.  FDSO: Providing every child with an opportunity to play cricket and have fun in an safe and enjoyable environment.Headline Statistics:  4 clubs Identified and delivering as disability development centre, 3 of which are delivering as part of a chance to shine scheme.  Around 216 hours of coaching being delivered in SEN Schools  Over 300 hours spent coaching with ranges of disabilities  Approximately 380 children attending the 4 pathway festivals throughout the year in SY. • 12 Festivals in total ran in SY last year with different links to key partners. • 16 Schools accessed cricket coaching or attended festivals in 2010 • 4 Children have moved forward in to the County Disability Squad • 24 YL from SY have accessed and completed Cricket Young Leaders Course. • Talent ID being run as part of links to SSP & CSP programmes.