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Dealroom. The technology focused corporate finance SaaS boutique model

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Dealroom June2014

  1. 1. Collaboration platform for VCs and founders June, 2014 Text
  2. 2. Simplifying collaboration and syndication with leading funds
  3. 3. New way to discover, track, and access winning tech companies
  4. 4. SaaS corporate finance model 400 active top-tier VC / PE funds Core team 12,500 leading tech companies !  Launched in late 2013, connects tech funds and their portfolio companies to collaborate on new investments, follow-ons, syndicates !  A purpose-built platform for transaction process management !  Centralised collaboration, instead of emails and one-on-one !  Modular full-service model: pay only for what you need !  100% focused on internet companies and its sub-verticals !  Relationships and deep understanding of industry dynamics !  Unrivalled platform with 12,500+ companies and 400+ funds Online SaaS for collaboration and transaction process support !  Yoram Wijngaarde, Founder & CEO, London !  2004-2008 Lehman Brothers, media M&A in NY and London !  2009-2013 NOAH Advisors, internet M&A !  Over $10bn in tech M&A deals incl. lead advisor on Fotolia/KKR ($500M), Bigpoint/TA/Summit ($350M), Softonic/PG (€275M) !  Roberto Arias Alegria !  Tech Lead, Berlin !  Formerly Chief Engineer at Chemist Direct (Atomico) !  Fabio Moro !  Biz Dev Lead, Berlin !  Formerly successful broker/trader at STX !  Type of investors: funds 69%, angels 20%, corporates 11% !  Investment stage distribution: seed stage funds 11%, early 46%, growth equity 25%, buyout 19% !  UK 28%, USA 21%, Germany 20%, France 9%, Spain 6%, … !  Together, investors on made over 150,000 tracking connections with founders and CEOs (added to their watch-list) !  Crowd-sourced database, curated and organized into: 95 internet sub-verticals, hundreds of tags, ownership type, revenue model, funding, location, target geography, etc !  Seed 25%, early 40%, growth 22%, mature 13% !  Competitive & industry overviews !  Comparable trading and transaction valuation analytics tools 10+ years active coverage of internet and tech venture capital 4
  5. 5. Ground-up redesign of traditional financial advisory service model 5 A redesign of corporate finance advisory Adoption of technology in VC industry Tech giants are emerging more rapidly Universe of potential buyers is diversifying 10 years in banking motivated us to rethink the corporate finance service model and the way it is best delivered Venture capital has started to embrace software to identify opportunities, connect LPs with GPs, and more Investment interest can come from unexpected corners (corporates, HNW, investor clubs). We connect professionals and opportunities across investor types and growth stages Growth trajectories of tech companies are shortening, creating a need for real-time actionable data and intelligence
  6. 6. Connecting leading tech funds, portfolio companies and founders Fundraising Syndication Exits 6 over 400 VC / PE funds and 12,500 leading tech companies Founder-to-VC collaboration New opportunities Follow-on rounds Test market appetite Process management
  7. 7. 7 A purpose-built platform for transaction process management online dataroom ✓ Less emails, attachments, and one-on-one ✓ Select & invite investors via platform ✓ Centralised collaboration ✓ Monitor investor response
  8. 8. 8 Expand your own network with an unrivalled platform of investors Early stage 46% Late growth 25% Buyout 19% Seed stage 11% Funds 69% Angels 20% Corporates 11% UK 28% USA 21% Germany 20% France 9% Spain 6% Netherlands 5% existing relationships the network + + over 400 top-tier VC / PE funds
  9. 9. A more efficient and structured transaction process 1. Upload 2. Invite 3. Collaborate !  Dataroom info pack (KPIs, deck, model) !  Dealroom can provide support with preparation of deck and KPIs !  Appoint Deal Team as dataroom admin (may include Founders, existing shareholders and/or Dealroom Team) !  Prepare investment summary (based on dataroom info pack) !  Select target investors (own + dealroom list) !  Invited parties can request dataroom access !  Online Q&A and data requests !  Tick-off milestones !  Monitor dataroom activity !  Short-list funds to work for finalization and legal documentation 9
  10. 10. Freemium pricing model designed to suit different requirements 10 !  Full use of platform incl. dataroom functionality !  Access to investors, if qualified and matched * !  Unlimited support and process supervision !  Subject to basic review of the Company’s trading performance !  Help with Dataroom info pack (KPIs, deck, model) !  Process management including individual follow- up; ensuring milestones and deadlines are met !  Premium research and intelligence !  Launched H2 ‘14 * Dealroom team ensures that intros are made only when there is a theotretical match. Free Success Fee Subscription
  11. 11. AMSTERDAM | BERLIN | LONDON B.V. Bachstraat 15 1077 GE Amsterdam The Netherlands