Presenting Russian Fulbright Alumni Association at the Fulbright 40th Anniversary


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This presentation was given at the closing session of the 40th Anniversary of Fulbright Program in Russia in Moscow in April 2013.

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Presenting Russian Fulbright Alumni Association at the Fulbright 40th Anniversary

  1. 1. VisitingScholars35%GraduateStudents33%FLTA20%FFDP8%RIEA4%VISITING FULBRIGHT SCHOLARS- accomplished scholars who lectured, and/or conducted research ata US institutions (3-9 months)GRADUATE STUDENTS- recent graduates or graduate students who studied for a mastersdegree program at a U.S. university (up to 2 years) or researched ordid coursework at U.S. universities and archives (up to 1 academicyear)FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING ASSISTANTS (FLTA)- young teachers of English who completed a non-degree program torefine their teaching skills (9 months)FULBRIGHT FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (FFDP)- junior teaching faculty who were introduced to best practices andtheoretical approaches to curriculum development at U.S.universities (5 months)RUSSIAN INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ADMINISTRATORS (RIEA)- young professionals working in an international department at aninstitution of higher education (3 months)Russian Fulbright Alumni: Who are we?An interdisciplinary community* Based on information on websiteWhy are we here?*
  2. 2. Russian Fulbright Alumni: Who are we?An interdisciplinary communityWhat do we do?** Based on information on website
  3. 3. Russian Fulbright Alumni: Who are we?An interregional community24%12%3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 2% 2% 2% 2%42%* Based on information available on websiteWhere do we all come from?* 135 cities & towns
  4. 4. Russian Fulbright Alumni: Who are we?A community of unique - yet similar - individualsKSBPMGLDTZAVRNFIO E YC UOLGAELENATATIANANATALIAEKATERINAIRINASERGEYDMITRYMIKHAILALEXANDERANDREYVLADIMIROur last names start with…* Based on information on websiteOur first names are…What are we called?* 
  5. 5. Fulbright Orientation, Portland, ORPioneer Courthouse Square Echo ChamberAugust 2008Russian Fulbright Alumni: Who are we?A community of people with the FULBRIGHT EXPERIENCE
  6. 6. Russian Fulbright Alumni Associationhas existed since 2001 Thematic and interdisciplinary conferences(in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Tomsk) Summer Schools for Humanities and Natural Science(in Moscow and Kazan) Cross-university conferences Academic publications Picnics and other alumni meetings …
  7. 7. Since 2009 Russian Fulbright Association… 43 candidates 132 voters 19 members of the electedaction group…organized three Moscow picnics …elected an action group totransform the Association
  8. 8. Association in 2012……adopted its own official logo
  9. 9. Association in 2012……participated in a FULBRIGHT + FLEX Alumni ReunionWhere:St. Petersburg,Griboyedov LibraryWhen:March 17, 2012Who:Fulbright + FLEX AlumniNumber of participants:60What:SpeechChoir PerformanceReception
  10. 10. Association in 2013……organized its first Happy Hour for FulbrightersWhere:Moscow, Bar “Chili’s”When:March 29, 2013Who:Fulbright Alumni in MoscowNumber of participants:20What:ConversationsNew FriendsBusiness ConnectionsBeer, Wine and Fun
  11. 11. Association in 2013……is in the process of transition to the newFulbrightAlumni.RU web site
  12. 12. Russian Fulbright Association today……utilizes several online resourcesFulbrightAlumni.RUWebMaster@FulbrightAlumni.RUWEB SITEEMAIL SUBSCRIPTION-Alumni News-Alumni Events Announcements-Announcements of Events from Our Partners-Friendly conversations and invitations-Professional contacts-Job postings-Open only for alumni“Russian Fulbright Alumni”-- 117 membersFACEBOOK GROUP“Russian Fulbright Alumni”-- 47 membersLINKEDIN GROUP
  13. 13. Russian Fulbright Association today……has and aspires to develop relationships with: American Centers across Russia Embassy of the United States in Russia Other alumni program alumni groups(FLEX, Muskie) National and InternationalFulbright Associations …
  14. 14. What’s next?Fulbright Alumni has the opportunity to become a real…OF ACADEMICS OF PROFESSIONALS OF INDIVIDUALSCOMMUNITY Organize and participate inconferences Collaborate on publicationsand research projects Apply for grants Jointly contribute to thedevelopment of science inRussia Expand professionalnetwork Mutual mentorship andcareer-coaching Find business partners Share employmentopportunities Have friends all over thecountry (and the world) Create a localcommunity in your town Go somewhere or dosomething together
  15. 15. What’s next?What can we do together?• Exchange news about ourselves: Publish a newsletter withnews from alumni or/and maintain an open-submission blogfor all alumni to share their thoughts and ideas• Share conference, publication, scholarship and jobannouncements alumni and partner organizations organize• Help other Fulbrighters (Russian and American) feel a part of afriendly and supportive community in Russia• Facilitate communication between alumni to help professionalcollaboration and networking by sharing contact information• Establish Fulbright alumni as a community of experts – byorganizing public lectures and maintaining database of fieldexperts to share with other organizations and media• Serve as a platform for Fulbrighters to realize collaborativeprojects that contribute to the development of our countryand society
  16. 16. What’s next?Our next big opportunity we can’t afford to miss!Applications from a group of >10 alumniare accepted by May 12, 2013Start a joint project in the area of:• Empowering Women• Outreach to Underserved Communities• Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment• Expanded Access to Education• Environmental Protection• Government Transparency• Freedom of Expression• Conflict Resolution• Citizen Security• Promoting Civil SocietyReceive funding for it:up to $25.000JOIN OUR SKYPE CALLTHIS SATURDAY!
  17. 17. YOU!And a couple of other enthusiasts like you who already volunteered…What’s next?WHO CAN MAKE ALL THIS COME TRUE?
  18. 18. Information ResourcesWhat’s next?Our ChallengesMaterial Resources• Association’s activities relyon project-by-projectcontribution and in-kindsupport by alumni• Alumni’s work for thebenefit of the Associationis compensated with goodemotions and sense ofself-accomplishment only• Association depends onvolunteers ready todedicate their time, workand ideas or by supportingother members who do• Only by working togetherwe can keep ourAssociation alive• Association’s livelihooddepends on alumni’sinterest to share andreceive information withand from other grantees• Communication resourcesof the Association mustbe filled with informationrelevant for usHuman Resources
  19. 19. Interested to help? Here is what to do!There 3 steps YOU can take!Or come to talk right now!1.WRITERussianFulbrightAlumni@gmail.comLEAVE WITH US:• your email• your ideas• your wishes2.JOINFACEBOOK:“Russian Fulbright Alumni”LINKEDIN:“Russian Fulbright Alumni”VKONTAKTE:“Выпускники программыФулбрайт в России”!3.SHAREProfessional• Conferences• Job Listings• EventsPersonal• Your Publications• Your Life Event• Your CareerChanges
  20. 20. RussianFulbrightAlumni@gmail.comWrite this down!
  21. 21. THANK YOU!