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Miguel Yon Architecture Portfolio

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Miguel Yon Architecture Portfolio

  1. 1. 1 MIGUELYONArchitecture Portfolio
  2. 2. 6 7 NATIONALITIES: Guatemalan (born) and German BIRTH DATE: November, 13th 1987 ADDRESS: 103 University Village Dr. Apt 119C, Central, SC 2960 PHONE: (920) 562-2166 E-MAIL: miguelyon@clemson.edu / yonmoll@gmail.com All images and drawings used in the professional section of the portfolio represent the work of Miguel Yon Moll in STUDIO DOMUS; as a result, all rights belong to Studio Domus. All images and drawings used in the graduate section of the portfolio represent the work of Miguel Yon Moll, all rights belong to Miguel Yon. No unauthorized copy, duplication, publication, in any form is prohibited without the prior consent of the author. Licensed Architect in Guatemala No. 3624 Fulbright Scholar Awarded a scholarship in a national competition in 2012 International Associate No. 38095290 From 2011-2012 Graduate Student at Clemson University GPA: 4.0 Bachelor Degreee in Architecture Magna Cum Laude I WAS BORN AND PURSUED BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN ARCHITECTURE THERE. I HAVE PURSUED ARCHITECTURE PROGRAMS THERE. I PARTICIPATED IN ARCHITECTURE CONVENTIONS OR EXPOSITIONS THERE I WENT TO ARCHITECTURE TOURS THERE 01 SOUTH PORCH BREWERY Graduate work at Clemson VERALTO TOWER Professional work at Studio Domus CITIBANK BACK OFFICES Professional work at Studio Domus GRUPO ONYX Professional work at Studio Domus 02 03 04 05 GRUPO PROGRESO Professional work at Studio Domus BBDO GUATEMALA Professional work at Studio Domus 06 07 PARK OF SCIENCE Design thesis at URL Guatemala CURRICULUM VITAE 08 INDEX
  3. 3. 8 9 01: SOUTH PORCH BREWERY Greenville, SC LOCATION Greenville, SC STUDIO ARCH 851 - Wilkerson Studio PROJECT DATE Fall 2012 CONCEPT While fulfilling all the brewery program requirements, the design also aims to unify and attract activity to the southern part of downtown Greenville across the Reedy River where the site for the brewery is located. An urban analysis of the local city morphology has revealed severalurbanpublicplazaslocatedatthe North end of Main Street. My proposal is to add an Urban Plaza at the southern end of main street which will benefit and encourage southern development and will offer an area of convergence for the variety of occupants in the southern sector. A Brewery with an urban plaza will be a catalyst for participation and will improve the urban condition for the variety of occupants within the area. DESIGN The principle of the design is strongly based on the function of house porches which are a traditional element found in the architecture of the American South. Using this principal of design will promote Southern Culture and create a better connection between the people of Greenville and the use of this proposed building. The porch is the interstitial space between the private and public areas of a house and if we studytheurbanelementsatthesmallest scale this principal of use can be found as a primary urban element forming the morphology of the city. By studying the activities that happen on a porch they can be interpreted as “catalyzers of interaction”, they are welcoming areas, a prelude to a variety of activities within a house. Plazas have the same functions as porches at a larger urban scale; people also linger in plazas as if waiting for something to happen, they attract people, they set the stage for events of social interaction. DESIGN GRIDS: From Church to Falls Park SITE OPENING: Site opens to context GREEN ROOF & CONTEXT: 100% Site back to the city. DESIGN PROCESS SITE: Greenville
  4. 4. 10 11 SOLID VOID: Hyatt Place Greenville, SC SOLID VOID: Courtyart Marriott Plaza SOLID VOID: Peace Center SOLID VOID: Brewery opens to exterior SITE PLAN GROUND FLOOR PLAN DIAGRAM: Wall Study with structural parti VIEW: Building encourages interaction With the understanding of those situations of a plaza, the magnet element, the porch, is located at the core of the site, and the brewery building folds around it with a precast concrete wall that creates different porch spaces, embracing and giving form to the building. The wall element travels around all the site unfolding different components which by themselves are catalyzers of social interaction. Two grandstands are born from the wall, the first at the south is connected to the restaurant, the second at the north is connected to the store and the offices.
  5. 5. 12 13 MODELS: design process in models Section: Wall Assembly Detail ELEVATION: East ELEVATION: South Both stairs are oriented to the center of the plaza giving and offer access to the park on the roof of the building, a sustainable feature of the design that gives back a 100% of the footprint of the site to the people of Greenville. VIEW: West facade from Rhett street VIEW: From/*-Main St & River St intersection
  6. 6. 14 15 VERALTO TOWER LOCATION Guatemala City CLIENT DECONSA PROJECT DATE 2011 02 Veralto Tower is an apartment build- ing with 108 units in 18 floors and parking for 233 cars in 6 floors. On the top of the parking building we designed a green roof park for kids, rooms for events, and a 400 meters long jogging trail that connects the green roof park and the first floor, on top of the apartment tower we designed a pool, a fitness center and a community room. The tower have 3 types of units var- ying from 850 to 1300 square feet with the objective to make the pro- ject affordable for the middle class in Guatemala. The design features a structural system were all the walls are designed as shear walls and are built with a formwork. That repre- sented a challenge due to the fact that we had to design a typical floor plan because the floors could not have variations in nearly 80% of the walls of the building. The freedom in design was in the balconies and curtain wall, both el- ements change in every floor, creat- ing different angles and inclinations breaking the monotony of the walls. CREDITS Project Director (Supervisor): Mauricio Barillas Architects: Miguel Yon Moll, Julio Barrios Engineers: Jose Labbe, Gustavo Ortíz (mechanical), Victor Valdéz (structural), Pedro Mcdonald (electrical) Sources Formwork: FORSA: http://forsa.com.co/en/ Site Plan SITE PLAN
  7. 7. 16 17 VIEW: Interior view of the entrance TYPICAL FLOOR PLAN: Apartments layout INVOLVEMENT IN THE PROJECT In this project I was part of the design team from the beginning, in an interac- tive way, with the design team, engi- neers and specialists we developed the guidelines that would rule the entire project later. After the establishment of the main idea of the project, I started to work in the lower block of the pro- ject, that includes all the public spaces, the parking in the project. After that I joined another architect of the firm in the design of the tower with whom we designed the facades. CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS After the design phase I worked and supervised the elaboration of the con- struction documents of the parking building and the public spaces in the project. ELEVATION: West VIEW: Parking green roof SKETCH: Building “B” from building parking green roof
  8. 8. 18 19 DETAIL: Parking building Green Roof + jogging trail VIEW: Pool at night VIEW: Motor lobbyVIEW: Northeast facade from green roof SECTION: Transversale
  9. 9. 20 21 GRUPO ONYX HEADQUARTERS LOCATION Guatemala City CLIENT Grupo Onyx PROJECT DATE 2010 – 2011 CREDITS Project Director (Supervisor): Mauricio Barillas Architects: Miguel Yon Moll, Juan Miguel Carrillo Engineers: Jose Labbe, Julio Hernandez, Juan Pablo Caballeros Photographs: Alejandro de Leon 03: Photo: Open Workspace 3 In December 2010 STUDIO DOMUS was commissioned to design the new offices of Grupo Onyx, in a seven sto- rey building in Guatemala City, the requirement from the client was to design a high functioning office with a work space for more than 70 co-workers, conference rooms, space for informal meetings, conferences and the offices of the board of directors of the company. DESIGN: After studying the characteristics and the aesthetic lan- guage of the building I noticed that the height of every level was enough to allow us to play with the design of a sculptural ceiling, at the same time preserving the con- crete and steel materials of the structure would give the building an industrial appearance commensurate with the corporate image of our client. Since the shell of the building is an angled and inclined curtain glass façade and all the image of our client is based in angled figures, we proposed a ceiling that goes together with those characteristics; the result was a ceil- ing composed of wooden sculptural surfaces made of white-lacquered MDF pieces. The complex sequence of surfaces creates the illusion of waves that pleasantly guides the eyes of the visitors through the office. The steel columns and stairs were painted yellow, using the color of the company, which color helps balance the cold white ceiling, the concrete columns and floors. RENDERING 2 RENDERING 1 RENDERING 3 SKETCH
  10. 10. 22 23 PROJECT RESPONSIBILITIES: In this project I was the project manager, I was delegated with the responsibility to design the project from the beginning, additionally I participated and supervised the realization of the construction documents for the project. During the construction I also helped supervise specific details on site when I was needed. FIFTH FLOOR SHOWING CEILING DISTRIBUTION Photo: CEO OfficePhoto: Fifth Floor Lobby LEVELS 2-4 CEILING DESIGN Photo: Stairs
  11. 11. 24 25 04: CITIBACK OFFICE LOCATION Guatemala City CLIENT Citibank Guatemala PROJECT DATE June 2010 In June of 2010 we participated in a competition to design the core & shell of a back-office building of CITI Bank in Guatemala City. As a result we designed a 5 story building, 3 floors destined to office space and operations which contained the IT departments, accounting, human resources, call center, cafeteria, services; The other two floors are underground and serve as the parking structure for nearly 450 cars, 116 bicycles, MEP rooms, and other requirements. DESIGN We tried to create a building that encourages interaction and encounters between the employees, and also. To do that we designed an interior “street” that connected the entire project, placing, conference rooms and lounge zones and coffee-bar by its side. CREDITS Project director (Supervisor): Mauricio Barillas Architects: Miguel Yon Moll, Jose Valenzuela Engineers: Jose Labbe, FAPCO LEED consultant: 1/2 Ambiente, Andres Prera
  12. 12. 26 27 SITE PLAN SKETCH: Passive ilumination + ventilation AERIAL VIEW VIEW: Interior view of the entrance SKETCH: Study of the “interior street” VIEW: Interior The wall is like a ribbon that goes in and out of the building, creating interesting spaces, and natural light interactions both in the interior and the exterior; In the interior the wall is accompanied by red stripes and in the exterior by glass stripes, they create a sensation of speed and a variation of depth on all the walls.
  13. 13. 28 29 ELEVATION: South ELEVATION: North SUSTAINABLE STRATEGIES: The form of the building was devel- oped also with the idea of energy savings, in sunlight and ventilation. By splitting the building in three with the interior streets the distance of every point to a source of natural light is reduced. The glazing on west facade (right) is protected by sun louvers and the south facade with a green wall to avoid heat gain by radiation. Anoth- er feature of the building is the green roof, it protects the building, reduce the heat island effect in the area and is also a place for interaction for the bank. INVOLVEMENT IN THE PROJECT Being a licensed architect in Guatemala I was able to work in this project as the architect in charge of this project with another architect. For the design we followed the guidelines and goals given by the firm principal, engineers and client. For this project I designed the core and shell of the building, that includes all the material I have included in this portfolio, the other architect was designed the green roof, underground parking and the distribution of the office spaces. VIEW: Night view of the West Facade ELEVATION: West
  14. 14. 30 31 GRUPO PROGRESO 05: VIEW: Business Center Lobby CREDITS Project Director (Supervisor): Ana Lucía Molina Architects: Miguel Yon Moll Sources: Delta Light, Haworth, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Interface Floor, 3form, VIEW: Lobby / Front desk VIEW: Waiting / Informal meeting area LOCATION Guatemala City CLIENT Grupo Progreso PROJECT DATE 2011
  15. 15. 32 33 19TH FLOOR 18TH FLOOR (MAIN ENTRANCE) VIEW: Open WorkspaceVIEW: Workspace Lobby The design of the offices of Grupo Progreso, the biggest producer of Cement and aggregates in Central America consists of three parts, the business center located in the east wing of the 18th floor features conference rooms, meeting rooms, spaces for informal meetings and brainstorming, and a room for train- ing; the IT and communications de- partment is located in the west wing of the 18th floor, and two other de- partments of the company located on the 19th floor. In the design we had to compress 3 floors of underused office space into to 2 efficient floors, one challenge of the design was taking a third part of the staff out of their offices, a de- cision we did not only to save space, but also to increase collaboration between employees, and to promote knowledge sharing among all the staff of each department. VIEW: Meeting Room 1 VIEW: Meeting Room 2
  16. 16. 34 35 BBDO GUATEMALA CREDITS Project Director (Supervisor): Ana Lucía Molina Architects: Miguel Yon Moll Engineers: Jose Labbe Sources: Steelcase (Campfire), Herman Miller (Canvas), Interface Floor. 06: VIEW: Pitch Zone LOCATION Guatemala City CLIENT BBDO Guatemala PROJECT DATE 2012 17TH FLOOR (MAIN ENTRANCE) 18TH FLOOR VIEW: Open Workspace 1
  17. 17. 36 37 DESIGN: After talking with our client we un- derstood that the pitch meetings is an important part of the work pro- cess in BBDO Guatemala, is in those meetings when they launch a pro- ject. For that reason we designed a “Pitch Zone” at the center of the office, that space will be used for in- side meetings, team organizations, and also as a movie teather to pres- ent campaigns to the clients. In the design we acknowledged the increasing importance of spaces to socialize and collaborate, a charac- teristic of progressive workspaces today. VIEW: Open Workspace 3VIEW: Open Workspace 2 VIEW: Lounge Area VIEW: Private Offices VIEW: Pitch Zone
  18. 18. 38 39 PARK OF SCIENCE 07: LOCATION Guatemala City STUDIO Christian Vela Studio Universidad Rafael Landivar PROJECT DATE Fall 2009 MODEL: Park of Science IDENTIFYING THE NECESSITY In most of the cities of the world, ex- ists a culture of city that differs from Guatemalan culture. In Guatemala and most of the cities of Central America exists a large number of parks, most of them in poor conditions, some of them even closed to ensure the security of the people, but who would like to go to a closed park?, as a result those parks havebecomeforgottenspacesthatonly contribute to purify the air of the cities. One of the major problems in Guate- mala is the insecurity, nobody wants to be exposed to insecurity, which is one of the reasons why in Guatemala there is no culture of walking to observe and enjoy the cities, like any other country in the world, everyone would rather be in a mall or in their house than being in parks or open spaces, the citizens have become spectators of the city when they should be the protagonists. DESIGN CONCEPT The design goal of this park is to chal- lenge that paradigm and introduce a park that promotes interaction and activates the neighborhood, bringing new opportunities of development and economical activities with the goal to change the reality of insecurity and create a healthy environment. The Park features a convention center a planetarium and various spaces to serve the community. Site Plan Existing Gas Station Protected Area Convention Center Entrance Parking 1 Exit Parking 1 Parking Entrance Parking Exit Drop Off Plaza Plaza Planetarium Parking Entrance Bus Parking Bike Path SITE PLAN
  19. 19. 40 41 CONVENTION CENTER A convention center is a key facility in order to bring life to the park, it congregates people that can use the park in different ways. CONCEPT One of the goals of the design was to extend the public zones of the park into the building, to achieve it the design uses the sloped site as a strategy to connect the floors of the building to the main areas of the park, the use of the natural topography allows the users access to a green roof, through a plaza and the walkways, as a result the green roof can also be used for exhibitions or conventions contributing with the life of the park. The convention center have two main public entrances , one in the first floor in front of a plaza that connects with the parking, and the second on the third floor, in front of another plaza, connecting the building with the north parking of the park and the planetarium. That solution allowed the possibility to divide the building, with the objective to be able to have two different conventions or activities at the same time. FIRST FLOOR SECOND FLOOR THIRD FLOOR SECTION A-A’ VIEW: Aerial view of the park
  20. 20. 42 43 The proposed planetarium integrates various activities related both with as- tronomy and geology, I abstracted those concepts in the design of the planetarium with a sphere that represents the earth, that I divided in two parts, and displaced one to the other. The piece of the sphere on the top represents the astronomy and the humans watching to the sky; is in this VIEW: Planetarium SECTION A-A’ part that the Imax projection dome is loca- ted. The other piece of the sphere repre- sents the earth opened, so the humans can observe the interior of the earth, following the same line of thought that place of the project contains a museum of geology. And the ring that surrounds the pieces of the sphere represents the connection be- tween the events of the earth and space. SECOND FLOOR FIRST FLOOR
  21. 21. MIGUELYON 103 University Village Dr. Apt 119C, Central, SC 2960 (920) 562-2166 miguelyon@clemson.edu I yonmoll@gmail.com Clemson University 06 I 2013