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What Women Want to Eat (Singapore)


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I surveyed 100 different women on what they like to eat during different emotional states. This is what they answered.

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  • I surveyed 100 women in Singapore and asked them what they like to eat during different emotional states. I was expecting totally random results but actually the results had very clear correlations. Men, use this information to your advantage!
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What Women Want to Eat (Singapore)

  2. 2. JAPANS BIGGESTRECIPE WEBSITE Try our English site
  3. 3. (Singaporean)100 WOMEN 6 MOODS14 CHOICES Chicken Rice, Eggs Benedict, Beer & Fries, Wine &Olives, Prata, McDonalds, Sushi, Chinese Desserts,Champagne / Foie Gras / Caviar, Steak, Seafood, Ice Cream, A Home Cooked Meal, “Other” (free text) Participants could choose up to 3 different foods for each question
  4. 4. CHILL OUT SUSHI 39%HOME COOKED 28% BEER & FRIES 24% (Top 3 Answers)
  5. 5. DEPRESSED ICE CREAM 36%HOME COOKED 32% BEER & FRIES 21% (Top 3 Answers)
  6. 6. ANGRYBEER & FRIES 38%WINE & OLIVES 20% STEAK 15% (Top 3 Answers)
  7. 7. CELEBRATECHAMPAGNE 57% SEAFOOD 31% STEAK 29% (Top 3 Answers)
  8. 8. HUNGOVERHOME COOKED 38% MCDONALDS 23% PRATA 20% (Top 3 Answers)
  9. 9. ROMANTIC CHAMPAGNE 43%WINE & OLIVES 38%HOME COOKED 33% (Top 3 Answers)
  10. 10. CHILL OUT “OTHER”Wine & high end pizza, Italian, bottle of wine at home with snacks., Quiet place for a western meal eg.pasta or fish & chips, A Good Steamboat Buffet, Wine and cheese at a french wine bar, any food at atrattoria or a tapas bar, Sashimi, Japanese - mid to high endDEPRESSED “OTHER”Korean tofu soup, Japanese Green Tea, Chocolate, Peranakan Food, Pasta, Pizza, Fish headsteamboat, Cakes and Pastries, Satay at Lau Pa Sat, fried chicken, Home made soup, Loads ofsnacksANGRY “OTHER”wine & cigarettes, longkong, Instant noodles, appetite goes away when upset so something easy topick at, light on the tummy and yet has small bits of surprises when you lease expect it, chocolatecake/dessert, CHOCOLATE!, chocolate, cake, chocolate cakeCELEBRATE “OTHER”Any fine dining food, Mexican food with jugs of margaritasHUNGOVER “OTHER”panadol, 100 plus and teo chew muay, Congee, Dim Sum, Pastries, Sweet Potato Porridge, Somethingsoupy, like fish soup or oden., English Fry up, Duck Rice, Mexican, Ham & Cheese SandwichROMANTIC “OTHER”Japanese food, Sashimi, oysters .. Raw seafood!, sealed deal if he picks the right kind ;) plus alsointeresting if hes the spontaneous type..., Oysters, prosciutto ham & melon
  11. 11. BONUS IF YOUR MAN COULD COOK ONE DISH PERFECTLY... ...Any dish!, Some kind of Parisian delicacy., Quiche, Chinese soups, Assam Curry Fish Head, Anything edible is great!, Roasted duck, Laksa, chicken rice or cantonese double boiled soups :D, Pepper Crab, Pancakes!, french onion soup, Lobster linguine, Hearty Bowl of Soup, Wine Chicken Soup in chinese style, a hearty beef or seafood stew, Anything Italian., Soufflé, Couscous, The perfect pasta., Chocolate Lava Cake, Perfectly seared ahi tuna and stir fried veggies., cupcakes!, Any kind of amazing cooked dessert, like a warm berry crumble or a tarte tatin., Perfect pancakes., STEAK!!!! Medium Rare! Iloves me my meat!, I dont ask alot, a perfectly cooked maggi noodles., real mushroom soup., Good cantonese soup! *slurp*...
  12. 12. COOK @yongfook