Japanese Mascots - Give Your Startup Personality!


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Just a quick talk I gave at Startonomics Tokyo. Introducing some Japanese web / tech mascots and explaining my findings when I gave one of my own products a "mascot" - it increased signups and sales, and had various internal & external benefits.

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Japanese Mascots - Give Your Startup Personality!

  1. 1. Japanese Mascots A five minute cultural lesson that might give you an idea for your startup - it did for me! by Yongfook www.yongfook.com
  2. 2. Japan has a reputation for Cute http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuteness_in_Japanese_culture
  3. 3. Mona from 2ch.net http://2ch.net
  4. 4. Amoeba from ameba.jp http://ameba.jp
  5. 5. Bear from so-net.ne.jp http://postpet4you.jp
  6. 6. Various from nico-nico-douga http://nicovideo.jp
  7. 7. Pichon-kun from Daikin http://www.daikin.co.jp/pichon/index.html?ID=daikintop_tpx
  8. 8. Yume Lion from Tokyo MX http://www.mxtv.co.jp/
  9. 9. Gnome from Lolipop http://lolipop.jp
  10. 10. Various from the police force Fukui Chiba Tokyo Yamanashi Prefecture Prefecture Metropolitan Prefecture http://homepage3.nifty.com/chara_town/Police_Chara-Dept/ newpage2.htm
  11. 11. Why mascots? Lowers level of intimidation Gives product a “face”, facilitates conversations Makes product development more enjoyable Can sell merchandise if the actual business goes horribly wrong ...and more
  12. 12. Entirely unscientific example: Gave the product creative direction Made it more fun to create Started more conversations Increased signups Also, “Rippl3” was just a dumb name
  13. 13. Entirely unscientific example: 2000 1500 1000 500 0 February March April May Signups
  14. 14. My name is Yongfook. I make web-based software. www.yongfook.com @yongfook This presentation is available at: http://www.slideshare.net/yongfook Measure and increase sales from social media: http://www.peashootapp.com lols is teh new srs.