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Japanese Mascots - Give Your Startup Personality!


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Just a quick talk I gave at Startonomics Tokyo. Introducing some Japanese web / tech mascots and explaining my findings when I gave one of my own products a "mascot" - it increased signups and sales, and had various internal & external benefits.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Japanese Mascots - Give Your Startup Personality!

  1. 1. Japanese Mascots A five minute cultural lesson that might give you an idea for your startup - it did for me! by Yongfook
  2. 2. Japan has a reputation for Cute
  3. 3. Mona from
  4. 4. Amoeba from
  5. 5. Bear from
  6. 6. Various from nico-nico-douga
  7. 7. Pichon-kun from Daikin
  8. 8. Yume Lion from Tokyo MX
  9. 9. Gnome from Lolipop
  10. 10. Various from the police force Fukui Chiba Tokyo Yamanashi Prefecture Prefecture Metropolitan Prefecture newpage2.htm
  11. 11. Why mascots? Lowers level of intimidation Gives product a “face”, facilitates conversations Makes product development more enjoyable Can sell merchandise if the actual business goes horribly wrong ...and more
  12. 12. Entirely unscientific example: Gave the product creative direction Made it more fun to create Started more conversations Increased signups Also, “Rippl3” was just a dumb name
  13. 13. Entirely unscientific example: 2000 1500 1000 500 0 February March April May Signups
  14. 14. My name is Yongfook. I make web-based software. @yongfook This presentation is available at: Measure and increase sales from social media: lols is teh new srs.