Yo Naturals Your New Generation Vending Machine


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Yo Naturals may not have the gimmicks that come with other unique vending machines. But who needs them? Instead, it offers healthy alternatives to traditional convenience snacking - the coolest and healthiest vending machine of the year.

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Yo Naturals Your New Generation Vending Machine

  1. 1. Yo Naturals Your New Generation Vending Machines
  2. 2. Topic 1: Start Small, End Big-Finding your luck on Food Vending Business  With the economy in ruins, people are all up to finding new ways to earn extra. Perhaps, the best alternative is to venture into a business that is profitable yet undemanding of high initial investment. Is there something as too good to be true?  According to a study conducted by U.S. Department of Commerce, there is lesser risk in starting vending business than there is in other businesses. This becomes true after seeing tangible statistics on successful part-time vending entrepreneurs turning full-blast on this industry.  Unlike other businesses, Vending gives the common people the chance to join the pool of big entrepreneurs with their small starting capitals. They can start small on two or three vending machines and see the market before pursuing. That is, neophytes in the business will have the chance to check the water before pouring several dollars.  Read More Here - http://www.sanepr.com/Start-Small-End-Big-Finding-your-luck-on-Food
  3. 3. Vending Goes Organic
  4. 4. Topic 2: Nicholas Yates: 3 Tips to Successful Business  Engaging in entrepreneurship is exciting. But it's not just about excitement as it entails tons of things to consider as well. These Nicholas Yates entrepreneurial tips might just help your business grow or even help initiating your new business easier.  Know what's important Don't be overwhelmed with minor things. It is so easy to get caught up in the small concerns that come up everyday. But as Nicholas Yates deem and other top entrepreneurs believe, make sure to keep an eye on the major factors of your business success. Bear in mind that It is important to not only to work IN your business, but more importantly to work ON your business. In terms of time management, this is one of the crucial entrepreneurial tips you need to apply.  Get an inspiration or idea to start a business Sometimes the best ideas come in inspiration from another business. Try to have a specific business model and adapt their ideas to fit with your own. However, do not steal. Put your own touch on it. It's just that adapting the basic ideas of others will help you save time.  Read More Here - http://www.allhealthcare.com/news/articles/3439-nicholas-yates-3-tips-to-succes
  5. 5. Yo Naturals
  6. 6. Topic 3: Mark Trotter on Organic Food for Kids Promoting Reduced Toxic Exposure  Evidence shows that children exposed to chemicals in food in their everyday life may exponentially increase their health risk as Mark Trotter dissects organic diet for children.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the one in charge with evaluating pesticides and setting “acceptable risk” levels of exposure have largely been conducting tests on adult men and animal species through exposing them to one chemical at a time.  Due to their smaller, fast-growing metabolisms, and less varied diets, children are more vulnerable to health and developmental damage. Thus, Mark Trotter deems that reducing toxic exposure or organic products can help raise healthy and strong children.  The USDA claims no solid evidence that shows organic food is more nutritious than conventionally grown food. As the principal body that is responsible for certifying organic food, the USDA states organic foods are not proven to be safer or more nutritious.  Read More Here - http://www.afly.com/view_release.php?rel_id=29604
  7. 7. Health Club Vending Machine
  8. 8. Topic 4: Yo Naturals Offers Trendiest Vending Machine Of 2009  If you don't know that healthy and organic eating are in, you must be living underground. As a result, it's no surprise how rapidly vending machines like Yo Naturals' YoZone vending machine pops up combining convenience with eating Naturals' trends.  YoZone specializes in dispensing snacks and meal foods that contain few preservatives and dyes and are organically produced. These vending machines use an HP refrigeration system, which are configured with NAMA health and safety controls that ensures that the organic milks, energy drinks, coffees, and fruit juices remain at optimal drinking temperature. Other snack items include protein bars, cookies, crackers and dried fruits. Its vending services are now available 24/7 and accept cash, credit or debit.  From a small southern California start-up operation in 2006, Yo Naturals has expanded into 125 urban markets nationwide. And despite the economic slowdown in the recent months, it continues to expand the delivery of quality natural and organic foods into more regions. With a premium snack food line-up that includes labels like Clif Bar, Roberts Pirates Booty, Stacy’s Chips, Organic Valley, Vitamin Water, Horizon Organic Milks and other reputable snacks, Yo Naturals has moved from success to success finding new opportunities everyday.  With a business plan built on serving the new generation of health conscious consumer, this company has rounded up the very best low-fat, naturally delicious food and beverage treats in state-of-the-art vending machines.  Read More Here - http://www.afly.com/view_release.php?rel_id=29605
  9. 9. Yo Naturals Success
  10. 10. For more info just visit the following sites below:  http://www.yonaturals.com  http://yo-naturals.net  http://yonaturals.org  http://www.yonaturalsinc.com  http://www.yonaturalsbusiness.com/  http://yonaturalsblog.com Or contact us here: The Beachwalk 437 South Highway 101, Suite 209 Solana Beach, CA 92075 Ph. (858) 794-9955 Fax (858) 794-9959