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  • Prenatal yoga helps women to carry on daily routines comfortably during pregnancy. Of course, Yoga exercise can be continued after birth and will still produce copious benefits. Prenatal Yoga involves practicing yoga postures, performing meditation such that the effects are felt well after the birth.
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Prenatal Yoga Benefits & Poses-by YOME-The Yoga Portal

  1. 1. The Best Guide For Prenatal Yoga: Benefits & Poses http://YogaMeditationHome.comImage: emos013131 /
  2. 2. Prenatal Yoga BenefitsPregnancy is a joyful time for any expecting mother. However as pregnancy can be physically and mentallystraining, women have turned to prenatal yoga for all its benefits. Below are four reasons why pregnant womeneverywhere practice yoga regularly.Calms the MindPregnancy is an exciting time that often causes the mind tooverthink and be stressed. With yoga, women can escape theanxieties and focus on themselves in a calm and relaxingenvironment.Helps Control BreathingIt is important to practice relaxation breathing exercises prior tolabor. This will allow for an easier childbirth because the body willbe trained to remain calm.Relieves Aches & PainsAs the body changes, aches and pains are inevitable. With regularprenatal yoga, stretches and poses can soothe sore and tendermuscles.Builds StrengthStrength is needed at every stage of pregnancy, especially as weightis gained. Building strength will increase mobility, balance andcirculation.
  3. 3. Prenatal Yoga Poses BRIDGE POSE Also known as a backbend, the bridge pose helps strengthen important muscles in the back, legs, and feet. It also stretches the chest, spine and shoulders while improving digestion. Directions: 1 Lay on your back with your knees bent. Your feet should be flat on the ground and 2 spread to the width of your hips. 3 Ankles and knees should be parallel. 4 Exhale and raise your buttocks off the floor. 5 Tuck your shoulders beneath your upper back. Hold position for 30 seconds to 1 minute 6 breathing in and out through your nose. 7 Release with an exhale and repeat 4 times. Bridge Pose http://YogaMeditationHome.comImage: wses125328 /
  4. 4. Prenatal Yoga Poses COW & CAT POSE As pregnancy weight is gained, feeling back pains is normal. The cow pose can help stretch, strengthen and align back muscles. This pose is particularly helpful for lower back pains and improving posture. Directions: 1 Get on your hands and knees. Your hands should align with your shoulders and your knees should 2 align with your hips. Cow Pose 3 Drop your stomach. For the cow pose, inhale while you lift your head, and exhale while 4 coming down to a neutral position. For the cat pose, inhale while you round the spine and drop your 5 head, and exhale while returning to a neutral position. 6 Repeat 6 times. Cat Pose http://YogaMeditationHome.comImage: APFJKX /
  5. 5. Prenatal Yoga Poses COBBLER POSE Being on your feet while pregnant can cause at lot of strain on the legs. Thankfully the cobbler pose can help stretch those tired muscles in the groin, thighs and knees. With proper breathing, this pose can also increase circulation and stimulate the heart. Directions: 1 Start in a sitting position. 2 Bring the bottoms of your feet together, and let your knees fall to the sides. To maintain posture inhale deeply through the nose to 3 elongate the spine. 4 Exhale slowly, relaxing every muscle. 5 Repeat several times to reach maximum stretch and tranquility. Cobbler Pose http://YogaMeditationHome.comImage: spl006563 /
  6. 6. Prenatal Yoga Poses EXTENDED TRIANGLE POSE This fun pose is excellent for stretching and strengthening the entire body. It relieves tension in the arms, shoulders, chest, spine, legs and ankles. It can also help with digestion as it stimulates the abdomen. Best of all, it can cure prenatal backaches! Directions: Stand with your legs spread and turn your right foot slightly 1 to the right. Bring your right arm down to the outside of your right ankle 2 or your right knee, which ever is most comfortable. 3 Raise your left arm. This should open your chest. 4 Turn your head to look at your left fingertips. Hold the position while breathing deeply through the nose 5 to feel the stretch in your back. 6 Repeat the exercise 4 times on each side. Extended Triangle Pose http://YogaMeditationHome.comImage: KABLONKRM /
  7. 7. Prenatal Yoga Poses FIRE LOG POSE The fire log pose elongates the groin and thighs and opens up the hip area. This effective pose is outstanding for hip stretches but requires some flexibility. Beginners may find this pose difficult at first, but over time it will become easier. Directions: 1 Sit cross legged. Extend the outer leg and place it above 2 the opposite knee. 3 Ankles and knees should be parallel. To maintain posture inhale deeply through 4 the nose to elongate the spine. 5 Exhale slowly, relaxing every muscle. Repeat several times to reach maximum Fire Log Pose 6 stretch. http://YogaMeditationHome.comImage: bld153577 /
  8. 8. Prenatal Yoga Poses TREE POSE This pose is great for improving your balance and concentration. With practice, the tree pose can help improve flexibility in the hips, groin, and back. Also, with concentration comes awareness of the body and mind allowing you to let go of all day-to-day stress. Directions: 1 Stand tall with your spine straight. Bend your right foot and place it on your left 2 inner thigh. 3 Put your palms together in front of you. Inhale while raising your arms above your head. Hold this 4 position for 30 seconds. 5 Exhale and drop your hands to return to standing position. 6 Repeat exercise on each side 4 times. Tree Pose http://YogaMeditationHome.comImage: spl012187 /
  9. 9. Prenatal Yoga Poses CRESCENT MOON POSE This pose is particularly exceptional for building stamina because it works to build strength in all the muscles that help create balance. The crescent moon pose is also great for improving coordination and awareness. Directions: 1 Kneel and keep your back straight. Take a step forward with your right leg. Your 2 foot should be extended just pass the knee. 3 Curl your left toes under. In one motion, inhale and raise both arms up 4 above your head and extend your left leg. 5 Hold for 30 seconds. 6 Exhale while lowering the arms. Crescent Moon Pose 7 Repeat exercise 4 times on each side. http://YogaMeditationHome.comImage: is098t7ip /
  10. 10. Key Points There are many stresses that come with being pregnant and having the knowledge to cope with these pressures can be beneficial to both you and your child. As your body changes, it is necessary to find time for yourself. Luckily there is Yoga. Yoga can help ease the aches and pains that come with pregnancy while creating a sense of tranquility in an otherwise chaotic world. Summary of Benefits  Calms the Mind  Helps Control Breathing For more information, visit YOME at:  Relieves Aches and Pains  Builds Strength http://YogaMeditationHome.comImage: BCA2B9 /