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If you're wondering how live chat can help your online business you're in the right place. Yomdel's unique full service provides you with the operators and live chat to help boost conversion rates, grow revenues and create satisfied customers. Whether you are in online retail, services such as insurance, tickets and entertainment, automotive, hire services, travel, wholesale, not-for-profit or anywhere else where your online presence is important, then Yomdel can help.
Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you grow your online ecommerce business.

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Yomdel Operator-Backed Live Chat Solutions

  1. 1. The perfect live chat solutioninfo@yomdel.com
  2. 2. The perfect live chat solution The perfect live chat solution An end-to-end live chat customer service solution to Reduce basket abandonment Drive online conversions Grow incremental sales Increase average order value (AOV) Drive satisfaction and create brand loyalty Reduce telephone and email customer support enquiries Support business growth by • Improving customer engagement and support • Providing deep statistical analysis and customer insights • Creating competitive edge through 24/7 support • Delivering a scalable, cost effective solutioninfo@yomdel.com
  3. 3. What is Yomdel? Creating competitive edge Your friendly, engaging and helpful online shopping assistant. Revolutionising online shopping by bringing real people to act as virtual shop assistants to drive online sales and customer engagement. We aim to clearly demonstrate that Yomdel adds value to your business, builds your customer base, increases satisfaction and will be a core strategy within your sales and marketing plans. Yomdel offers unique operator-backed live chat services.info@yomdel.com
  4. 4. Why use live chat? Visitors are seven times “A marked preference toward live chat among the younger professional more likely to chat than generation suggests UK businesses are missing an opportunity.” call. Chat makes customers happy. “Demand for live chat is high, but UK businesses are ignoring the opportunity.” “Although a relatively new method of customer interaction, the research showed live chat was already preferred by over one in five consumers as their number one communications choice.” “Despite the limited availability of live chat in the UK, it was used by more than a quarter (28%) of those surveyed last year, suggesting that wherever a live chat option is available on a website, it will be used heavily.” Source: Can Live Chat Rescue UK Firms from the Customer Service Doldrums? (Netop commissioned research)info@yomdel.com
  5. 5. What live chat delivers Live Chat improves ecommerce performance.  49% are more likely to trust a website if chat is available.  53% prefer to shop at sites with chat available.  78% believe chat is more efficient than email.  60% believe chat is more efficient than phone.  50% reduction in shopping cart abandonment rates.  Customers who used live chat are 3 times more likely to make a repeat purchase.  Customers who use chat are 12 times more likely to put positive comments on social media (Facebook, Twitter). Live Chat is at tipping point of adoption!info@yomdel.com
  6. 6. Sample impacts of live chat BT says live chat engagement with just 2% of total traffic delivers an average of 23% of total online sales. Live chat assists nearly 20,000 new product sales to new BT customers every month. An average of 80% of new product sales are incremental – in other words, if they hadn’t engaged via live chat they wouldn’t have converted online.info@yomdel.com
  7. 7. Sample impacts of live chat Since deploying live chat in 2009, Ted Baker says web visitors are four times more likely to make a purchase than if they simply self-served. About 27% of UnderArmour.com shoppers who chat with agents on product pages make a purchase within 24 hours.info@yomdel.com
  8. 8. Main Agenda Delivery & Security The YomdelCosting models Solution Why Yomdel?info@yomdel.com
  9. 9. Main Agenda Delivery & Security The YomdelCosting Models Solution Why Yomdel?info@yomdel.com
  10. 10. Why choose Yomdel? Live chat software is only Yomdel stands ready to part of the solution. The answer customer questions key is how it is used to in real time, create drive engagement and satisfaction and drive create happy customers. conversions. Yomdel’s highly trained Reduce lost operators are ready to opportunities, nurture and greet customers create happy, loyal whatever the time of day customers and brand or night. advocates. Build deep customer insights. Yomdel is your partner in growth.info@yomdel.com
  11. 11. What results can Yomdel deliver? How I can help Increased sales you grow. Increased AOV (incremental sales) 25% decrease in operational cost versus traditional phone/email support Higher CSAT ratings with 85%+ answering “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” 90% first contact resolution Deep customer insightsinfo@yomdel.com
  12. 12. Chat is growing in popularity I’m here to help you “Chat is the make the most of highest form of this opportunity. customer satisfaction a company can have on its website” Source: Diane Clarkson, Analyst at Forrester Research Incinfo@yomdel.com
  13. 13. Leading innovation in live chat Target the customers Multi-channel availability you want when you Brand promotions want. New product launch support Targeted chat (right product to right person at right time) Campaign focused engagements Social chat Disaster management solution / service Critical / Key date support Up-selling / Cross-sellinginfo@yomdel.com
  14. 14. Main Agenda Pricing models Delivery &Why Yomdel? security The Yomdel solutioninfo@yomdel.com
  15. 15. Yomdel solution Yomdel provides an end- Yomdel’s deep dive into to-end live chat your business creates a solution, with expandable detailed knowledge teams of skilled base. operators.All recruitment and training Yomdel’s in-depth statisticalis geared to create a reporting helps make sensebespoke and high of detailed customerperformance customer engagement information.service. We’re passionate about your customer experience!info@yomdel.com
  16. 16. The Yomdel solution 20%+ increase in conversion Significant increase in rates, higher average order first contact resolution, value due to incremental reducing reliance on sales, higher CSAT scores expensive email and (85%+). phone support. In depth view of Best-in-class, continuous customers, what improvement. Carefully questions they ask and monitored and managed on their behaviour online. behalf of clients.info@yomdel.com
  17. 17. Yomdel’s preferred software solution Comprehensive functionality Proactive & reactive chat Automated chat distribution Live visitor monitoring Pre-defined/automated replies Intelligent rules-based routing Co-browsing Global support Highly customisable and brandable Salesforce & Google analytics Multi-tenant configurations integration Reporting/Dashboards Twitter integrationinfo@yomdel.com
  18. 18. Never miss a potential chat Customer Sales Sales Technical Campaigns Services Business rules intelligently route chats Automated Chat Distribution (ACD) to best qualified Supervisors can operators. monitor, join chats or reassign chats as and when required. If unavailable, chat is automatically routed to the next operator until the call is answered. [The Yomdel Operators]info@yomdel.com
  19. 19. Yomdel operator solutions Proven track record serving millions of chats a year for some of the world’s biggest brands. Extensive telecoms experience, while expertise and innovation gives absolute confidence. Clients able to visit and train operators if World-leading operator solutions located desired. around the globe. Direct contact with operator supervisors. Excellent written English skills. Operators trained to be extensions of client Minimum 40 wpm typing. permanent staff. Experience selling via chat. Fast deployment with thorough reporting capabilities.info@yomdel.com
  20. 20. What does a chat look like? Operators answer within 20 seconds Each chat will last approx 13 minutesinfo@yomdel.com
  21. 21. Steps to implementation Chatting live within 4 weeks. Building the knowledge base – 2 weeks Recruitment, training and personnel deployment, plus testing – 4 weeks Technical design (chat buttons etc) & business rules – 3 weeksinfo@yomdel.com
  22. 22. Statistics & Insights Statistical Reporting Customer Insights Weekly activity summary report Full chat transcripts capturing every Report detailing number of chats question asked Report showing number of Sales leads conversions New product ideas, suggestions Chat operator effectiveness (sales) Referral URLs Customer feedback – Chat operator Customer data (name, email, CSAT scores phone etc) Negative comments Web functionality feedbackinfo@yomdel.com
  23. 23. Main Agenda Why Yomdel? Pricing modelsThe Yomdel solution Delivery & securityinfo@yomdel.com
  24. 24. Delivery & securityRobust infrastructure. Top Training on all internaltier hosting. Secure data security policies andback-up. Servers housed in a ongoing security awarenessdatacentre managed and training programs.secured 24/7.Defined and documented Technical controls thatorganisational security provide protection tostandards and procedures to network, systems, andprotect sensitive data. applications.info@yomdel.com
  25. 25. Agenda Yomdel’s solutionDelivery & security Why Yomdel? Pricing modelsinfo@yomdel.com
  26. 26. Pricing models Fully flexible and Yomdel is an adaptable to client “investment” not needs! a “cost”. It drives profit. Fixed FTE basis, Pay- Can pilot different For-Performance, or approaches to variable per chat determine best blend structure. for clients. Flexibility to deliver optimum results.info@yomdel.com
  27. 27. www.yomdel.comFollow us on Twitter @Yomdel Contact info@yomdel.com