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Traffic Rules


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Traffic Rules

  1. 1. Traffic Rules Sound
  2. 2. There are traffic rules that say where, when and how fast you can drive. These rules help to keep traffic moving safely.
  3. 3. Rules of the road include traffic controls, lane controls, right of-way laws, and parking rules.
  4. 4. Traffic signs tell you about traffic rules, hazards, where you are, how to get where you are going, and where services are located. The shape and color of these signs give clues to the type of information they provide.
  5. 5. Traffic controls include traffic signals, traffic signs and pavement markings. Traffic control also can be provided by law enforcement, highway personnel or school crossing guards. You must obey directions from these persons.
  6. 6. Come to a full stop at an intersection controlled by this sign. Stop at the marked stop line or before entering the crosswalk or before your vehicle enters the intersection. Let other vehicles or pedestrians pass if they are in your path. You must stop at the STOP sign
  7. 7. Yield right-of-way. You must slow down and let vehicles crossing your path go by. If necessary, stop before going ahead. If pedestrians are in or about to enter the crosswalk, stop until they have crossed the roadway, then proceed.
  8. 8. This sign will be on the left-hand side of the road or highway. You mustn’t pass the zone.
  9. 9. You must keep to the right because you are leaving a one-way street and are entering a two-way street.
  10. 10. You are getting close to the place where two-way traffic will be divided by a center strip.
  11. 11. You must watch out for people who might walk or run in front of you. Pedestrian Crossing
  12. 12. This sign is a warning to all vehicles that the road ahead goes down a hill. You should check your brakes before going down the hill.
  13. 13. T-Intersection Ahead You mustn’t go straight ahead. You must prepare to turn right or left
  14. 14. If you are on the main road and see this sign, you must be prepared for other cars and trucks blending into your lane.
  15. 15. These signs are used on roads with higher speeds. You must be ready for an intersection and a stop light.
  16. 16. There is another road ahead which crosses the road you are on. You must watch carefully for cross traffic in your path.
  17. 17. Road ahead curves gradually to the right. You must be prepared for the change in direction.
  18. 18. Road ahead becomes slippery in wet weather. You must slow down under these conditions.
  19. 19. You mustn’t enter You will see this sign at roadway openings you are not to enter. They are one way against you. You will see them at exit ramps, in crossovers on divided roadways, and at numerous locations on one-way streets.
  20. 20. You mustn’t turn left
  21. 21. You mustn’t turn right
  22. 22. You mustn’t U turn
  23. 23. Railroad crossing. A number sign under the crossbucks shows how many sets of train tracks you must cross.
  24. 26. You must go only one direction
  25. 27. You mustn’t park here.
  26. 28. Passengers must wear seatbelt
  27. 29. Children crossing You are nearing a school area with a crossing. You must watch out for children and the marked School Crossing.
  28. 30. You must watch out road work
  29. 31. You must stop and wait at the red light.
  30. 32. You must slow down and be careful at the yellow light
  31. 33. Go, but only when the intersectionis clear. You must yield to vehicles and pedestrians in the intersection.
  32. 34. Crossing the street safely (In Turkey)
  33. 35. First look left Second look right Then look left and cross
  34. 36. A: I’m in a big trouble! B: Oh, Jack. What’s the matter? A: I was caught by the police officer and got my driver’s license. B: Why? What happened?
  35. 37. A: I didn’t notice the “No Parking” sign next to where I parked my car. B: Ohh!! Does your mom know about this? A: No. What am I going to do? B: Just relax and think.
  36. 38. 1) What is Jack’s problem? 2) Why did the police officer get his driver’s license? 3) What do you think is the best thing Jack must do?
  37. 39. Prepared by: Ahmet YORDAM