Asid dalam badan pembunuh senyap, punca penyakit kronik


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Dr pakar dah buktikan asid berlebihan punca penyakit kronik. Hubungi

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Asid dalam badan pembunuh senyap, punca penyakit kronik

  1. 1. HEALTH ALERT - SPECIAL REPORT ACIDITY Could too much acid build-up in your body be causing: THE • • • Inflammation Joint Pain Acid Indigestion SILENT • Low Energy • Difficulty Losing Weight • Stress & more... KILLER Find out about this silent killer and learn how to stop it in its tracks. “A lifetime of debilitating “I have dealt with “I’ve built endurance, Acid Indigestion pain is headaches most of increased strength, and gone, thanks to Alkalete!” my adult life. Bye, bye recovered faster. Alkalete headaches–Hello Alkalete!” is life changing!” Skip M. Julie B. Andrew N. Phoenix, AZ Hatfield, PA Cleveland, OhioACID IN THE BODY: THE NEW PLAGUEIf free radicals and antioxidants were the focus of the last twenty years, bodyacidity, body alkalinity, and the importance of maintaining a pH-balance I N S I D Eare the focus of today. Excess acidity weakens the body and pulls essentialminerals from vital organs and the bones (including calcium, sodium, potassium, • Authors & Doctors Agree...and magnesium). As these minerals are leached from the body to neutralize Alkalinity is the Key – Page 3and remove acid, the body can suffer severe and prolonged corrosion. Thiscondition may go undetected for years. • Alkalete Improves Health and Continued on Page 2... Flavor of Coffee. Plus, before and after transformations. ALKALETE: THE ULTIMATE HEALTH SOLUTION – Page 5The solution to acidity is Yoli’s amazing, patented product Alkalete. Alkalete is not • Do You Suffer From Heartburn,a drug and was not designed to treat or cure disease, but when taken regularly, Upset Stomach, or Acidit will assist the body in reducing acidic waste and buffering acid build-up in the Indigestion? – Page 7body, thus producing a natural improvement in heath. With Alkalete, the bodycan more easily resist the aging process and help you to achieve optimal health. • The Science of Yolis Products:This is the only product of its kind to show a 50%+ average reduction in acidity in Improve Your Health – Page 7less than a week (see graph on Page 4). Continued on Page 4... Defend your body with ALKALETE™ IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND VITALITY • Reduce Swelling & Inflammation • Eliminate Acid Indigestion • • Boost Energy & Endurance Increase Muscle Strength P. CARL LEWIS Endorses ALKALETE! • Relieve Pain 6-7 9 Time Gold Medalist
  2. 2. Continued from Cover, ACID IN THE BODY: THE NEW PLAGUE... ALKALETE Testimonials: Acidity affects nearly everyone in our society because of the way we live, the way we eat, and the environment we live in. Too much acidity in the body breeds an internal environment where disease can easily manifest. A good pH balance allows the body Famous Authors & Doctors Agree... to function normally–producing healthy cells and resisting disease. “For decades, I have “BODY ALKALINITY IS THE KEY TO GOOD HEALTH AND VITALITY” To maintain a proper pH level in our body, it is recommended that we consume roughly spent the majority of 20% acidic foods and 80% alkaline foods; however, most of us do not take this advice. my nights sitting up on “To enjoy optimal health, the body “Imagine that acid & alkaline are The typical American diet is far too high in acidic foods like meat, eggs, and dairy, and the couch because I needs balanced quantities of alkaline two teams in a tug-of-war contest, far too low in alkaline foods like low-sugar fruits, fresh vegetables, and whole grains. couldn’t lay down substances and acids. An imbalance can each one holding the end of a long Additionally, we consume foods with white flour and refined sugar, and we drink acidic without severe acid result in health problems ranging from rope & trying to shift the balance to beverages such as coffee, sodas, processed juices, and alcohol. indigestion problems. minor skin irritations, chronic fatigue, back its side, & you’ll have a good sense I seldom got a solid night sleep pain, and depression to arthritis, ulcers, of what happens every single second Our body’s ability to process acid steadily decreases and the discomfort was awful. I B and osteoporosis. Most people consume in your body. When your pH balance with age and as we experience more stress. As new 26 am now sleeping soundly and no Plasma [HCO3] (mEq/L) drugs and chemicals have been introduced to our an abundance of highly processed foods tips toward either the acidic or the more nights on the couch!” 24 that acidify the body and, as a result, they alkaline side of the spectrum, you Skip M. – Phoenix, AZ foods, air, and water, it is even harder for our system to control the chemistry of our body. The functionality 22 are afflicted with many of these ailments.” are vulnerable to a variety of health of our inner biological terrain is at risk. Too much acidic Christopher Vasey, N.D. problems. In North America, because waste interrupts the critical pH levels that the body fights 20 r=0.94, p<0.001 of our current eating habits, it is rare to maintain, leading to “metabolic acidotic stress”. As 20 40 60 80 100 for anyone to become excessively alkaline ... Acidic blood is a result, we see huge increases in the incidence of life- the precursor to almost every disease ... By “kicking acid” in “I’ve tried everything AGE (yrs) threatening, chronic diseases. Over 400 peer-reviewed “Your body’s pH balance is the key to your blood, you’ll ward off diseases of all kinds, feel abundant for acid indigestion! In 1996, Dr. Lynda Frassetto at the University of articles back up these important findings. California, San Francisco, discovered that as we optimal health, weight, mental clarity, energy, and shed excess pounds. Sound too good to be true? Most of the products age we lose the alkaline buffer bicarbonates in our contain fillers or blood. This loss was shown to be diet induced.** and overall vigor. Strike the right balance Believe it: these benefits have been proven by recognized ingredients that by nourishing your body with certain medical journals.” create side effects. “...the root cause of degenerative disease is too foods to create an alkaline environment, Michelle Schoffro Cook By the third day of much acidity in the body”. and say good-bye to low energy, poor using Alkalete, I noticed I was not digestion, extra pounds, aches and pains, sluggish or heavy-headed, & I had In 1931, one of the twentieth century’s leading cell biologists, Dr. Otto and disease.” “ has been written about in medical a lot of energy. From that day Warburg, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his ground-breaking work textbooks for more than a century. Dr. Robert Young on, I have not had any more re- demonstrating that the root cause of degenerative disease is too Only in the last few years, however, occurring episodes of heartburn.” much acidity in the body. has the concept of chronic, low-grade Stuart B. – Honolulu, HI acidosis started to make its way to This is not a new discovery, but rather one that has gained broad consensus in the the public at large ... a small number marketplace. Here is what a few leading experts have to say: of brilliant scientists from around the “Acidosis is the basic foundation of all disease. We need to understand the world have recognized, and are “I am a Health studying, the phenomenon of chronic, simple process of alkalizing our body & the Practitioner & Personal low-grade metabolic acidosis.” “Too much acidity in the body is “Acid in the system disrupts the balance, important role a properly alkalized body Fitness Trainer. Yoli has I like having too little oil in your car.” causing red blood cells to stick together, plays in restoring & maintaining our overall Dr. Susan E. Brown, Larry Trivieri, Jr. LI been a wonderful, weaken, and die. When this happens, more health. Our glands & organs function IYO natural addition to Dr. Theodore A. Baroody LIYOL L what I do. I talk about Author of Alkalize or Die acid is released into the bloodstream, causing properly in exact proportion to the amount OO a vicious and deadly cycle of pollution. The of alkaline & acid levels in our system. YO IYOL IYOL pH balance all the time. It has been incredibly easy to body tries to compensate by calling upon Dr. Theodore A. Baroody L “...over-acidification interfered LOLLYOLLIIYL its alkaline reserves, but eventually these are OLI introduce other people to Alkalete LIYO YOILI IIYO with life itself, leading to all IY YO and the other Yoli products.” sickness and disease!” depleted and acid wreaks havoc, burning through your I YOL IYO LIYO Y L YO Pamela L. – Tonasket, WA arteries. Again, the body tries to compensate by lining the Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD Y LIYOLOLIYOLIIYOLIYO IYOL Author of The pH Miracle artery walls with cholesterol…another deadly solution!” Berry Energy Drink Anthony Robbins, Author of Get The Edge PASSION ™ YO YLIIYOL OLIYO I O IYOL LIYO LIYOL IYOLI YO “Alkalete Capsules “Acidosis is a condition in which the acid/ with Thermo-G are amazing! I have LI I OL OLLIYOL YOY L alkaline balance of the body has shifted L Y Leading medical researchers conclude that a decline in health begins when cellular LIYO LIYOTRUTHYO LIYO OLIY O IY been taking 2 to 3 unfavorably & body fluids have become OYLIYOLI LIYOOLIIYLO pH moves toward becoming acidic, toxic, and polluted. Blood pressure, cholesterol, everyday now for YO OLOYOLI acidic. While many people are acquainted OL YIL and body temperature are well known barometers of health. However, body pH levels the past weeks, and OLI LIYO O with the concept of acidosis, or a negative Y LIYOIYOLIIY O IY OLIYIYOLIYOL are just as important–if not more so–as all of these. ™ Citrus Health Drink with all I have to say is, shift of pH balance, most are unaware of Y Antioxidant Superfruits YIYYOLIY OLIYOYOLLYIOYIIYOLLIYO IY LIIYYOIL OLL YO O WOW! I have been IOL I Most people take better care of its relationship to other diseases or health OOLL Y LIYOLI LIYOL YOOLIIOLIYO IYOLIYOYLOLIYOLIY IYO working like crazy at my job - a lot OL the pH in their swimming pools problems. Acidosis is often at the root of of physical exertion, as usual! Only than of that in their own body. As THE HEALTH OF THE HUMAN BODY IS many common health complaints, but it Y LIYOL OLIY OLIIYOLIYOLI O OLIYYO difference, no soreness or fatigue! Feel like I am 19 again!” a result, people have low energy, OPTIMAL AT BALANCED LEVELS Y O usually isn’t considered a cause of disease low immunity, and suffer from Y until after a health problem has been Lemon-Lime Sports Drink FUN O Blood Pressure < 120/80 mm Hg YOLIOLIYIYOLIIYYLIIYOLIYOOLIYOL IYLILYO O Y IYOL LIYOOL Brian L. – Clearfield, PA ™ wrongfully diagnosed and unsuccessfully IYLIYOLOILIIYO many other ailments. Cholesterol 100 -129 LDL (mg/dL) Y powered by ALKALETE L Body Temperature 98.6º treated for years.” *See disclaimer on Page 5 Y LI Y YOLOLIYIO LIYO IYOL OLLIIY LIYO IY O YO **Journal of Gerontology: BIOLOGICAL SCI- Body pH Level 7.365 Dr. Wolfgang R. Auer ENCES, 1996, Vol. 51A. No. 1, B91-B99 O LYCall toll-free and order today! 1-888-295-9009 ACIDITY: THE SILENT KILLER, PAGE 2 Y IYOLL OLIY OL L YO L Y LIYOO IYOL L Y Call toll-free and order today! 1-888-295-9009 IY IY YO ACIDITY: THE SILENT KILLER, PAGE 3
  3. 3. Continued from Cover, ALKALETE: THE ULTIMATE HEALTH SOLUTION... ALKALETE ALKALETE™ Improves Health and Flavor of Coffee Testimonials: ACID REDUCTION AFTER USING ALKALETE™ FOR JUST 5 DAYS Coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the U.S. In fact, 80% of Americans are coffee drinkers. Over 400 million cups of coffee are consumed each and every day. That’s an 100% average of 3.2 cups per day per person, and a total of 500 billion cups served annually. “I’m a very active 80% Coffee is a huge and established market. Drinking coffee causes the body to pull from 65 years young man its lines of defense in order to buffer acidity. This is also why many people experience 60% % Acid Reduction and have been using heartburn from coffee. Pouring a packet of Alkalete into your cup or the grounds in your Alkalete for 5 months. 40% coffee machine, up to 90% of the acid will be neutralized while, at the same time, actually I am sleeping better, 20% improving the flavor and giving your coffee a rich, smooth taste. showing very few signs of fatigue when 0% doing strenuous exercise, and -20% 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 “I’ve lost over 100 pounds on “The Better Body system is the my recovery time has improved the Better Body System in the best weight loss system I have -40% dramatically. I have also noticed past couple of years. I feel ever done. I love that I am that muscle soreness is a thing of -60% like a new person ” - Omar B. never hungry and never feel the past, truly amazing! Looking deprived of food.” - Karen D. ALKALETE™ trial with 23 people proving its ability to alkalize. forward to much better health using This graph shows the amount of acid reduction in the body after over 100 lbs* Alkalete to balance my body pH.” Jim W. – Seattle, WA just 5 days usage of Alkalete: a 53% acidic reduction on average. 55 lbs | lost 28”* *Results achieved through optimal usage: 1 gram / 50 lbs of body weight Alkalete is an all natural, completely safe, powerful alkalizing agent. In fact, Alkalete “I lost 7 pounds by my 3rd day, “It started with my first Yoli drink, “I take Alkalete when I consists of ingredients designated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as 12 pounds by the end of my and I haven’t looked back. get heartburn, it takes Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). Alkalete has also been filed as a New Dietary first week, and over 20 inches Thank you Yoli for providing away all of the burning Ingredient (NDI) by the FDA––a designation of product safety and uniformity. over my body in 21 days. All me and my family with healthy sensations. What a with no exercise!” - Tulane B. alternatives.” - Omar D. fantastic product!” The secret to producing Alkalete lies in the proprietary binding process of Magnesium Brian M. – Central City, NE Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide to Calcium so that these highly-alkalizing minerals can be easily drawn into the body on a cellular level. This process uses the patented 12 lbs | 7 days* over 30 lbs* Exact Blending and Compounding (EBC) equipment to produce the Alkalete granule (see image below). “I used to be a jittery, Alkalete mimics mother nature’s safe, even absorption into the blood stream and “20 days on The Better Body “Achieving immediate re- stressed out, worn allows powerful alkalizers to be available to the body. The body can then function System, and I’m down 15 sults and having continued out wreck! I learned better than a body that is bogged down with acidic waste. Alkalete works with the pounds. The fat is melting results gives me inspiration that stress is one of body to restore healthy pH balance. off. I’m down from a size 36 to be focused and to stay the biggest causes to a 32 waist size!” - Roger T. with the system” - Carolyn L. of acid in the system. Alkalete is the ultimate solution to fight the battle your body wages No wonder people under a lot of stress seem to have every second of every day against the acidic, toxic environment 15 lbs | 20 days* 47 lbs | 111 days* more health challenges. I started using the Alkalete on a daily basis we submit it to. and I noticed I was feeling calmer, ALKALETE™ is Available in Three Forms: more focused, and I just felt more “I’m happy to say that I lost “After 16 weeks of using the balanced than I had in a long time.” • ALKALETE™ Capsules 20 pounds in 25 days and 22 Better Body System, I Lost 20 Kurt L. – Seattle, WA • ALKALETE™ Granule Packets inches. The best part is I’m lbs & 6 inches off my waist! I • FUN™ Sports Drink powered by ALKALETE™ keeping it off and loving it!” look and feel great! I feel 20 The capsules and packets each contain 500 - Lita C. years younger!” - Chris M. milligrams of pure Alkalete granules. Capsules “I’m winning body are taken morning and evening between meals (Daily Loading Dose: Take 1 capsule for 20 lbs | 25 days* 20 lbs | 6” off waist* building competitions every 25 lbs. of body weight. See Loading Dose & feeling better than Instructions). The packets are used by sprinkling ever. I completely them over acidic foods and beverages to rely on Alkalete in my I’m losing body fat, gaining “I’ve lost 19 inches from neutralize acid. Examples: water, coffee, wine, workouts and training. lean muscle, and I am around my body. I am more I’m feeling stronger pizza, pasta sauce, fruit, eggs, juices, soups, very happy to see my abs focused, better rested, less and I’m able to work out longer and meat, dessert, etc. Yoli’s FUN Sports Drink is designed for electrolyte recovery, pH again. Love the natural Yoli stressed, and feeling younger run faster!” balance, and better performance in athletics. FUN contains hydrating electrolytes and 333 milligrams of Alkalete per serving. It has absolutely NO sugar or artificial sweeteners. products”- Angel R. every day.” - Ben K. Kyle S. – Dover, DE The best part is that FUN tastes great. Even kids and teens absolutely love it! *See disclaimer on Page 5 lean muscle* 35 lbs | 72 days*Call toll-free and order today! 1-888-295-9009 ACIDITY: THE SILENT KILLER, PAGE 4 Call toll-free and order today! 1-888-295-9009 ACIDITY: THE SILENT KILLER, PAGE 5
  4. 4. alkalete | Body pH Enhancer PASSION | Berry Energy Drink PASSION | Tropical Melon Energy Drink ALKALETE  Supports Bone Health & Strength* ALKALETE:  Boosts Energy & Endurance* Testimonials: • Contains NO artificial colors, artificial flavors, starches,   Promotes Muscle Strength* Improves Recovery Time*   Natural Thermogenic Energy* Stimulates Metabolism* preservatives, yeast, wheat, corn, milk, eggs, soy, or glutens  Improves Mental Focus* Maintaining proper body pH (acid-alkaline balance) is one of “Alkalete has allowed • Registered as a new dietary ingredient (NDI) and designated as the fundamentals of health. Unfortunately, we live in a society  Naturally Rich in Antioxidants* GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA  Promotes Weightloss* me to play harder, where the Standard American lifestyle is highly acidic to our  Long Lasting Energy* play longer, and play • Can be used by and is safe for everyone body. Stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, fast foods, soda, excess with more energy  Sugar Free* sugar, alcohol, and medications contribute to acid waste in without having to • 8 Patents on file with the US Patent Office the human body. This causes the body to store fat, pull minerals pay the price of from the bones and organs, and raises havoc with health. PASSION™ Energy Drinks contain a breakthrough formula pain and fatigue the designed to naturally enhance energy, sharpen mental focus following day. That means I can get BENEFITS OF TAKING ALKALETE CAPSULES: Fortunately, there is ALKALETE®, our Patented Body pH alkalizer. and stimulates metabolism, without the crash. PASSION has a more work done and still get lots of Using a highly sophisticated and patented process, we were • Supports healthy body pH levels synergistic blend of natural herbs, extracts, and B & C vitamins exercise. Thank you Yoli.” able to harness the power of unique minerals that help buffer that promote a Thermogentic effect. PASSION is sweetened Mark U. – Sandy, UT • Aids in the removal of acidic waste and remove acidic waste from the body. This allows the body with Stevia and contains no sugar or artificial ingredients.* to shed fat, recover quicker, and operate at optimal levels.* • Restores electrolytes • 50%+ Reduction of acidity in the body in one week THERMO BURN | Thermogenic Energy TRUTH | Citrus Health Drink “Alkalete has truly changed my life! • Attacks the symptoms to the root cause of acidity  Long Lasting Energy*  Supports Immune System* While using Alkalete in • Scientifically proven to help the body deal with acid indigestion  Stimulates Metabolism*  Naturally Rich in Antioxidants* my marathon training,  Sharpens Mental Focus* Promotes Weight Loss* I have found that my • Scientifically proven to increase muscle strength & decrease Supports Weight Management*    Maintains Health & Well-being* times are decreasing muscle soreness and my recoveries are THERMO BURN™ contains the active ingredients of our TRUTH™ is a superfruit antioxidant blend loaded with quick with little to no soreness. This Passion drink in a capsule. Get your energy on the go superfruits including acai, goji, and pomegranate. Also is very different than my seasoned BENEFITS OF USING ALKALETE PACKETS: with a synergistic blend of B vitamins, extracts, herbs, contains a proprietary probiotic blend that makes TRUTH running buddies. A few running (In addition to the capsule benefits above) 110mg of natural source caffeine, plus added Raspberry the perfect healthy beverage to replace soda, fruit juices, friends have decided to use Alkalete Keytones. Look and feel your best throughout the day.* coffee, and all-over sugar-laden drinks. TRUTH is sweetened and now they too are enjoying • Scientifically proven to neutralize up to 90% of the acidity in with Stevia and contains NO sugar or artificial ingredients. more energy, better performance, foods and beverages and a quick recovery!” • Convenience–carry them in your purse or pocket Heidi C. – Stafford, VA YES | Yoli Essential Shakes FUN | Lemon-Lime Sports Drink  Sustains Healthy Triglyceride Levels*  Maximizes Performance*  Stimulates Metabolism*  Boosts Energy & Endurance*  Provides Essential Amino Acids*  Supports Body Alkalization* “Alkalete is an  Improves Muscle Strength*  Promotes Muscle Strength* amazing product. YES™, the Yoli Essential Shake, is a delicious, low-fat, low calorie, FUN™ Sports Drink, Powered by Alkalete, is an evolution in I’ve built endurance, easily digestible, gluten-free, all natural shake; sweetened performance-enhancing sports beverages. FUN is an all increased strength, with stevia, with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors natural mineral-charged formula which provides enhanced & recovered faster. or flavors. YES is made with Purawhey™ premium native electrolytes, potassium and magnesium. Need hydration Alkalete has been life whey protein. Purawhey is derived from hormone free, without the sugar load? FUN is in a class of its own. Alkalize and changing for me!” grass-fed cows, is GMO-Free and considered best in class. energize your body and your game. When you’re pushing your Andrew N. – Cleveland, OH YES is minimally processed to maintain the precursors your muscles to the limit, lactic acid is the problem that will slow body needs to produce Glutathione, your body’s master you down and cause unwanted soreness. FUN is scientifically antioxidant. YES contains prebiotic fiber, probiotics, branch proven to buffer lactic acid, helping you go longer and chain amino acids and LeanImmune™, a whole food nutrition recover faster. Go ahead and put your muscles to the test.* blend providing natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.* DREAM | Antioxidant Sleep Formula PURE | Digestive Formula Endorsed by World Class Athletes Like Carl Lewis  Promotes Restful Sleep*  Maintains Digestive Function* Athletes are in more need of alkalizing minerals than most people. Through strenuous  Reduces Oxidative Stress*  Improves Gastrointestinal Health* exercise, athletes create far more acidic build-up than those of us who are more sedentary.  Promotes Immune Health*  Supports Immune Function* The body will try to compensate for an acidic pH by using alkaline minerals, and if the diet  Reduces Time to fall asleep*  Maintains Blood Sugar* does not provide enough minerals, the body will leach the necessary buffering minerals from tissues and bone. Not only does this unique alkalizing product decrease muscle DREAM™ is a safe, natural, non-addictive antioxidant sleep PURE™ contains the probiotic GanedenBC30®, a hardy strain soreness and speed up recovery time, but Alkalete is scientifically proven to increase enhancement formula that gives a whole new meaning of Bacillus coagulans, which supports your digestive system. to beauty sleep. Dream contains Melatonin, 5-HTP and our PURE provides bowel support, lactose defence, and helps strength and endurance. Alkalete was made for athletic performance and recovery. proprietary Z-Rest™ Blend. Sleep is one of the most important breakdown protein and carbohydrates. PURE is enhanced aspects of weight management, healing, rejuvenating and with Alkasure™, a proprietary alkaline digestive health re-energizing the human body.* formula with fiber, enzymes and supportive nutrients.*Call toll-free and order today! 1-888-295-9009 ACIDITY: THE SILENT KILLER, PAGE 6 Call toll-free and order today! 1-888-295-9009 ACIDITY: THE SILENT KILLER, PAGE 7
  5. 5. Who’s Talking About Acidity in the Body? Alkaline Diet – GERD, Acid Reflux Interfere With Is Your Health At Risk? Restful Sleep September 14, 2009 October 21, 2002“The Standard American Diet could be killing you. That may “Acid reflux during the day may hamper sleep quality at night,sound like a strong statement, but facts back it up. Oversized causing subsequent daytime sleepiness and insomnia. Theportions of over-processed foods have created diets loaded long-term effects can also lead to poorer quality of life. … Inwith calories that are probably lacking in the vital nutrients your the first study, from Pennsylvania State University in Hershey,body needs to stay healthy. We are living in an epidemic of researchers found that of more than 1,500 people who hadobesity and increased occurrences of diseases, atherosclerosis a hard time sleeping, a significant amount also complainedand cancer. Yet all of that can be changed by a few simple of gastroesophageal reflux disease, also called GERD or acidchanges in your lifestyle.” reflux. They also found that people with insomnia had a high frequency of complaints of peptic ulcer disease or hiatal hernia. ‘There is a significant relationship between GERD and excessive Can’t Sleep? daytime sleepiness and insomnia,’ said Geoffrey S. Raymer, MD Could Be Your Digestion of the gastroenterology and hepatology department at Penn November 16, 2009 State, in a news release. This study was published in the July 2002 issue of the Journal of Psychosomatic Research.”“Increasingly, scientists are linking digestive disorders with ahost of nocturnal problems ranging from insomnia to restlessnights that lead to exhaustion during the day … a small pilotstudy published in November in Alimentary Pharmacology& Therapeutics showed that heartburn treatments may British Journal of Nutrition (2009)lead to a more restful night’s sleep in people suffering from Diet–induced acidosis: is it real andgastroesophageal reflux syndrome (GERD).” clinically relevant? Joseph Pizzorno1*, Lynda A. Frassetto2 and Sweet dreams: Joseph Katzinger3 Avoiding Nighttime Heartburn Bastyr University, Seattle, WA July 25, 2010 October 21, 2009“You may be surprised that heartburn ranks as a significant “The concept of diet-induced ‘acidosis’ as a cause of diseasecause of sleep problems, and yet, ‘heartburn is a major cause of has been a subject of interest for more than a century. Thedisrupted sleep,’ says Dr. James Parish of the Sleep Disorders Center present article reviews the history of our evolving understandingat the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz. Recent studies support him. of physiological pH, the physiological support for the conceptResearchers in Oklahoma City tested 81 people who complained of ‘acidosis’, the causes of acidosis, how it is recognized, itsof sleep problems and found that one-third of them suffered from short-term effects as well as the long-term clinical relevanceheartburn and didn’t even know it. In another study, Brazilian scientists of preventative measures, and the research support forsurveyed 91 adults who had difficulty sleeping and found that those normalization of pH.”with sleep problems were almost twice as likely to suffer chronic (Visit: and search for the article)heartburn compared with people who had no sleep problems.” FUN™ TRUTH™ Sports Drink Health Drink • Lemon-Lime Flavor • Citrus Flavor • ALKALETE™ • Superfruits • pH Balance • Antioxidants • Recovery • Probiotics • Hydrate • Enzymes • Electrolytes • Weight Loss • No Sugar • No Sugar • No Caffeine • No Caffeine • No Preservatives • No Preservatives • No Artificial Colors • No Artificial ColorsContact: Distributor ID#: ______________