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Yolaroo English Grammar and Reading


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Yolaroo English Grammar and Reading is an advanced professional tool to teach beginner and intermediate students English grammar.

It is a smart dictionary and an infinite workbook.This app is friendly enough to teach students starting at 3 years of age, but it is advanced enough to help teach middle school students and advanced ESL students.

Students learn both beginning and advanced words and how to use them in a fun and easy way.Vocabulary is introduced naturally and intuitively with grammar exercises.

Students will learn basic grammar as well as greatly increase their reading comprehension.

1. The first focus is on verbs and pronoun use with:- Basic pronouns [it, they, he, she]- Verbs [is, are, are, am, was, were]- Accusative pronouns [it, them, him, her]- Possessive pronouns [its, their, his, her]

2. The second focus is on reading comprehension with:- Word comprehension - identify words like 'tea', 'watch','nine'.- Word type comprehension - identify 'numbers', 'animals', 'birds', 'dogs', 'jobs'.- Comparatives [stronger, faster]- Yes and no questions [Are pandas fast?]- Synonyms [The frog is small. Is the frog Big?]

3. The third focus is on simple story reading paired with a question and answer activityThe work books are paired with easy word lists categorized in helpful ways:- Noun lists- Verb lists- Adjective lists- Grammar object lists- Synonym lists

100% free. No ads. No in app pur

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Yolaroo English Grammar and Reading

  1. 1. Yolaroo Grammar Yolaroo Grammar a better way to learn a better way to teach
  2. 2. Yolaroo Grammar It's a great tool to teach English grammar. What is Yolaroo Grammar Yolaroo Grammar
  3. 3. What are the app's main features? It's a smart dictionary. It's a smart workbook. Yolaroo Grammar
  4. 4. It's technology is based on a massive computational linguistic coredata SQL database. Yolaroo Grammar
  5. 5. ...combined with an advanced syntax and grammar engine, which can read and write English. Yolaroo Grammar
  6. 6. Yolaroo Grammar Yolaroo Grammar Students learn new words. Students learn how English is organized. Students can easily search for words by word type. It's an innovative semantic dictionary. Nouns and Subjects like animals, dinosaurs, and astronomy
  7. 7. Yolaroo Grammar Study verbs and their conjugations. Yolaroo Grammar verbs arranged in easy-to-use categories
  8. 8. Yolaroo Grammar Learn adjectives for different topics of speech. Yolaroo Grammar self explanatory adjectives arranged by usage
  9. 9. Yolaroo Grammar Study syntax and grammatical properties to master the intricacies of English Yolaroo Grammar complex grammatical and syntactical concepts
  10. 10. Yolaroo Grammar Study synonyms and antonyms and how groups of adjectives are arranged Yolaroo Grammar synonyms and antonyms
  11. 11. Yolaroo Grammar Yolaroo Grammar has four different beginner grammar activities. These teach grammar and help students practice reading. Yolaroo Grammar
  12. 12. Yolaroo Grammar The first exercises use simple terms to introduce sentences. Students study reading, pronouns, and the concepts of gender, singular, and plural. Yolaroo Grammar
  13. 13. Yolaroo Grammar The second activity introduces subject and verb agreement with interactive questions. Yolaroo Grammar
  14. 14. The third activity teaches accusative pronoun usage. Yolaroo Grammar
  15. 15. The Fourth grammar activity teaches possessive pronouns. Yolaroo Grammar
  16. 16. Yolaroo Grammar The app has five different reading and comprehension activities. These teach a deep understanding of word meaning and usage. Yolaroo Grammar
  17. 17. The first activity has the student matching words to the proper word type. Yolaroo Grammar
  18. 18. The second activity has students match a word type with the correct term. Yolaroo Grammar
  19. 19. The third activity introduces comparative adjectives. The students must compare nouns to adjectives. The students answers are saved and can be reviewed. Yolaroo Grammar
  20. 20. This activity introduces yes and no questions. Yolaroo Grammar
  21. 21. This last comprehension section has students compare meanings and yes/no questions. It uses synonyms and antonyms to allow deduction of the correct answer. It teaches English and logic. Yolaroo Grammar
  22. 22. Yolaroo Grammar can create infinite stories for reading. Yolaroo Grammar
  23. 23. The students read the text and answer questions from the reading. Yolaroo Grammar
  24. 24. The students can read either one story at a time or four stories at a time. Yolaroo Grammar
  25. 25. Yolaroo Grammar Yolaroo Grammar a better way to learn a better way to teach Yolaroo Grammar more to come in version 2.0