Yolande Sukal\'s Portfolio


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A concise collection of various freelance, work-study, volunteer, and student projects.

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Yolande Sukal\'s Portfolio

  1. 1. gift card sleeve and gift card gift card holder - flattened template VONS ● Point of purchase display, gift card and sleeve encompasses an existing corporate identity ● Patterned fabric was scanned and utilized within the design for a warm tactile association with a mother’s kitchen and home cooking.
  2. 2. fully assembled gift card point of purchase display VONS ● Point of purchase display, and gift card sleeve ● A photographed basket texture was used for the gift card sleeve holder to further enhance the cozy quality of the piece.
  3. 3. toy drive contest score board recognition tags TOYS FOR TOTS ● Organized, designed and planned with Career Services Director at Platt College, Los Angeles ● Toy drive contests were held among each of the classes. Score boards were placed in each class room to increase competitiveness. For each item donated a name tag was filled out and posted on a board for recognition. The class who donated the most were awarded a luncheon. Posters were also placed in high traffic community areas.
  4. 4. PETS ALIVE ● Logo design, poster, and sticker set was created as a donation ● The sanctuary provides a retirement home for New York City carriage horses; a place to retire and live their last days in peace after serving the public. The poster visualizes this cause with horses running from green pastures into an open blue space; symbolizing freedom, heaven, or sky. A hint of yellow represents joy and serenity a sponsor could bring to the animals.
  5. 5. invitation mailer e-mail invitation ART GALLERY PROMOTIONAL MEDIA ● Event poster, mail and e-mail invitation designed for a Platt College art gallery opening ● This collage style mirrored concepts from the artist’s work; these concepts were also used in the installation of his artwork for the showcase.
  6. 6. ART GALLERY INSTALLATION ● Artwork was installed in collaboration with the artist ● It included hanging art pieces from packaging string, dim lighting, and rusty music box melodies. An ongoing theme of birds and decorative patterns in his artwork transpired into backdrops of ornately patterned fabric, and scattered feathers, twigs and flowers. A nest of Easter eggs with a hanging “eat” tag invited the audience to consume the richness of his creative world.
  7. 7. enlargement samples ART GALLERY INVITATION ● The showcased artist’s minimalist style of using simple geometric shapes was recognized in the design of her invitation ● Key colors were sampled from her work to marry all the design elements together.
  8. 8. business card back business card front web site - about page web site - “earth” gallery PHOTOGRAPHER LOGO, WEB SITE, BUSINESS CARD ● Identity created to match the artist’s personal style and was utilized in the business card and web site template edit ● See www.irenofotografia.com
  9. 9. page one page two CAREER SERVICES NEWSLETTER ● Designed for bulletin boards and e-mail lists at Platt College, Los Angeles
  10. 10. above - full poster design detail enlargement DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION ● Lorus watch poster redesigned and original advertisement used as a template for digital illustration
  11. 11. corporate business card - front corporate business card - back portfolio cover FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND IT ● Concepts, logo design, full color faculty portfolio cover, and corporate business card created for this academic section of Newcastle University, Australia
  12. 12. front cover interior brochure interior general business card brochure interior FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND IT ● Duo-tone brochure interior, and general business card created for this academic section of Newcastle University, Australia ● Photography by Yolande Sukal
  13. 13. AMERICAN GLAZING INC. PORTFOLIO ● A collection of images from American Glazing’s portfolio of impressive contracted jobs ● Full color cover design and interior layout for the purpose of increasing clientele
  14. 14. interior pages AMERICAN GLAZING INC. PORTFOLIO ● Portfolio brochure interior
  15. 15. AMERICAN GLAZING INC. CORPORATE IDENTITY AND PROMOTIONAL GRAPHICS ● Logo design, letterhead, business card, and postcard
  16. 16. AMERICAN GLAZING INC. WEB SITE ● Layout, navigation, and updates ● Flash template editing with HTML ● See www.americanglazing.net
  17. 17. F3 flyer F3 installation guide - back cover F3 business card F3 installation guide - front cover F3 PROMOTIONAL PRINT MATERIALS ● Flyer, window installation guide cover and business card
  18. 18. F3 PROMOTIONAL PRINT MATERIALS ● Installation manual interior
  19. 19. 1 2 3 4 F3 ANIMATED INSTALLATION VIDEO ● 3-D graphics, compositing and layout utilizing Maya, and After Effects ● Designed to demonstrate the installation process of the F3 patented product within the architectural industry ● See “F3 Flashing Installation 3D clip” at www.yolandesukal.com in the “video” section
  20. 20. 5 6 7 8
  21. 21. ON-CAMPUS MULTIMEDIA EVENT POSTERS ● Designed to invite all students to view final class projects by the multimedia program.
  22. 22. PLATT COLLEGE PROMOTIONAL VIDEO ● A visual representation of the paralegal, medical, and visual communication studies offered at Platt College ● For the purpose of increasing student admission ● See “College Demo” at www.yolandesukal.com in the “video” section
  23. 23. TOURIST CALENDAR ● Informational data provided to tourists of Central Coast, Australia in this calendar ● Photography by Yolande Sukal
  24. 24. OM MADE CRAFTS ● Product labels created to match companies existing identity
  25. 25. travel guide front poster AUSTRALIAN TRAVEL POSTER AND GUIDE ● Promotional materials for travel agencies to inform and entice families to visit Sydney
  26. 26. interior exterior AUSTRALIAN TRAVEL GUIDE ● Unfolded
  27. 27. L.A. VIE L’ORANGE HAND AND FOOT SPA WEB SITE ● Freelance web design including web navigation plan, graphic layout, flash galleries and menus, and online shopping features ● HTML with Flash Galleries and Menu ● See www.yolandesukal.com/lavielorange_sample_site
  28. 28. tea packet BIGELOW TEA ● An updated look to Bigelow’s tea packaging
  29. 29. box detail samples BIGELOW TEA ● A gift box design for Bigelow’s exclusive ‘Constant Comment’ blend
  30. 30. 3D “MUFFINS” CHARACTER AND SET ● Concept created for a children’s animated cooking show ● Development as a hobby
  31. 31. 3D “MUFFINS” CHARACTER AND SET ● Initial set and character modeled in Maya
  32. 32. 1 4 2 5 3 6 STAIRWAY TO PARADISE FILM SHORT ● Credits, set pieces and art direction ● In partnership with the director of photography, this film short was created utilizing a 1920’s style ● See “Stairway to Paradise” at www.yolandesukal.com in the “video” section
  33. 33. 7 10 8 11 9 12
  34. 34. FILM SHORT PITCH BOOK ● A promotional book for a hobby film project “The Death of the Matinee Idol.” ● Designed as a concise overview of the components in the story from characters to set pieces.
  35. 35. FILM SHORT PITCH BOOK ● Interior pages showing character development