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Ppt etm


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procedure text

Published in: Education
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Ppt etm

  1. 1. Procedure Text
  2. 2. Definition of peocedure text A text that gives some clues of how to do something through a series of action.
  3. 3. Generic Structure  Purpose : to give information what we need.  Material : things taht you need to make an object.  Method : the information about making an object.
  4. 4. Language Features  Using the simple present tense  use time connection  Use of the imperative sentence command
  5. 5. How to make a cup of tea  Materials: – hot water – tea – sugar – glass/cup
  6. 6. Procedure  Steps: 1. First, prepare all the materials 2. Then, boil the water 3. Third, put the tea and sugar into the glass 4. Next, pour hot water into the glass 5. Then, stir the sugar, tea, and hot water at once until the sugar dissolves and the water becomes hard brown 6. Finally, the tea is ready to serve
  7. 7. Thank You 