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Passports @ the library

Presented at the ILA Annual Conference, 2016, Rosemont, Illinois.

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Passports @ the library

  1. 1. Passports @ the Library You can do it too!
  2. 2. Who we are.
  3. 3. The Plan Why add passport services to your library? How we do passport processing. How others do passport processing. How to apply. Time for questions.
  4. 4. Why? It’s needed. Difficult to reach populations. Citizen services. Equity mission. General increase of library use. Money!
  5. 5. It’s needed. They need our help.
  6. 6. Difficult to reach populations.
  7. 7. Citizen services
  8. 8. What’s your mission?
  9. 9. Increased stats. General increase on library usage. Passive programs and crafts. Drop in programs. Library card holders. Registered cards from other libraries. Circulation. Other citizen services. Door count.
  10. 10. Money!
  11. 11. A bit more about money. $25 per application (soon to be $35) What staff will you use? How many applications would you need to process to break even? For us - passports pay for themselves and more. We use staff that also have other duties - not just passports. We processed 7,493 passports last fiscal year We made $187,325. If the fee had been $35? About $265,000!
  12. 12. How we do passport processing. Yay movie time!
  13. 13. How we do it? Tips for success!
  14. 14. Staffing Who does it? Staff buy in Hire for success Update job descriptions Foster a culture of excellence
  15. 15. Front load information:
  16. 16. State Department Support & Training
  17. 17. Mailing
  18. 18. Supplies.
  19. 19. Storage.
  20. 20. DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS!!
  21. 21. How others do it?
  22. 22. Other libraries.
  23. 23. How? Director writes letter on letterhead. Attach to an email and send to:
  24. 24. Any questions?
  25. 25. Erica Christianson Leah L. White Sandra Victor