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New Moon


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New Moon

  1. 1. Bella Swan just woke up from a bad nightmare 0_0 Bella Swan is 18! Free! Woohoo!  Mike Newton is stealing Edward’s hairstyle. Bella Swan is mad Alice bought her a gift and is forcing her to attend her own birthday party. Bella Swan doesn’t get why Edward wants to be human. Bella Swan is an accident prone klutz who doesn’t want the spotlight. Bella Swan is watching Romeo and Juliet with Edward.  <3 Edward Cullen is wondering how to convince Bella to come over for her birthday party. Edward Cullen is looking forward to Bella’s party. Alice Cullen is excited about Bella’s birthday party! Bella Swan is happy Emmett and Rosalie are here! I missed them. Well, Emmett. Alice Cullen is hungry and has to leave before something bad happens. Bella Swan has almost been attacked and eaten alive. *scared* Edward Cullen can’t believe one small papercut could cause so much pain. Alice Cullen is sad to be leaving Bella  but knows it’s for the best. Edward Cullen is leaving.  Bella will someday understand. Edward Cullen and Bella Swan have ended their relationship Bella Swan is crying on the forest floor. How could he leave?!?!?!?!?! Bella Swan is depressed. Mike Newton is telling Bella to get off work early. Mike Newton is talking to customers. Bella Swan heard Edward’s voice in her mind. Am I insane? Bella Swan is now friends with Jessica Stanley Bella Swan is headed to Jacob Black’s house. Jacob Black has grown over the past few months. Jacob Black is psyched that Bella has gotten motorcycles! Bella Swan laughed today. That was a surprise. Jacob Black is now spending tons of time with Bella. Alice Cullen is doing some genealogy research Jacob Black is not happy with Quil and Embry. Bella Swan OMG!! Jacob finished the bikes!!!  I love this boy! Bella Swan just cut herself on a motorcycle ride. Jacob Black is trying to make a move. Edward Cullen why is Bella hanging around the Black kid. Doesn’t she know he has a crush? Ugh….he’s so obvious. Mike Newton is shocked that Bella is talking to him. Mike Newton is interrogating Bella. Bella Swan is now friends with Mike Newton and Angela Weber Jacob Black is basically trying to kill Bella with these motorcycles. Edward Cullen why is Bella intent on killing herself?
  2. 2. Alice Cullen doesn’t know why her, um, ancestor was admitted to an asylum. Mike Newton is asking Bella out. Again. Mike Newton got rejected. Again. Mike Newton is planning a group movie night with Bella. Jacob Black has been asked to go to the movies with Bella and this Mike guy. Mike Newton is feeling third-wheelish. Mike Newton is trying to hold Bella’s hand. Jacob Black is amused by Mike’s weak stomach. Bella Swan went to a movie with Mike and Jacob. Awkward…… Mike Newton is getting sick. Edward Cullen doesn’t understand women. Bella Swan has the flu.  Edward Cullen oh, crap, what is Laurent doing??? Edward Cullen don’t move, don’t move, don’t move. Jacob Black just saved Bella from a bloodsucker. Bella Swan saw Laurent. He tried to KILL me!! Edward Cullen needs to thank the dogs. Alice Cullen is visiting friends in Denali. Jacob Black is trying to convince Bella that Sam isn’t what he thought he was. Jacob Black feels terrible for not being able to tell Bella the truth . Bella Swan is terrified of a whole lot of things. Jacob Black is growing again. Bella Swan can’t hold herself together, no matter how hard she tries. Jacob Black is getting closer to Bella. Bella Swan went cliff diving. Jacob Black just saw Bella jump off a cliff. Great….here we go again. Alice Cullen is scared something really bad happened and is racing to Forks. Jacob Black realizes Bella might love him as much as he loves her. Jacob Black is nauseated. He just got a whiff of a vampire. Bella Swan was happy to see Alice in her living room. Alice Cullen did NOT see that coming. Alice Cullen wonders why Bella smells bad now. Jacob Black is making sure Bella is still human. Alice Cullen missed Charlie. Edward Cullen wonders what Rosalie is doing here. Edward Cullen wants to die. Alice Cullen is worried about Edward and cannot believe Rosalie! Edward Cullen is on his way to Italy. Bella Swan is on her way to Italy. Hope Charlie doesn’t kill her. Hope the Volturi won’t kill her! Hope no one will kill her. Alice Cullen is flying to Italy with Bella, hoping it’s not too late! Alice Cullen loves Porsches! Alice Cullen hopes Bella can make it to Edward in time. Don’t fall!!!! Edward Cullen Bella is alive!!!! I could kill her! Alice Cullen is happy Edward is okay, but worried a little about going with the Volturi.
  3. 3. Alice Cullen is intrigued by Aro’s talent, but will not be joining his group. Alice Cullen promised Aro. Bella Swan just witnessed mass murder. Edward Cullen whew…somehow we survived the Volturi. Alice Cullen is going home. Bella Swan is leaving Volterra, terrified. What else is new? Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are now in a relationship Alice Cullen is filling her family in on what happened in Italy. Edward Cullen has no plans to turn Bella into a vampire. Alice Cullen isn’t ready to help Bella yet, not in the way she needs. Bella Swan is freaking out. Edward just FREAKING PROPOSED TO HER!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh…… Edward Cullen can’t believe Bella didn’t jump at the chance to marry me. Jacob Black is not returning Bella’s calls. Edward Cullen really hopes Charlie comes around. Jacob Black has ratted out Bella. Jacob Black no longer has possession of the motorcycles. It’s Charlie’s problem now. Edward Cullen loves being able to read that little werepup’s thoughts.  Jacob Black is still not done growing. Jacob Black is upset for getting Bella in trouble. Edward Cullen is grateful to Jacob but doesn’t want him anywhere near Bella. Edward Cullen is never leaving Bella again. Jacob Black is heartbroken by Bella’s news. 