Leading From the Middle


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Presented at the On the Front Lines conference, August, 2013

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Leading From the Middle

  1. 1. Leading From the Middle on being an agent of change
  2. 2. Me Leah White Reader Services Librarian Northbrook Public Library facebook.com/yolaleah @leahlibrarian www.leahlwhite.com
  3. 3. Why am I here?
  4. 4. The iPad Implementation
  5. 5. The Plan Relentless Enthusiasm Finding your support group The importance of brainstorming The process for enacting lasting change
  6. 6. Relentless Enthusiasm
  7. 7. The importance of positivity You're setting the example for change On venting Think in terms of outcomes Complaining doesn't make you a change agent Be the change you wish to see Trite but true
  8. 8. Build Your Team
  9. 9. Build Your Support Group Find allies Change can be frustrating and exhausting Good to Great by Jim Collins You want the right people on the bus In libraries, you don't always have that choice
  10. 10. Keep Positive
  11. 11. My Team iPads Created a mentor program One person in each service department For smaller libraries, it may just be one other person
  12. 12. Brainstorming Always be brainstorming. Always. Keep a list All your ideas (whether you can change them or not) Identify the problem and the stakeholders Check in regularly. Cross off completed ideas. Talk out your ideas with your support group
  13. 13. Yeah but...how?
  14. 14. Relentless Enthusiasm!!
  15. 15. Start talking to people Think outside your support group Unlikely allies Your not changing anything...yet Put out the feelers and get a read on how tough it will be
  16. 16. iPad Program Simple, innocent questions "Oh, you have an iPad? What do you use it for?" Potential advocates for the program Ulterior motives? YEP! http://bit.ly/12xPBgh
  17. 17. Be a familiar face in administration.
  18. 18. Write a Proposal Helps you articulate your problem Gets you thinking and researching about the issue Firepower against naysayers The power of writing things down
  19. 19. Proposal Should Include Mission statement Stakeholders Plan of action Timeline Associated costs Evaluation Criteria
  20. 20. Start Talking For real this time
  21. 21. Start Talking For realsies Starting to build buy-in, enthusiasm OVER-COMMUNICATE No secret meetings Submit your proposal to your manager and administration
  22. 22. Take Action Did you notice this wasn't the first step? Lots of ideas fail when you don't lay the ground work iPads - months of planning
  23. 23. Action Time! Depend on your support group Use your proposal as a guide Keep over-communicating!! Share successes
  24. 24. Be Flexible http://bit.ly/19JFr1z
  25. 25. Relentless enthusiasm!!
  26. 26. Evaluate What went well? What were your unexpected successes? Be okay with failure Hard but expect it Being a change agent means occasionally failing What did you learn?
  27. 27. Impact on Career
  28. 28. All Things Considered Find your support system Always brainstorm ideas Form a plan and follow it Be flexible to changes Always always always be relentless enthusiastic
  29. 29. Thank you! www.leahlwhite.com