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I Care Presentation W 2 Kip


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This is ONE of ( parts of our Health Applications. Can be send by Reauest.

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I Care Presentation W 2 Kip

  1. 1. Introduction:<br />Introduction:<br />Mehreen J.<br />Executive Vice President<br />iTack Solutions<br /><br />From Ideas to <br />Business Results<br />DISTROBUTEUR EN AFRIQUE<br />1<br />
  2. 2. About iTack:<br />By leveraging its tenets of quality and innovation, the best people talent, self sustaining process framework and domain knowledge, iTack offers customized service offerings; translating into the most flexible and cost effective services of the highest quality for it's customers.<br /><ul><li>At iTack we have what we proudly call a 360-degree business approach, encompassing Technology, Processes, Businesses and People and collaborating all these factors in the most conducive environment for optimum productivity.
  3. 3. Our extensive experience in working with global clients has provided us an edge which helps us not only to deliver but also to innovate.
  4. 4. At iTack we believe in:
  5. 5. Innovation and Passion,
  6. 6. Creativity and Customer service,
  7. 7. Knowledge and Interaction.
  8. 8. We recognize that technology and time go hand in hand and it is here at iTack, that we tie them together.
  9. 9. Our experienced staff is able to map your needs right from the requirements to the development and onwards to the implementation and deployment stages - and if you need us even after that , we have support staff who is always "happy to help".</li></ul>DISTROBUTEUR EN AFRIQUE<br />
  10. 10. Industries We Serve:<br />From US to Asia-Pacific, we have offices working round the clock to provide services that you need and at the time you need it. <br />We recognize that technology and time go hand in hand and it is here at iTack, that we tie them together. <br />Banking & Finance<br />Government<br />Healthcare<br />Small to Mid-size Businesses<br />Science & Technology<br />Trade & Commerce<br />DISTROBUTEUR EN AFRIQUE<br />
  11. 11. Specialized Departments<br />Specialized Clinics<br />Gynae<br />Neuro<br />Paeds<br />OT<br />ER<br />ICU<br />CSSD<br />….<br />Cardiac<br />Nephro<br />…& More<br />Hospital Administration<br />Ward<br />Management<br />Admission<br />& Discharges<br />Patient Registration<br />System Setup and Administration<br />i-Care : A Complete HMIS Solution<br />Reporting<br />Inventory Management<br />Finance<br />i-Clinic<br />(EMR)<br />i-Pharmacy<br />(Internal & <br />External Pharmacy)<br />i-Roster<br />(Staff Scheduling)<br />Radiology<br />i-Patient<br />(Online<br />Patient <br />Portal)<br />i-Labs<br />(Dynamic Labs)<br />i-Transfuse<br />(Blood Banks)<br />i-Track<br />(HR & Payroll)<br />Visit Management<br />Visit Management<br />Dynamic Form Designer<br />Dynamic Form Designer<br />DISTROBUTEUR EN AFRIQUE<br />
  12. 12. Patient Registration<br />System Setup and Administration<br />i-Labs : Dynamic Lab Generation with all desks and internal and external reporting!<br />Reporting<br />Finance<br />Lab Reception <br />Desk<br />Lab Technician<br />Desk<br />Result Entry <br />Desk<br />Report Dispatch<br />Desk<br />Labs Setup<br /><ul><li>Setting Up Labs Dynamically.
  13. 13. Set up as many Tests and Profiles as possible.
  14. 14. Set up as many Classification Levels and Lab Types as possible.
  15. 15. Set up Dynamic Forms for Data Entry.
  16. 16. Make Customized Report Templates.</li></ul>i-Labs<br />Visit Management<br />DISTROBUTEUR EN AFRIQUE<br />
  17. 17. Patient Registration<br />System Setup and Administration<br />i-Clinic : Complete EMR System fully customizable for single or multiple practices!<br />Reporting<br />Finance<br />My Specializations<br />My Clinic (Doctor’s):<br />History<br />Physical<br />Assessment<br />Labs & <br />Reports<br />Diagnosis<br />Questionnaires<br />Place Orders<br />i-Clinic<br />My Admin (Doctor’s):<br /><ul><li>My Calendar
  18. 18. My Locations
  19. 19. My Appointments
  20. 20. My Vacation Planner</li></ul>My Patients (Doctor’s):<br /><ul><li>My Waiting List
  21. 21. All Patients
  22. 22. Favorites
  23. 23. New</li></ul>Visit Management<br />DISTROBUTEUR EN AFRIQUE<br />
  24. 24. i-Care – Customization in Progress:<br />DISTROBUTEUR EN AFRIQUE<br />Case In Point:<br />Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital <br />$20 Million Worth Hospital<br />400 bed establishment <br />35 departments<br />Hotel Accommodation<br />Highly Specialized US and UK doctors <br />Designed and developed exactly according to the US Medical Practices<br />All medical facilities under one roof<br />“The hospital needed a truly paperless environment and something that the US doctors could co-relate to. With the launch of i-Care, we will not only help <br />Quaid-e-Azam International automate it’s end to end operations but also introduce US Medical Practices for the first time in Pakistan. The advent of such a software and technology in Pakistan is a sure indicator that the Health Care and ICT Sector are booming every day.” <br />-News runner on PSEB <br />(Pakistan Software Export Board)<br />
  25. 25. The i-Care Family of Products:<br />We provide client-focused solutions that deliver clinical transformation, financial optimization, and technology innovation. <br />Patient’s Dashboard<br />Work On Wheels<br />Truly Paperless!<br />Our comprehensive revenue cycle solutions, integrated information technology, and business process services help you align technology with your business strategy to achieve improved patient safety and quality, cost-effectively.<br />i-Clinic is an affordable solution for Health Care Practitioners that do not need or can work through a big HMIS. It is meant to automate and make efficient the Clinical Practices of a Doctor by providing Patient Administration – record of Family History, Previous Visits, Diagnosis, Prescriptions, Bills<br />i-Patient is an online solution that allows patients and doctors to communicate easily, safely, and securely over the Internet.  Patients can register themselves and login to their physician’s system to see their own private set of documents including labs, diagnostics, statements, and messages. <br />i-Roster is meant to provide an out-of-the-box solution for preparation of electronic duty roster for the entire hospital staff including Administrators, Doctors, Dieticians, Consultants. A hassle free way of managing duty shifts, vacations, on-duty staff record and leaves or absences. <br />DISTROBUTEUR EN AFRIQUE<br />
  26. 26. The i-Care Family of Products:<br />DISTROBUTEUR EN AFRIQUE<br />i-Track is a complete Human Resource Management System that allows Employee Payroll Management, Work Hours Calculation, Sign-in/outs, Leaves and Absences Calculation, Automated Printing of Cheques and Payslips, Taxes Calculation as well as Configuration Management for the main HMIS you use! Track and Trace every employee through your organization and manage department level and enterprise level employee expenses. <br />Patients with Bar-coded Bands can be tracked and traced across all the departments of the hospitals, with the click of a single button. <br />Track the Patient’s History, Diagnosis, Previous Medications, Prescriptions, Reports as well as Bills and Finances through one single scan of the Patient’s Barcode!<br />i-Pharmacy is a system beyond the ordinary Store Keeping. It is specially deisgned to cater to the Pharmacy requirements, the software is meant to provide single and multiple store locations and warehouses together with a combination of in-facility and out-facility stores. Keep track of supplies approaching expiry dates and supplies that need re-ordering. Connect with i-Care for automatically reading e-prescriptions of patients and intelligent distribution.<br />
  27. 27. At iTack our vision for healthcare is to simply create a system that can facilitate a healthy society. <br />People interacting with a safe, efficient, consumer-friendly healthcare system are bound to perform their very best.<br />At iTack, we’re committed to achieving this vision by combining the right people, processes, and technologies to truly transform healthcare.<br />The i-Care Family of Products:<br />DISTROBUTEUR EN AFRIQUE<br />i-Transfuse is a comprehensive Blood Bank Management System with complete record maintenance of Donors, Recipients, Blood Sample and Cross-Matching Details, Blood Evaluation, Blood Issuance, Expiry Date Calculations and Discard Alerts. <br />Trace bottle issuance and blood collections. <br />Multiple Search Capabilities providing priority based listing and number of bag recommendations through Intelligent Sensing Techniques!<br />i-Labs provides a simple and flexible approach to management of Lab Reports and Tests both within and outside a Hospital System. It is quickly integrated with the Patient Record Management System, i-Labs provides quick and transparent reporting services including Biochemistry reports, Urine and Blood Tests, Radiology Test Reports, MRI and other Advanced Scans. Record accurate results and communicate it directly to Doctors, Hospital Administrators and the Patients at the click of a button!<br />
  28. 28. Contact Us:<br />DISTROBUTEUR EN AFRIQUE<br />We are located at:<br />20-C, <br />13th Commercial Street<br />Phase 2 (Ext)<br />DHA<br />Karachi<br />Phone: +9221.5380571<br /> +9221.5380581<br />Fax: +9221.5380561<br /><br /><br />Rue de Jerusalem<br />SANA Business Center<br />1002 TUNIS<br />For further details about our Product Range you can email us inquiries at:<br /><br />Phone/<br />00216 99197617<br />0046 702164680<br />