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M2M industry overview 2012


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M2M industry overview 2012. Understanding of M2M industry, definition of M2M, component of M2M, business model

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M2M industry overview 2012

  1. 1. A high level overview (Compiled from various web resource) LTI Learning Center October 2012 Editor: Ahmad Yokasano Reviewer:
  2. 2. Content  Introduction to M2M  M2M History and Application  M2M architecture  M2M opportunity and market outlook  MNO Challenge  MNO investment  Solution for M2M Platform
  3. 3. Introduction: M2M Definition  Machine to machine (M2M) refers to technologies that allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same ability.  M2M involves communication without (or only limited) human intervention  M2M is the automatic communications between devices ; the Internet of Things.
  4. 4. M2M Timeline and applications (1)  1980 : Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)  Control for electricity generation, transmission and distribution, traffic controller, railways controller  1990 : Wireless Sensor Network (embedded, short range)  Industrial control  1995 : Cellular M2M communications  Siemens GSM data module called “M1”, used for POS terminal, in vehicle telematics, remote monitoring & tracking  2002 : Nokia M2M Platform Family (Nokia M2M Gateway + Nokia 31GSM Connectivity Terminal + Nokia M2M ADK)  automatic meter reading, security, elevator control, fleet management, vending and telemedicine by using the existing commercial mobile communications network.
  5. 5. M2M Timeline and applications (2)  2008 : Telenor Connextion (subsidiary of Telenor Group), provides wireless communication solutions for connecting machines, devices and vehicles on a global basis.  2009 : AT&T, Jasper Wireless Join Forces to Connect New Categories of Consumer Electronics and Business Devices to Nation's Network  2009 : Smart Grid and Smart City …
  6. 6. Smart Grid
  7. 7. M2M Network Architecture
  8. 8. M2M in Operation In the past, deploying M2M technology of large organizations have to build and maintain their own dedicated data networks, would incurred high cost . Today, the widespread adoption of cellular technology has made wireless M2M technology available to manufacturers all over the world.
  9. 9. M2M key components  M2M Device  A device capable of replying to request for data contained within those device or capable of transmitting data contained within those devices autonomously  M2M Area Network (Device Domain)  Provide connectivity between M2M Devices and M2M Gateways  E.g. personal area network  M2M Gateway  Use M2M capabilities to ensure M2M Devices inter-working and interconnection to the communication network  M2M Communication Networks (Network Domain)  Communications between the M2M Gateway(s) and M2M application  E.g. xDSL, LTE, WiMAX, and WLAN  M2M Applications  Contains the middleware layer where data goes through various application services and is used by the specific business-processing engines
  10. 10. M2M Opportunity and Market Outlook A snapshot of M2M’s diverse potential Source: Machina Research
  11. 11. Sample M2M Consumer Applications Qgate
  12. 12. Volvo On Call •Emergency Call (E-call) •Breakdown Call (B-call) •Stolen Vehicle Tracking •Remote Door Unlock •Theft Notification •Remote services through mobile apps •Remote Immobilization
  13. 13. Protective Fashion Object Fashion accessory with GPS, connected to social network or a security service.
  14. 14. Addressable M2M market Total Addressable M2M revenue opportunity for mobile operators, up to US$ 373 billion world wide. The total number of wireless wide-area M2M connections will grow from 159 million in 2011 to 2.1 billion in 2020, representing an annual growth rate of 33%. Source: Machina Research 2012
  15. 15. M2M Market in APAC Source: Frost & Sullivan
  16. 16. Complex M2M Value Chain Chipset Vendors Module Vendors Device Vendors Application Developer M2M Platforms Service Distributor Vertical System Integrator Source: Frost & Sullivan – M2M Alliance
  17. 17. M2M Business model (1)
  18. 18. M2M Business model (2)
  19. 19. MNO Challenges  Mobile operators must step significantly outside of core business areas.  M2M is a new and different business model for mobile operator.  cannot be effectively addressed with existing infrastructure and operational practices.  Competition is intense.  Many of the biggest telecoms operators worldwide are investing heavily in their M2M capabilities, effectively setting a stiff benchmark level of capability required to compete for M2M revenue
  20. 20. MNO investment  Establishing M2M platform capabilities,  to provide service enablement and connection support (provisioning, usage monitoring and fault resolution)  Establishing M2M competence centers,  to lead the development of an overall M2M proposition and identifying successful applications that can ‘live’ in a single local market and that have multi-country potential  Establishing M2M sales forces  The overall sales cycle differs greatly from traditional mobile operator sales cycles.  Engaging vertical partners  Partnering to extend reach  KPN, NTT DoCoMo, Rogers, SingTel, Telefonica, Telstra and Vimpelcom, based on the Jasper Wireless M2M management platform, announced its collaborative intentions in July 2012  Providing M2M developer tools.
  21. 21. Current M2M Solution Provider  Amdocs  Digi International Inc.  Gemalto NV  Jasper Wireless  KORE Telematics  M2M Data Smart  Navman Wireless  Novatel Wireless Inc.  Numerex Corporation  RACO Wireless  Sierra Wireless  Wyless
  22. 22. Jasper Wireless Jasper offers turn key solutions, that consist of -Customer Acquisition Engine -Operator Platform -Enterprise Platform Jasper Wireless Partners:
  23. 23. Discussion:  How would be LTI role in M2M industry?
  24. 24. Resource:  M2M in Wikipedia  M2M Communication, ESTI and 3GPP Aspect,  Nokia M2M Solution nokia-31-terminal/  Cloud based M2M Platform by Jasper Wireless  AT&T, Jasper Wireless Join Forces  M2M for Smart Grid and Smart City m2mtutorialdohleralonsoec2012final24630#btnPrevious  Smart Grids: New Wireless Revolution revolution.html  2011 APAC Mobile and Wireless outlook  Machina Research: Mobile Operator Strategies for Success in M2M: The Role of Cloud Platforms
  25. 25. Revision History  R0.1 : 19 Oct. 2012 Initial Draft  R1.0 : 22 Oct. 2012 First Release, added with M2M Value chain ad Business Model