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Fun ways to learn english -Ms. Yogesh Bajaj


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Ms. Yogesh BajajTraining Coordinator at Baba Farid Group of Institutions, Bathinda

Published in: Education
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Fun ways to learn english -Ms. Yogesh Bajaj

  1. 1. Quick and Fun Ways to Learn English
  2. 2. Talk and sing to yourself in English
  3. 3. Sit near people who are speaking English on the bus or in the park. Listen in…
  4. 4. Pay attention to billboards, signs,advertisements, magazine stands etc.
  5. 5. Love music? Try figuring out thewords/lyrics of your favorite songs
  6. 6. Watch TV clips, episodes or soap operas in English
  7. 7. Engage in a conversation on Facebook with friends who post in English
  8. 8. No matter how shy you are or how much youdon’t “get” English, force yourself to speak.
  9. 9. Find some English radio stations and podcasts in iTunes
  10. 10. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
  11. 11. Betty Botter had some butter.
  12. 12. Upper roller, lower roller.
  13. 13. Black Background Brown Background
  14. 14. Learn one word everyday.