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Ipc india ppt.

  1. 1. WelcomeINDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS COMPANY D-451 PRATAP VIHAR, SECTOR-11, GHAZIABAD U.P “Energy creates efficiency, Quality creates future”
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONIndustrial Products Company is one of the oldest supplier andexporter of a wild range of industrial products Air Compressor, ABSPipe and fitting, PPR Pipe & fitting, HDPP Pipe & Fittings, Watertank, Flanges & Industrial Valves for air, water, chemical, gas, andacid. Compressed air dryers and Pneumatic tools etc. We are aleading trader of Industrial Paints for Anti-CorrosiveCoating, Attricoat Rust Converter, Attricoat Tar Epoxy, AttricoatEpoxy, Attricoat Solvent Epoxy, Attricoat SF, Floor coating paint, Firecoating paint, and more industrial paints etc.Industrial Products Company One of the most recognized names inthe field of Industrial Equipment established its operations in2011, with a vision of the upcoming Compressed Air PipingTechnology, by a group of fusion pipe and fitting, IR, AtlasCopco, Elgi, Solitaire Topcoat Company having a rich experience inthe field of Compressed Air & Air Piping (PPR Pipe and fitting orABS Pipe and fitting), & Industrial Paints With relentlesscommitment to quality, consistent dedication to customer satisfactionand unparalleled standards of service, I.P.C. is recognized as abenchmark for new age technology, superior quality, digital conceptsand personalized service that has ensured customer satisfaction
  3. 3. Air compressorReciprocating Air compressor
  4. 4. Types of Reciprocating CompressorsSingleStage Single CylinderCompressor.Single Stage Two CylinderCompressor.Single Stage Three CylinderCompressor.Two Stage Two Cylinder Compressor.Two Stage Three CylinderCompressor.
  5. 5. Screw air compressor 5 HP To 500 HP Screw Air Compressor
  6. 6. Characteristics of Screw Compressors1. Aesthetic appearance and reasonable structure2. Large unit capacity with high volume efficiency3. Less vibration and low noise4. High process precision5. Low specific power and lower energy consumption6. Easy for maintenance7. Low operating cost8. It’s based on P.L.C
  7. 7. ABS Pipe & FittingIndustrial Purpose for Air, Water, Gas & Chemicals….
  8. 8. Compressed Air PipingSpecially formulated ABS is blended with highperformance liner layer – Enhances its Physical &Chemical properties.
  9. 9. Advantages Safety Wide range of applications Clean  Quick to joint  Speed of Non Toxic Installation  Leak free Smooth bore system Easy to handle  Self colored Maintenance Free
  10. 10. Water Pipe line And FittingFor Hot & Cold Water
  11. 11. Advantages High Impact material 50 Years Design LifeApplicable for both Hot, Cold & Chilled Water Ductile down to -40 degree to +90 Chemical Resistant UV Resistant Non Toxic / Taint Free
  12. 12. Aerosal PaintsFor Industrial Purpose
  13. 13. Aerosols Products1.)All Purpose Cleaner . 14.)Galvanize Coating (Silver)2.)Electrical Cleaner. 15.)316 L Stainless Steel Coating3.)Electronic Cleaner 16.)Insul Tech.4.)Battery Cleaner 17.)All in One5.)Varnish & Paints Remover 18.)Rust Penetrate6.)Bearing Cleaner 19.)Anti- Seize Lubricant7.)Carbon Cleaner 20.) Rust Inhibitor8.)Red Varnish 21.)Wire Rope Lubricant9.)Transparent Varnish 22.)Chain Lubricant10.)Acrylic Coating 23.) Belt Protector11.)Battery Terminal Coating 24.)Graphite Dry Lubricant12.)Hi Temp Alu Coating 25.) Steel Stick Magic13.)Zinc Galvanize
  14. 14. Attricoat Speciality & Anti-Corrosive CoatingIndustry
  15. 15. Attricoat & Anti-Corrosive Coating Products Attricoat Rust Converter Attricoat Tar Epoxy Attricoat Epoxy Attricoat Solvent Epoxy Attricoat SF.
  16. 16. Industrial Brake LiningHigh Quality
  17. 17. ProductBrake lining is a flexible, Solid woven asbestos basedfriction material reinforced with brass wire for betterstrength and impregnated with resin. Due to itsflexible nature, it can be cut into segment, cones andspecial shapes to enable the material in fitting tovarious form. It may be heated uniformly at amoderated temperature to soften the impregnates tomake the forming more easier. It should be usedstrictly under dry condition.
  18. 18. ApplicationBrake lining is suitable for various break andclutch components and is used incranes, lifts, winches, mining, windingmachines, haulages, road rollers, sugar millcentrifuges concrete mixers, excavators etc.
  19. 19. Contact Yogendra Kumar Singh (M.D) Industrial Products Company D-451 Pratap Vihar, Sec-11, Ghaziabad, U.P – 201009 India. Mobile No’s -+91-9810599480 & +91-9136364426 Tele – fax : 0120 – 2962184Email ID:- info@ipcpipes.com & ipcgzb@gmail.com www.ipcpipes.com
  20. 20. Thank you .