Yogic dimension & self dynamics


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Yogic dimension & self dynamics

  1. 1. yogic dimension & self-dynamics of CHRONIC/CRITICAL ILLNESS walking the path of self-healing with guruatma Copyright guruatma k khalsa 2011#1 - I HEAR YOU/…been there, done that - my ownexperience made me who I am, todayhow sick are you?/all you know is what you feel snrtroubled waters - BE THE LIGHTHOUSE/serve humanity - Obey,serve, love, excel. ybreceive their grief without judgment/cool the firestake the person towards Infinity/Platform of Elevation -shelter/hope/strength/supportspeak to their need for attention and, to feel acknowledgedggkemptiness/void/unhappiness - offer sanctuary ofhappiness/whole-nessdis-ease - a state of not being at ease, not relaxed and notcompletely at peace with ones self/health comes from the word"heal," which means "whole" - spiritually/physically/mentallypoke/provoke/confront/elevate
  2. 2. restore dignity/personality - CALM THEM DOWNchoices/perspectives - deliver custom-made FORMULAOMG! the bomb drops! IMPACT - shock factor/FALLOUT -drama/intensity/worry/systems break downloss of control/vulnerability - fear/anger/resistance/depressionyour life & reality shifts/identity crisissurvival - ego naturally rises up/sympathetic nervous system onhigh alertsensation of separation/plateaus of loneliness VS unity - Life is awave. ybdenial/depression/paralysispower of diagnosis - identitypain brings you to a state of attention on your SELFdeeply listen#2 - your souls purpose - the test of tragedy in theschool of life/wake up and face yourselfYou carry in yourself the obstacles necessary to make yourrealization perfect. (The Mother - #101 in 365 Yoga)karma - making a payment/ Calamity is not a bad thing. Calamityis a right thing. Calamity only tells you that life has a climate, andclimate, by nature, constantly changes. How can you train your mindto handle the calamities? Give that calamity to God who has sent it,
  3. 3. and take happiness home. Dont think a tragedy is only a tragedy. It isalso to test your courage. In this life you have all come here fullyequipped. You can face whatever comes in your life. ybbottom line - SACREDNESS/self-awareness - The inner self of theself is sitting, waiting for you to realize that SELF. ybprocess/ladder to reach ones own placealign with your soul and the gifts will appear/Root through yoursoul. ybYOU ARE VERY SPECIAL! - self-reverence/self-reference - whoare you and what do you hold to be trueevery painful experience carries the seed of something that willbloom; every experience we go through is something our soulneeds for development (look up source)Feel the soul and, put it in the center of the churningpsyche - direct the SELF to act with strength, clarity and caliber.gcshabit to synchronize/ Everything is a gift from God. ybreacting/Be still and know I am God Psalm 46:10tune in - call upon the teacher within/create a "sacred space"character - internal beauty/personal self-sensory systemdeeply listen#3 - it is your privilege to heal yourself/save yourown life
  4. 4. your body was given to you as a sacred gift/investment- sacred missionsatnaam/my identity is true - Know you are perfect; theone who created you cannot create imperfection. ybself-acceptance/self-nurturing VS self-improvement - "Nurtureyourself and see what you become." dr sasself knowledge - "Between your strengths and weakness is YOU."dr sasintentional sickness/non-intentional sickness (What is yoga?1/1/03 yb lecture)"There is a way through every block." ybPlease, take away the ghosts of your life. yb/pierce the veil ofillusionpain, discomfort is the medicinerecognize yourself as the resistance/resolve it, allow it - snrOur own habits of possession, constriction, anger, tension,and attachment set up energy patterns within the body thatdisrupt the normal flow of vital energy. This opens the doorto disease, both physical and mental. After all, we arecreators also, and have some ability to create theenvironments we want to live in. We create our bodies witheach thought and activity, as well as with each meal. So weneed to clean the body and readjust the flow of energyperiodically since we are all products of our habits. ybUnderstand that the power of your projection isthe strongest medicine. If you can even be 1%
  5. 5. of who you truly are, you can never lose.Your power lies in your prayer and in yourcommitment . ybyou can do this/you have what it takes to meet this challengerise the spirit/laws of nature will fill the vacuum with abundanceThe process of self-healing is the privilege of every humanbeing. Self-healing is not a miracle. Self-healing is the genuineprocess of relationship between the physical and, the infinitepower of the soul. ybdeeply listen#4 - what else is in the space of this event?loss/change/drop-out/fall-out -beginnings/opportunity/re-organizestress/whos the boss of your life?positive ego/insanity of ego - "monkey mind"gratitude/great & FULL (sucker for a plaid blog)impact on marriage/children/extended family - role reversaltrinity - body/mind/soulyou are not alone - relationships/mirrorI, my mind, We, Thou, Thee. yb
  6. 6. special needs/new routines & relationships - friends, family,care-givers, case managers, medical institutionsconnect to the larger self, greater realms/community of othersAquarian Age principle/Life is to live for each other. ybits ok to need and be helped - get your ego out of the way ofsomeone whose highest destiny will be fulfilled by serving YOUcompare/compete/confuse - The moment you compareyourself to others, you have lost your personal base. You are incompetition so, you do not have the energy to be you. ybPx medication - yet another tool/bless your medicinelife is mutual/you are not in a vacuumWhatever enters the space is part of it. snrguilt/shame/anger/attitude - how does it serve you?strong, balanced, supported foundation/mother earthlower triangle/upper trianglereacting/containmentobserve/observe/observe - Recognize yourself as the observerwith a point of view, capable of many points of view. snrAllow the sensations. - snrautoimmune - losing your connection to motherearth/sacredness
  7. 7. sickness/shallowness/pain/miseries - outcome of keepingnegativity within youThe greatest weakness of the human is self-caused pain. When a humanbetrays his/her Infinity, and gets into non-reality, and becomes squeezedby time and space, then he/she is nothing but living pain." ybrelationship/trust and dwell in the working God that breatheswithin us - God and Me, Me and God, are ONE.deeply listen#5 -internal dialogue & power of the spokenword"Your power to speak makes it possible toachieve everything or nothing." ybonly thing you can control is the choices youmake, by the moment - The only control we have is in this very moment.If we are concerned/judgmental about the next moment... (example - the futureoutlook for a diagnosis) then, the moment we have now is squandered... lostforever - its really the ultimate opposite of feeling gratitude. We dont know andwill never have a guarantee, of what the future looks like. Our business is to begrateful in this moment... and, every circumstance and worldly distraction will tryto keep us from that. The only thing we have control to change is, what we dowith this moment. Its our choice, what we focus on. ggkTheres nothing good or bad; thinking makes it so. ybJudgment/Diagram/Rules/Condition - natural impulse andprocess of the ego ggk----the "story"
  8. 8. I have _______ VS I am challenged by the condition of _______neuro-pathways - Is it true now, not the experience of the past?ggksupportive, self-communication/CHOOSE LOVEprofessional counseling - safe container to process - it is VITAL totalk it out!self-counseling - journaling/mirror work/yogic applicationsconfidentiality/sharing in a sacred space - letting go ofconditions of the past (on yourself and others)positive mind/negative minddevelop neutral mind - That neutral and sophisticated quality of mindhas to be developed, trained, created, experienced, tooled, and fittedinto all the grooves of habits and action. Once you accomplish this, anysuccess in life is possible. Without this training nothing is possible, exceptyour fate and your old subconscious patterns. An important part ofKundalini Yoga is to develop the Neutral Mind and its capacity forintelligence, endurance and integrity. ybplant new seeds/inject new ideas, thoughts & words - re-trainthe mind/do it deliberatelybe the altar, not the alternative/be your own best prayerdeeply listen#6 - what is your part?/you are innocentdoctor/patient relationship -how to get what you need
  9. 9. be your own best doctor/A doctor can treat you but he cantcure you; you cure yourself. ybcomplaining/victim - take action/speak out/acceptreactive medicine/alternative health care - countless options!fear VS trust/Allow the Divine to create the sequence and theconsequence. ybsecond opinion/research - knowledge is power/the wholeworld is at your fingertipslaziness/reach for the experiencethoughts/feelings/emotions/desires/neurosis - "Neurosis issuffering that has not found meaning. Emotions are important.Any mistake you ever make will occur because you areattached to your emotions, and you lose your good judgment."ybpromoting habits/demoting habits - duality/divided VS divineaddiction/freedomtoxic relationships/environments/thought patternsmost important work - forgive your self, the environments,those you cannot forgive/beginning of greatness of charactermis-understand/understand through compassionsatisfaction/containment/contentment/character/realization -how much do you have? - Happiness is how much you can containyourself. And, happiness is, in spite of all the opposition of the world, how muchyou can continue. yb
  10. 10. self-promotion/educate those who cause you adversityinvite, project, reach out/allow others to serve & represent youcommunity support - It takes a village. h clintonhow to move through the health caresystem/medicaid/medicare - learning the ropesco-dependency/boundaries - what belongs to you and whatdoes NOTdesires/PATIENCE PAYSRecognize the other person is you. ybdiet/nutrition - acid/alkaline You are what you eat.yogic hygiene - sleep-awake routine/hair care/hydro-therapy/wear white/massage/etc etc etcuse your gift/down-load your intrinsic wisdom/giftself-inflicted pain is not an optionexplore what works/what does not - establish your domain/youare the boss of your lifehead VS heart - get bent/Humility is the basis of divinity. ybsay NO to every NO/devotion Commitment is everything. ybIt takes courage to relax. ybdevelop your intuition/ahead of time and space
  11. 11. person at prayer/arc-line technologydeeply listen#7 - everything is energy/what you focus on growssequence/consequence - equal and opposite reaction (law ofuniverse/physics)internal balance/circulate the energyprogress/equal opposition to the amount you have to increaseVICTORY /Take challenge as normal." ybJUST BLESS IT - offer it to the highest part of you/Be the altar, notthe alternative. ybBE HERE NOW - focus on the moment/todayfind your spiritual frequency/efficiency/existence withinrelease your resistance to change/healing will happendeeply listen#8 - intention - consistent, purpose-full, clear projectionestablish a WORKING RELATIONSHIP with your infinite self(private unlisted number)union/separation - 2 basic acts that run the universe
  12. 12. living vision board/living intention altar - SEE IT/subtle body I amnot the doer, I am the see-er. If I can SEE IT, the God in me willdo it. yb/gastep out of victim-role - create a specific intention whenoverwhelmed/burdened/in fear/paralyzed/holdingresentment/unable to forgivefind your own depth and test it, confirm it/We need a balancewhere what is inside us is 2-times greater than the outside world.ybmentally leaning on outside energy/disconnect from 3rdchakra - I AM, I CAN, I DO - Each of us, every person,regardless of wealth, status, age or religion, is given everythingwe need to be happy and fulfilled. The greatest lie in ourculture is the one that says you are broken, incomplete andneed something outside of you to give you happiness. ybevery 72 hour your 30 trillion living cells change - feelit/acknowledge it/recognize it - COUNT ON IT & take fulladvantagesurrender/cup of prayer …by the grace of _____________ (howdo you define the source of your breath?)continuous state of fulfillment and flow of spirit/peace lagoon -tolerance/acceptance of the will ofgod/obedience/tremendous amount of patiencejoy - lighten up/laugh/get OUT and play with othersLearn to be alert. Answer with the power of the soul. Relatewith an affirmation; every word you say should be anaffirmation. yb
  13. 13. You cant solve your problems. Just take them to the highestpart of yourself and let them go. ybUnderstand that the power of your projection isthe strongest medicine. If you can even be 1%of who you truly are, you can never lose.Your power lies in your prayer and in yourcommitment to let nothing stop you.deeply listen#9 - take out the garbage/trashIt is the rule of Gods kingdom to cleanse ourselves, andthen our ray can shine. ybreprint your library of traumas - brain stem/neural-patternsunderstand the nature of the mind/mastery or mystery"Pre-forgive all the mistakes, the pains and the enemies youencounter. They are all yours; they are part of your drama.Without them, you cannot evoke the depth of your character.Forgive the many mistakes you made and those of everyoneyou know. Pre-forgive all the future relationships. Accept theflow of life as creative and beyond the maneuvers of yourmind. Be loving and real to all you encounter. And, loveyourself at each step along the way." ybTrain your mind by directing it to confront your unlimited soul.yb/Stop relating to anything that limits you. eokmeditation - release the contractions/purify your subconsciousmind/attract the Universe - We cannot survive through adversity
  14. 14. without meditation. Meditation is a process through which you take yourtotal self, your pride, your ego, and your spirit, and you put them on the line.When the heavenly forces move at the command of the individual, that iscalled meditation. ybThe purer our minds become, the more the light of the soulshines. The stronger the light becomes, the more we create forourselves and for others. The power of attraction does not comefrom what we want. It comes from who we are. And when wecan tap into and live in our Divine Self – the entire universe longsto come close. eokclarity/purity/reverence - clean consciousness/clean heartWHAT IS LIGHT? Light is where you can see everything. Light iswhere darkness disappears. ybbody beautiful - stretch the body/psychic counterpart - sub-conscious releasemantras/healing with the sound current - finite individualcommunicates with the master mind/infinitedeeply listen#10 LIFE FORCE - There is nothing in the Universe butpraanaa. ybbreak the pain cycle - reduce the signal to the brain withmeditation/yoga/diet/nutrition ssk The neural pathways inpatients with chronic pain become hypersensitive topain. One way to decrease the pain is to increase theamount of information traveling down a shared neuralpathway, effectively diluting the pain information.
  15. 15. Increasing physical activity, such as yoga, producesthis effect. kritrain your breath - take a break/go to the infinite source forrefreshment and renewalpraana - clarify the subtle body/attract opportunity, collect theUniverse, bring good newsdeflate the drama/detox the bodyeach breath of life is an opportunity to cleanse/sacred trust ofthe pranic breath - Inhale the prana, and push out theweakness/fatigue/diseaseHappiness is proportionate to your rate of breathing. As much oxygenyou have, that is how much strength you have. You need 21% oxygen inyour super-beautiful, wonderful blood. Man can manufacture anything butblood - that only your self can create. ybpractice yoga - technology of awareness and transformationchair yoga/yoga in bed - modifications/pillow magicwhat is yoga? (see footnotes)bust your butt VS developing your radiant body/attractprosperity/opportunity/good newsre-boot your glands which conduct your body/glandularintelligence & correct rhythmdefine/strengthen the navel center - gives sense ofcontrol/organizationexpand your aura/magnetic field - protection/fill your praanicbody cavity
  16. 16. reverse the downward lotus/open the throat chakra - speakyour truth/understand what is behind the other persons wordssynchronize your magnetic field with the cosmic magneticfield/Vibrate the Cosmos, Cosmos will clear the path. ybdeeply listen#11 " keep up" and you will be kept up…what a drag - when sickness goes on and onpresentation of cornucopia of toolsstop searching/start practicing - power of enduranceThe highest mental power of a man is when heswilling to cope with a condition that is infinitelybeyond his control. Still, he faces it and, faces it withthe idea that he is going to come through it. YByour only friend (sadhana)/discipline of conscious living &excellence - Your discipline will let you deliver. ybPT/pool/walk/BREATHE - LIFE IS TO MOVE/energize the 30 trillioncells in your bodypranayam/insure that you have a reserve of pranic energyfeel the spirit is with you, rising with you/I am successful. yb
  17. 17. this time too shall pass/there is a purpose behind everythingthat happens (just like my lifes story brought me to this place,where I am here to serve YOU)deeply listen#12 - making the altar of your deathconquer your death/We are bound to go. ybyogic philosophy of death and dyingsickness/death is not a bad thingpreparing for the passage/5 wishesThe fact is that there is nothing more beautiful,more worthy or more conscious than you. ybmake peace with self and others/completiondid you accomplish what you came here for?sa/birth ta/death na/life ma/rebirth- cycle of liferelax/I want to be just as it is." ybdeeply listen#13 re-entry - putting humpty-dumpty back together,againreclaim your vitality & energy - the key is FLEXIBILITY
  18. 18. re-boot your nervous system -sympathetic/parasympathetic/actionclarity - expectations/acceptanceidentity-crisis resolution - Fantasy is not reality; it gets in the wayof success. ybself-value/TO BE, TO BE - I AM I AM ybwalking the path of your highest destinyability to sacrificeI feel better, I am better, and that is my base. yb/shenazdeeply listen#14 - lean on victorycommit and remain true to your deepest, most genuine SELF/align with your soul and the gifts will appearunderstand the totality of God/get on-line with the workingGod that breathes within us - its about having a relationshipbetween a human and GodWhen you get up in the morning, from this day forward, say toyourself, "I shall live this day with grace. I will make oneimpossible task and make it possible." ybCelebrate your victories, even the little ones. p marshallrelax and circulate the energy - One of the most beautiful
  19. 19. actions we can take in our life, with a lot of courageand wisdom, is to relax. The One who has the powerto rotate the Earth, shall take care of your routine. ybenjoy/Happiness is your birthright. ybI AM A LIFE! I AM I AM ybSo your soul is born; soul is free of worries. Rather, soul is here to face theworries, face the calamities, face the tragedies and, conquer it. You have comehere to conquer, to victory. With your purity you can conquer all there is.And ,thats why youre born.So why are you afraid of the worries, of the difficulties, of the calamities or thetragedies? Because, these are the tests, and the test you have to pass. So,why not, when you have got this lifetime, pass the test?deeply listen…and remember your breath_____________________________________________________________yb = copyright The Teachings of Yogi Bhajansnr = Sat Nam Rasayan (provide footnote to describe this yogicschool of healing)eok = Ek Ong Kaar K Khalsassk = Sat Siri Sumlerkri = Kundalini Research Institute_____________________________________________________________
  20. 20. what is yoga?/yoga is the study of your life (selfdiscovery)- Yoga is the science of reality and experiential proof ofthe sacredness of life. yb- yoga is a natural cleansing process - stored toxins inthe muscles are released into the circulation so, theycan be eliminated through the kidneys, lungs, intestinesand skin- Yoga is like a mirror; it reflects to us who we are, by themoment. The postures teach us about ourselves, give usimmediate feedback - what needs support/what needs toopen. (somewhere in 365 Yoga - daily meditations)- whats happening in yoga?1 movement of energy2 energetic alignments and adjustments3 releasing of old programs and clearing of the subconscious mind4 physical and emotional cleansing5 expansion of conscious awareness of your true identity6 establishing connection with the divine (nirvair singh?)
  21. 21. - yoga is aimed to elevate individual capacity so, your ownawareness and sensitivity can guide your choices- when you do yoga, the light of the soul starts to shine andfears depart, so that when you are pushed and pulled by theenvironments, you find a new place of strength and begin tolive according to your inner voice and truth of dignity andgrace (need to find and correct this yb quote)- your awareness will expand/you will be aware off morethoughts, insights, feelings and sensations (nirvair singh? fromlesson 10)- This (Kundalini yoga) is the yoga to guarantee that youll be happy.It guarantees you. Theres a divine promise. Its a divine guarantee tomake you healthy, happy and holy. Provided you initiate yourself intoit. This is the only yoga that has a pre-requisite of self-initiation. Itsays from self-initiation to self-enlightenment, the path is guaranteed. yb- Longitude & latitude are given to all. Kundalini yoga givesyou altitude & attitude. yb- yoga will help you:- master the polarities that are the dynamics in our mind andlives- refine your emotions- relax- the energy will start balancing you- gives you depth and strength which is yours - the original you- get the bliss and meet the Infinite within you
  22. 22. _____________________________________________________________