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Pharmacy and health care system


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Pharmacy and health care system

  1. 1. Pharmacy and Health Care System Dr. Yogesh V. Ushir M. Pharm., Ph.D Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence SMBTIODP, Nandi Hill
  2. 2. What is Pharmacy -Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing  and dispensing drugs -It is a health profession that links health  Sciences with chemical sciences -Aims to ensure the safe and effective  use of pharmaceutical drugs. SMBTIODP, Nandi Hill
  3. 3. Health Care System SMBTIODP, Nandi Hill • The complete network of agencies,       facilities, and all providers of health    care in a specified geographic area.
  4. 4. Times span • Vedic age - Ayurveda • Sushrut and Charaka • Unani System • 18th Century- Organization of Hospital SMBTIODP, Nandi Hill
  5. 5. Organization of Hospital • Aim- attaining maintaining and promoting the health of the nation. • Health care team • Allopathic system of medicine SMBTIODP, Nandi Hill
  6. 6. Current Scenario of Health • Highly influenced by the changes such as economical, political and technological changes. • International Conference on ‘Primary health care ’: held in Sept. 1978 at Alma Ata. SMBTIODP, Nandi Hill
  7. 7. International Conference on ‘Primary health care ’ • Goal: Health for all by 2000 A.D. • Some important aspects are; ▫ Education concerning prevailing health problems and the methods of identifying, preventing and controlling them ▫ Promotion of food supply and proper nutrition ▫ Prevention and control of locally epidemic diseases ▫ Availability of health professionals ▫ National health policy SMBTIODP, Nandi Hill
  8. 8. Pharmacy in India • Hospital Pharmacist • Industrial Pharmacist • Community Pharmacist • Academic Pharmacist SMBTIODP, Nandi Hill
  9. 9. Role of Pharmacist • Prescription related • Storage and distribution of drugs • Drug choice • Drug Monitoring • Information & Education • Research & development and many other health activities SMBTIODP, Nandi Hill
  10. 10. Nutshell • The pharmacist is responsible for ensuring that the right patient is receiving the right medicines in the right dose for the right condition in the right dosage form and the right frequency, HENCE , HE IS CONSIDERED AS AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM • Pharmacy Council of India has reconsidered the Pharmacy Education (D. Pharm.) and introduced new subjects such as ‘HEALTH EDUCATION AND COMMUNNITY PHARMACY’. SMBTIODP, Nandi Hill