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Trishul presentation 2012


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Trishul is an India-based, premium provider of Design Support Services to Engineering Consultancies, Architectural firms, OEMs and EPC contracts in the Architectural, Civil / Structural and Mechanical Engineering domains.
Trishul can reduce your Design, Production & Detailing costs by more than 50%, minimize your risk associated with staffing, and improve your operational efficiency.

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Trishul presentation 2012

  1. 1. Engineering Design Solutions Design Support Services
  2. 2. Our Focus• To be a Partner of Choice for Design Support Services for Architecture Firms, Engineering Firms, & EPC Contractors.• To Help Expand Business Opportunities for our Clients.
  3. 3. Expand Business Opportunities• Lower your total cost of Design, Detailing & Documentation.• Help you focus on your core competencies and innovate further.• Lower risk associated with staffing & cost of growth.• Faster access & focus on new markets like India.• Smooth Transition to BIM• Ultimately, Higher Revenue & Profits.
  4. 4. Key Facts• State of the Art Facility in Kolkata, India.• Promoted by Alumni of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).• Markets Served: North America, Middle East, & India.• Projects completed as Lead Architecture & Engineering Designers in India. Capabilities through the Design Cycle from Concept Design stage to Construction Documentation/ Detailed Engineering.• Clients include Fortune 500 Companies, Specialized Engineering Firms & EPC Contractors. E.g. Larsen & Toubro, Danieli, SMS Demag, Thyssenkrupp, Tata Consulting Engineers etc.• Partnerships with Leading Universities in East India to attract, retain & develop Design Talent.• 70 Trained Professionals On-board
  5. 5. Service Disciplines• Structural/ Civil Engineering – Industrial Structures – Utilities – Buildings• Mechanical Engineering – Bulk Material Handling Systems – MEP• Architecture
  6. 6. Structural/ Civil: Industrial Structures• Plant Buildings (both RCC & Steel Structures).• Compressor Buildings with Transformers.• Bays & Switchyards.• Control Rooms.• Workshop Buildings.• Pipe & Cable Racks.• Conveyor Gantries & Transfer Towers.• Stack Like Structures like Chimneys, Flare Stacks.• Static & Dynamic Equipment Foundations.• Cooling Tower Basin & Pump House.
  7. 7. Structural/ Civil: Utilities• Water Supply Systems with Surface & Ground Water including – Raw Water Intakes. – Raw Water Pump House – Raw Water Pipelines – Water Treatment Plant – Water Distribution Networks etc.• Roads• Drainage & Sewerage• Storage Reservoirs (both Ground Level & Overhead).
  8. 8. Structural/ Civil: Buildings• Healthcare Buildings• Hotels & Resorts• Educational Buildings/ Campus• Commercial & Office Buildings• Retail & Mixed Use• Residential Buildings & Complexes.
  9. 9. Structural/ Civil- Services Modeling & Design Analysis Drafting• Conceptual & • Static analysis • Preparation of Concept preliminary Drawings & Construction design Documents/ • Dynamic analysis• Detailed • 3D Modeling • Imposed load / structural design impact analysis • Shop Drawings• Design • Stress Check’ calculations & • Rebar Details loads • End-reaction and Load Contour • Erection / Field Drawings• Connection Mapping design • Materials take off • As-built drawings
  10. 10. Structural Engineering, Design, and Analysis Input from Client Deliverables to Client Conceptual scheme and Detailed Engineering- Activity and Design Basis DeliverablesPreliminary Structural Designs • Developing Framing Modelwith Evaluation & selection of • Calculation and Application of Loadsprimary structural systems by to Modelclient • Analysis of Model and interpretation of Results like (Stresses and Reactions) • Designing and Optimizing of members Like Columns, Beams, Bracings, Etc • Connection Design for Structures • Preparation of Design Report
  11. 11. Structural Engineering, Design, and AnalysisMethodology adopted for Typical Analysis :• Developing 3D-Space frame model• Defining Member sizes for stiffness matrix generation.• Boundary conditions are applied to simulate the behavior of computer model with the real structure.• Applying Different loadings conditions like – Dead Load – Wind Load – Seismic Load – Snow Load – Equipments and Piping Load• Evaluation and analysis of Results to modify the member sizes• Multiple iterations for optimization of member sizes & reinforcement.
  12. 12. Mechanical: Services Piping Bulk Material Handling• Plot Plan and Equipment General • System design (based on cycle-time, Arrangement Layouts capacity and material specifications)• Piping Plan, Sections and Details • Schematic and Flow Diagrams• Stress Analysis • Drive Calculation and Load Data Analysis• Pipe Routing and Isometrics • GA and detailed drawings for Hoppers, Belt Conveyors and Chutes• Design and Detailing of Pipe Racks and Supports • Generation of BOM and Data Sheets for Bought-Out items• BOM Generation • Design & Detailing of Supporting Structures (Galleries, Trestles, Transfer Towers)
  13. 13. MEP: Services1. Mechanical & Plumbing: Design and drafting solutions for Schematic Design (SD), Design Development (DD) and Construction Document (CD) for complete Mechanical Services. • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems. • Water Distribution Network. • Drainage Systems. • Fire Protection and Suppression Systems. • LPG and Natural Gas Distribution Systems. • Medical and Laboratory Gases Systems.2. Electrical: Design and drafting solutions for Schematic Design (SD), Design Development (DD) and Construction Document (CD) for complete Electrical Services.3. 2D to 3D (BIM) Conversion
  14. 14. Architecture & Interiors• Services – Schematic Design – Design Development – Construction Documentation – As-built, Record & Shop Drawings – 2D to 3D (BIM) Conversion• Practice Areas: Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Commercial, Retail, Mixed Use, Residential & Industrial
  15. 15. Software Civil / Structural Mechanical ArchitectureAnalysisDesign / Staad.Pro Caesar II Modeling Revit, Tekla, Solidworks, Revit Revit StruCadRenderingDrafting / AutoCad AutoCad AutoCad 3DS Max
  16. 16. Codes & Standards of PracticeAMERICAN & CANADIAN CODES• ACI-318- 08 : Building Codes for Structural Concrete• ANSI/ AISC 360- 05 : Steel Design• IBC : International Building Code : Code for Building design inclusive of DEAD LOADS, LIVE LOADS,WIND LOADS, SEISMIC LOADS
  17. 17. Working ModelsDEDICATED MODELProvides major clients with a consistent dedicated team for a specifiedtime, trained in the client’s software applications, operationalprocesses and knowledgeable in client’s standardsPROJECT- BASED MODELIndividual projects done on a fixed fee basisCUSTOMIZED MODELGuided by project delivery schedules and client’s specific requirements
  18. 18. Process Flow Client uploads information to Review and RFI process by Trishul through an FTP site or Trishul other file management platforms Prospective Finalization of scope, fee & • Current drawingsclient identifies agreement • Scope of work with clear instructions a project and task list • Sample package to set expectations [graphic and notational quality] Preliminary technical and • Cad standards project management review Kick-off conference call/ go to meeting with client’s PM to Regular introduce teams and project scheduled technical and project • Feedback from Trishul on the management project information received reviews • Delivery Schedule and Expectation mapping Final Regular • Regular communication regime setdocuments up client Regular exchange • Setting up project protocol, deliveryforwarded progress of documents schedules and format. to client reviews (CAD, PDF OR • Resource allocation by Trishul DWF) based on mutually agreed project delivery Project design/ documentation milestones with client’s PM’s regular feedback on Trishul’s queries via email, telephone and desktop sharing sessions
  19. 19. Information Exchange• Graphic Data exchange using FTP Sites (Password protected).• Trishul can use File Management software like NewForma, ProjectWise if required.• Redlined drawings/ calculation sheets could be uploaded on FTP Sites. – Electronic mark-up tools – Manual mark-ups & scanning.• Desktop Sharing Sessions using• Emails: All project related queries in a RFI/ Communication Log format.• Telephone Calls Using VOIP Lines.
  20. 20. Data Security & Confidentiality• Confidentiality Agreements with Clients and with Employees.• No client/ project information disclosed without written permission from the client.• All Project data owned by client.• Access to office restricted.• External media disabled on all Computers.• All Data resides on Central Server.
  21. 21. Why Trishul State-of-the-art Strategically located production studio to leverage the time- Infrastructure & equipped with the difference between Location latest CAD / CAE India and the rest of platforms the worldCore capabilities span Single source architecture, civil / engineering services Multidisciplinary partner for AEC and structural & Core mechanical Plant Engineeringengineering streams firms Every employeeSenior team members undergoes rigorous have ample on-site Training training in Americaninternational project and British experience standards
  22. 22. Engineering Design Solutions Design Support Services