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  1. 1. PROJECT WORK Working And Functions Of HUMAN RESOURCE
  2. 2.  Aakash shah  Abhijeet chavan  Darshan shah  Moxit shah  Mayank  Parth thakkar  Prateek dhobi  Rishab shah  Rishit rana  Vighnesh devgirikar  Yogesh sinkar
  3. 3.  The company we visited for our project was Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited situated near Halol ,Gujarat.  (GFL) is a part of the $2 billion INOX Group of Companies.  It has market leadership in diverse businesses including Industrial Gases, Refrigerants, Chemicals, Cryogenic Engineering, Renewable Energy and Entertainment.
  4. 4.  The interview was set up at the company office in Halol and MR HEMANT PARIKH assistant HR manager had kindly complied for the same.  During the course of the interview we asked various questions on the basic working and functioning of HR department in their company . The explanations given by him are given this report.
  5. 5.  Anything related with recruitment, training, compensation, benefits, employee well- being, employee relations, employee retention, and employment law.
  6. 6. The success of company depend on the quality of people in it and also it is HR’S role to access. The quality of people in accompany. Considers 2companies with similar machine , money and material what defines the success of company is its manpower. HR also consides how much a person will be dedicated and loyal to a compant which is very vital for success.
  7. 7. HR has role from beginning to end of company. 1st is vision of a company has to be ready. It should have a mission and goal setting. Now we need 4M of management for running the company every department needs to know its work, same is in HR. Now the performance of workers have to be analyzed and action be taken accordingly. Everything has to have meeting in a company. Manpower requirement is based on the requirement of the company. In GFL their need •Chemical engineering •Panel engineering •Electric maintenance •Storage •Instrumentation engineer The issues of all this manpower is taken care by HR
  8. 8. The process varies according to various positions you are recruiting for. Eg. For General engineering trainee (fresher) we usually have : 1.Written test 2.GD 3.personal interview For Experienced candidates CV selection or Walk in interview but this is not always applicable For example we cannot keep “walk in” for higher posts like Manager or executives We also contact our agencies for CV, this are selected then by our department according to our requirement. We also have medical tests for our candidates which they have to compulsory Pass. We also have cut off criteria like minimum percentage achieved in your courses.
  9. 9. Q 4. What are the basic mistakes that students make during their interview or during the recruitment? Ans. Firstly the candidates don’t know how to negotiate on their salary. They always tend to compare the package they get with their friends. The do not concider that there is difference in payscale form industry to industry and from place to place . Q5. What are the skills those should be developed by students Ans-the most important skill that any student should develop is to be a Quick learner:- One has to be very enthusiastic about learning new things, because of learning is process which never stops. One has to constantly stay updated to the changes and adapt according to it.
  10. 10. Q5. What are the qualities that are required by a candidate for according Ans. Candidate requires the particular set of skills that he/she specialize in. For example:- •Technician- technological knowledge, workplace conduct •Project manager- human skills, experience, leadership, etc •HR Department- Leadership, motivational qualities, grievance handling, negotiational skills etc.
  11. 11. Q6. Please describe the Role of HR in Co- Ordination with the top management? Ans. All the decision have to be made with consultation from the top management. Also if management wants to start a new project, they will have to consult and plan with HR committee so that they can provide with the work force and materials required for the project
  12. 12. Q.7 During the event of crisis or disaster, what is the role of HR and how do they tackle it. Ans. During the crisis or disaster, HR has a complete safety department under them so that such an event is handled efficiently without any injury or damage. During training they have to follow some guidelines. E.g. out 100 workers, 30 workers must be given training of basic safety. If such a situation is under the control of company then it is known as on-site crisis and is tackled/ handle by the company staff. If company is unable to contain the situation then it must be reported to government agency and is handled by them. Then such a situation is known as off-site crisis.