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Top 11 Business Networking Activities Every Sales and Marketing Professional must do Everyday

Are you into Sales & Marketing? this presentation will give you an idea about daily checklist or activities every sales and marketing professional must do.

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Top 11 Business Networking Activities Every Sales and Marketing Professional must do Everyday

  1. 1. Top 11BusinessNetworkingActivitiesEvery Sales & MarketingProfessional must do EverydayBy Yogesh M. A.Digital Leadership Coach from Mumbai,
  2. 2. #1 Daily Follow Like minded People, Professionals, Mentors, Companies, Groups, Pages,Questions, Answers, Topics, Lists, Events
  3. 3. #2 Daily Follow Like Minded people on Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Pinterestand many other social networking sites
  4. 4. #3 ‘Follow Back’every person who follows you on various social networking sites
  5. 5. #4 Ask your Business Network members toconnect with you through other social networking sites
  6. 6. #5 Daily Shareyour blog posts, presentations in groups, forums and start conversations with group members
  7. 7. #6 Ask Open ended Questions through social updates and startconversations with your business network
  8. 8. #7 AttendVarious Business events, Conference, Exhibitions, Meetup happening in your city
  9. 9. #8 Sendyour ‘Introduction Letter’ to every new person youmeet offline event. Ask them to Connect with you through various social networking sites
  10. 10. #9 Introduction Letter ExampleGood Morning Sir/Madam :)I came across your impressive and interesting profile.I would be very glad if you add me in your business network to exploreopportunities and update each other time to timeYou can get my social profile id’s here M. A.
  11. 11. #10Use Digital Calendarto take appointments and organize your day to day work.
  12. 12. #11 Everyday Talkover phone with few like minded people in your business network to explore opportunities
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  15. 15. Build your Social Media FriendlyPersonal Brand
  16. 16. Learn effectiveBusiness networking Strategies
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  18. 18. Thank You By Yogesh M. A.Digital Marketing Trainer from Mumbai, IndiaParticipate in our Offline Blogging & Business Networking Training Workshops