Top 10 New Skills Every Industry Professional Must Learn this Year


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Would You Like to Learn New Digital Marketing Skills then this presentation will help you To meet new opportunities in your Business & Career

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Top 10 New Skills Every Industry Professional Must Learn this Year

  1. 1. Top 10 New Skills Every Industry Professional Must Learn this Year! To meet new Opportunities in your Business & CareerBy Yogesh M. A.Digital Leadership Coach from Mumbai,
  2. 2. New ‘Leadership Skills’ for Todays Digital &Glocal Business World
  3. 3. #1‘Change’ Adaptation Skill 1. The World has Changed, Now it is your time to Upgrade your skills. 2. Make a habit of adapting new technologies, new business strategies in your business system. 3. Say Yes! to Learn New Skills.
  4. 4. #2‘Community’ Building Skill 1. Create your Groups, Pages, Forums, Personal Blog & other Digital Business Networking Communities. 2. Attract Industry people to join your communities. 3. Learn New Strategies & Technologies to build big and better ‘Like Minded Persons’ business community.
  5. 5. #3Skill of ‘Win-Win’ 1. If you want followers? then start following other people. 2. If you are looking for help? start helping everyone. 3. If you want to Win? then help other people to become a Winner. 4. Make a habit of helping people through your expert knowledge on digital marketplaces. 5. Help people without expecting . 6. Start taking interest in others blog article, social and business updates, they will also start taking interest in your digital activities. 7. Experiment – Start Sharing / Liking updates of your friends (or unknown people) and after few days they will also start liking, sharing your social & business updates.
  6. 6. #4Digital ‘Lead’ Generation Skill 1. Connect with ‘Like Minded’ People. 2. Become a member of huge number of Like Minded persons communities. 3. Start Sharing your knowledge between Like Minded persons communities. 4. Start helping Like Minded People. 5. Create Digital Eco-System to update your digital network community when you are offline.
  7. 7. #5Basic ‘HTML’ Coding Skill 1. HTML Language can become a Growth Engine for your Digital Marketing System. 2. Learn few basic HTML commands to improve your various digital marketing activities on your blog / website. 3. Become a ‘decision maker’ on your digital brand properties.
  8. 8. #6‘Business Networking’ Skill 1. Learn ‘How to Connect’ Like Minded People on digital neighborhood marketplaces. 2. Learn about VCR (=Visibility+Credibility+Result)
  9. 9. #7‘Blogging’ Skill 1. Create your Digital Personal Brand Identity & Brand Property through your personal blog. 2. Share your Presentations & generate Business Sales Leads. 3. Give Online demo to your current and prospective customers. 4. Connect Like Minded people through your personal blog. 5. Sharing your Knowledge on your personal blog will help you to create your mirror image in Like Minded Persons Mind.
  10. 10. #8‘Infographic’ Creativity Skill 1. Create Infographic content for your blog and presentations. 2. Attract your readers through creative content. 3. Learn new Image editing tools to create your own creative content & images. 4. Create a combination of text and Images content.
  11. 11. #9Digital ‘Personal Branding’ Skill 1. Create your digital footprints on various digital neighborhood communities. 2. Showcase your knowledge on your personal brand property. 3. Be Discoverable on Search Engines, Social & Digital Media. 4. Showcase your skills through your personal blog and business networking activities. 5. Be Visible in Like Minded persons communities. 6. Prove your credibility through results.
  12. 12. #10Digital ‘Property’ Building Skill 1. Create your personal digital platform to showcase your knowledge. 2. Connect Social & Business Communities. 3. Create or document your knowledge. 4. Create Presentations. 5. Create Videos. 6. Create Infographic content.
  13. 13. Would you Like to Learn Blogging & BusinessNetworking from expert?
  14. 14. Build your Social Media Friendly Personal Blog
  15. 15. Learn effectiveBusiness networking Strategies
  16. 16. Three Steps to start Learning1. Connect us through social and business networking sites.2. Start learning digital marketing from & Visit our and Contact us to participate in our offline workshops.
  17. 17. I didn’t know this Kindly Connect us first &Make a List of questions about this presentation and send us FAQ & e-Learning 17
  18. 18. Thank You By Yogesh M. A.Digital Marketing Trainer from Mumbai, IndiaParticipate in our Offline Blogging & Business Networking Training Workshops