29 Most Exciting Digital Media Websites Checklist for every digital marketer


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Would you like to start Digital Marketing? This presentation will help you to know about 29 Most Exciting Digital Media Websites Checklist for every digital marketer

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29 Most Exciting Digital Media Websites Checklist for every digital marketer

  1. 1. 29 Most ExcitingDigital MediaWebsitesChecklistBy Yogesh M. A. for every digital marketer.Digital Leadership Coach from Mumbai, Indiawww.Classroom.co.in
  2. 2. Add S.A.L.T.into your Digital Marketing Strategy to Connect with Like Minded People on digital neighborhood. #1. Social #2. Audience #3. Like #4. Traffic
  3. 3. Step #1 Social Networking Sites Step #6 Step #2Innovative Cloud Services Computing Sites Sites S. A. L. T. Checklist Step #5 Step #3 Video & Communication ImagesSharing Sites Sites Step #4 Blogging Sites
  4. 4. Goal Setting for Sales & Marketing professionals Create your Digital footprints onDigital neighborhood marketplaces to become a Successful on Digital Marketing
  5. 5. Step #1 Start Social Networking with your prospective clients, suppliers, partnersGet registered on Social &Business Networking sites.
  6. 6. S.A.L.T. http://www.Facebook.com Worlds Biggest SocialMedia users community
  7. 7. S.A.L.T. http://www.Twitter.comBest Micro Blogging Tool forevery Business professional.
  8. 8. S.A.L.T. http://www.LinkedIn.comWorld’s biggest professionals network.
  9. 9. S.A.L.T. http://www.Quora.com Sharing your knowledge is the bestadvertising on this biggest Q&A community.
  10. 10. S.A.L.T. http://www.Google.com/+Rapidly growing Social Media community.
  11. 11. S.A.L.T. http://www.Tripit.comShare your traveling plans with your Business network & grab opportunity to meet your business network professionals.
  12. 12. S.A.L.T. http://www.Meetup.comParticipate in meetup happening in you city
  13. 13. S.A.L.T. http://www.Ning.comCreate your own social or business networking website.
  14. 14. S.A.L.T. http://www.Groupsite.comCreate your own group forum community website
  15. 15. Step #2 Collaborate with online Audience Get registered onCloud Computing Sites
  16. 16. S.A.L.T. http://www.Slideshare.netStart your visual story telling.
  17. 17. S.A.L.T. http://www.Box.netShare your documents through this Cloud computing tool.
  18. 18. S.A.L.T. http://drive.google.comCreate, Share & Store yourdocuments, Forms online
  19. 19. Step #3 Communicate with online Audience Get registered onCommunication Sites
  20. 20. S.A.L.T. http://www.Gmail.comWorld-class e-mail solution for every professional
  21. 21. S.A.L.T. http://groups.google.comCreate your online group communities
  22. 22. S.A.L.T. http://www.Skype.comExpress yourself via Video Talk.
  23. 23. Step #4 Engage with online AudienceGet registered onBlogging websites
  24. 24. S.A.L.T. http://www.Blogger.comCreate your own blog
  25. 25. S.A.L.T. http://www.Wordpress.comCreate your own blog
  26. 26. S.A.L.T. http://www.tumblr.comCreate your own blog
  27. 27. Step #5 Everyone Like to share Ideas Get registered onVideo & Image sharing websites
  28. 28. S.A.L.T. http://www.YouTube.comShare your videos
  29. 29. S.A.L.T. http://www.Pinterest.comShare your photos
  30. 30. S.A.L.T. http://www.Picasa.comShare your photos
  31. 31. Step #6 Analyze your Traffic & Conversions Get registered onsome Innovative websites
  32. 32. S.A.L.T. http://www.Twitterfeed.comSubscribe RSS feeds on your twitter
  33. 33. S.A.L.T. http://www.Disqus.comInnovative comment platform for your blog to convert into community
  34. 34. S.A.L.T. http://www.AddThis.comAdd various social book markingbuttons on your blog community
  35. 35. S.A.L.T. http://www.Zopim.comYou can chat through your website or blog
  36. 36. S.A.L.T. http://www.Flipboard.comBest Apps to browse social media sites on your Tablet computer
  37. 37. S.A.L.T. tweetchat.com Best conversationsopportunity on twitter
  38. 38. S.A.L.T. http://www.peerindex.com Peerindex measure all youractivity on social media sites
  39. 39. S.A.L.T. http://www.klout.comStandard for your Influence on social media sites.
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