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25 Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2013


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Pinterest is now a very effective social image sharing tools that effectively drive traffic to the website. Now Digital Marketer using Pinterest as a important tool for digital marketing strategy. Pinterest is one of the highest gaining social network sites in the USA and World.

Pinterest is very helpful to for lead generation and increasing in web traffic.

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25 Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2013

  1. 1. 25 ULTIMATE PINTEREST MARKETING TIPSAND TRICKS FOR SMALL BUSINESS IN2013Design By Yogesh GautamDigital Marketing ExpertSquareZoom Digital Marketing & Advertising( )
  2. 2. WHAT IS PINTEREST?Pinterest is a Pin Board style Social Photo and Video Sharingsite launched in 2009 by Cold Brew Labs Inc. Pinterest is the“Fastest growing Social Networking Service in the World.”Pinterest allows users to create and manage image collectionsaccording to related theme. It allows users to browse other’s PinBoards for Re-Pin for their collections and Likes photos. You canalso share Pins on Facebook and Twitter.
  3. 3. IS PINTEREST IMPORTANT FOR YOURBUSINESS?Pinterest is growing very fast, daily unique visitors of Pinterest isnearly 1.5 million and spending an around 15 minutes a dayon the website. In January 2012, Pinterest drive greater trafficto websites than combined Google Plus, Youtube, LinkedInand Reddit traffic. So, Pinterest offers opportunity toBusinesses and Internet Marketers to grow their business. So,I am trying to post some Pinterest marketing tips to improveyour business.
  4. 4. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSRegister at Pinterestand create a username,you can use business name as yourusername.
  5. 5. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSAt the time of setting up your Pinterest account, add a paragraphabout you, add your business name on your profile and yourbusiness description and keyword-rich text in your AboutDescription. Add your website or blog URL in your profile.
  6. 6. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSAfter creating a Pinterest account, you can create online Boards ondifferent topics related to your business and then you can addvideos and images to your Boards by pinning them. Name your pinboards according to your services and products. Be creative toname your pin board. You need to keep your board namesinteresting but short. When you will pin something in board they willget shared.
  7. 7. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSConnect your Pinterest account to your other social media sites likeFacebook and Twitter to get most visibility for your pins; it will helpyou to gain your followers. Don’t forget to integrate your Pinterestaccount with Facebook’s timeline; this is very powerful featuringwhich able to post your content on both the side at same time.
  8. 8. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSFollow other Pinterest users with related themeand in your local area.
  9. 9. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSPut a Pinterest follow button on yourwebsite so that visitor of yourwebsite can follow you or yourbusiness on Pinterest easily. Youcan find HTML code at PinterestGoodies.
  10. 10. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSPin lots of quality images and videos on yourboard. Infographics are the highly popular contentthese days. People likes Infographics, so developsome Infographics related to your business andPin it on Pinterest.
  11. 11. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSYou can tag other Pinterest user in your pins it willhelp to grow your network, you can use@username to tag.
  12. 12. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKS“Like” and comments on other user’s pins. It willhelp to grow your network and increase commentson your pins. Keep attention on trends. You canclick on the “Popular” link on home page of yourPinterest.
  13. 13. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSNot just pin your ownunique stuffs as well asrepin other’s pin, it willhelp to increase yourfollower.
  14. 14. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSYou can pin interesting and informative videos onPinterest. You can share videos from youtube andother videos sharing websites easily. You cancreate your own videos to share on Pinterest
  15. 15. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSAlways write an informative description at the timeof Pin an image. This description will use whenother people will Re-pin it. You can use yourbusiness name in the description for branding ofyour business.
  16. 16. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSIf you want to publish an image on your website orblog posts you can use embed option to publish it.Always use images or videos in your blog post, sothat readers can share your blog post. If you arenot adding any image or videos in your blog post,no one can Pin it on Pinterest.
  17. 17. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSYou can use Pinterest iPhone app if you haveiPhone. You can pin images from iPhone camera,you can also add location to these pin so thatother people can find your images easily.
  18. 18. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSYou can watermark the images with your businessname or you can add text on these images
  19. 19. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSYou can also create seasonal or holiday boardwhich is related to your business or brand and Pinimages on these board, like New Year’s,Christmas, Resolutions, etc.
  20. 20. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSChoose keywords accordingly your business andadd in image’s description so that other peoplecan find your images at time of searching.
  21. 21. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSIf you want to see who is pinning your imagesvideos, you can find it on this url just replace“yoursite” with your website url
  22. 22. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSYou can add your price on your pins, if you wantyour own Pinterest shop. Just add $ or £ symbolfollowed by item’s price in your image’sdescription. If you add prices to your Pin, thesepins will be featured in Pinterest’s Gift section
  23. 23. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSYou can create a special board for yourcompany’s team members where you can addyour employee’s photo with bio. You can addphoto of special moment in your company.
  24. 24. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSAdd latest news and new best things in yourniche. You can get the trust of your followers if youwill provide the best news from trusted sources
  25. 25. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSAnalysis when you are getting most Repins,comments and likes, analysis your referral trafficstats to your website. You can use this data formaximize the traffic and engagement
  26. 26. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSIf you host and participate in any events likewebinars or other classes you use the materialand pictures and videos of events
  27. 27. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSYou can use Pinterest Board for case studies;Turn your text case studies into beautiful andinteresting pictures or videos people will like it
  28. 28. PINTEREST MARKETING TIPS AND TRICKSYou can run a Pinterest contest for your reader.Invite your readers to Pin links and images fromyour blog post or website and inspire them. Youcan offer a prize for it. You can create a board fordiscounts coupons and update regular discountsinformation about your business on it.
  29. 29. PINTEREST TOOLS AND APPSYou can find Pinterest Tools Apps at Pinterest Goodies for Pinterestmarketing. Pin It Button for Web Browser, Pinterest Apps foriPhone, Follow Button for Websites or Blogs and Pin It Button forWebsites or Blogs are availablehere If you are using GoogleChrome you install Pinterest Chrome Extention. For WordPressblogger you can add Pinterest WordPress Plugin for your blog.
  30. 30. Thank youContact UsYogesh Gautam(Digital Marketing Expert)(SquareZoom Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency)http://SquareZoom.comyogesh@squarezoom.com