Iit kgp quiz club 1


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Quiz conducted by me at the IIT-KGP Quiz Club on 2nd August, 2012

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  • Iit kgp quiz club 1

    1. 1. 1) ________ is a business model by which aproduct or service (typically a digital offeringsuch as software, media, games or webservices) is provided free of charge, but apremium is charged for advanced features,functionality, or virtual goods. The word________ is essentiallya portmanteau combining the two aspects ofthis business model. FITB.
    2. 2. Freemium
    3. 3. 2) This band was formed in Birmingham in 1978, wherethey would become the resident band at the citys RumRunner nightclub. At the club the founders were doingjobs such as working the door and deejaying for £10 anight. They began rehearsing and regularly playing atthe venue. There were many nearby nightclubs, and theone "significant" one, where bands such as The SexPistols and The Clash played gigs, was calledBarbarellas. They would go on to name the band afterthe villain from Barbarella, a French science-fiction filmstarring Jane Fonda. The villain, played by Milo OShea,is named "Dr. __________".Story of which band ?
    4. 4. Duran Duran
    5. 5. 3)The _________ uses 4 motorized winchespositioned at each corner at the base of thecovered area, each of which controls aKevlar cable connected to a dolly. By controllingthe winding and unwinding of the cables, thesystem allows the dolly to reach any position inthe three dimensional space. The inputs of_________’s pilot are processed by softwarewhich forwards the commands to the winchesvia fiber optic cables. Two of the Kevlar cablesalso have fiber optic cables woven into them tocarry commands to the device and the remotehead, and bring the devices HD signal back to
    6. 6. Spidercam
    7. 7. 4) Connect the following elements :
    8. 8. • Randal Flagg - A recurrent character in severalStephen King books including The Stand, Eyes of theDragon and The Dark Tower series.
    9. 9. Man In Black
    10. 10. 5) This is a theorem from Principia Mathematica writtenby Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell. PM isan attempt to derive all mathematical truths from a well-defined set of axioms and inference rules in symboliclogic. So what mathematical truth follows from thistheorem?
    11. 11. 1+1=2
    12. 12. 6) The Scunthorpe problem was named after anincident in 1996 in which residents of the townof Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, Englandwere prevented from creating accounts withAOL. Years later, Googles filters apparentlymade the same mistake, preventing residentsfrom searching for local businesses thatincluded Scunthorpe in their names. What is theScunthorpe problem?
    13. 13. The Scunthorpe problem occurs whena spam filter blocks something becausethe text contains a string of letters that areshared with an obscene word.
    14. 14. 7) X refused to attend the Booker Prizeceremony unless it was confirmed to him inadvance whether he had won for his work A. Hewas one of two considered likely to win, theother being Y for his book B. The judgesdecided only 30 minutes before the ceremony,giving the prize to Y. Both novels had beenseen as favourites to win leading up to the prizeand the dramatic literary battle between twoestablished and reputed authors made frontpage news. Id X and Y.
    15. 15. Anthony Burgess, Earthly PowersWilliam Golding, Rites of Passage
    16. 16. 8) There were 3 inaugural inductees into thecomic-book hall of fame. 2 of them were JackKirby (inventor of Captain America) and CarlBarks (Duckburg and its inhabitants). Who wasthe third?
    17. 17. Will Eisner (Eisner Awards/ Will Eisner Hall ofFame)
    18. 18. 9) These are 2 paintings by German romanticlandscape painter Caspar David Friedrich. These arehave said to inspired the setting for something. What?
    19. 19. Waiting for Godot
    20. 20. 10) These are the 4 lesser known faces. Who is the 5thand the most famous person that completes this list?
    21. 21. 11) This is Gregory Maguire, anAmerican novelist for bothchildren and adults. His morepopular novels include titlessuch as Wicked (made into amusical which is the 12th longestrunning show onBroadway), Son of a Witch, ALion Among Men, Confessionsof an Ugly Stepsister, MirrorMirror and Lost. What are theseand Maguire’s other worksabout?
    22. 22. Revisionist retellings of popular children’s classics
    23. 23. 12) Poster for somethingthat was first in a waybut is generallydisregarded andsomething else isconsidered to be thefirst. Spin a tale.
    24. 24. The credit of being the first Indian movie which is generally given to Raja Harishchandra since Shree Pundalik was a photographic recording of a popular Marathi play, and because the cameraman was a British national and the film was processed in London.
    25. 25. 13) These 3 gentlemen saw a British horror film calledDead of Night together in 1946. The movie has acircular structure so that after four parts the end wasidentical to the start. The central character of the storywakes up from a nightmare only to find that theexperiences from his dream are real. In the midst ofthe mayhem, he wakes up relieved to find that it was alla dream. Later in the day the experiences from thedream start to happen again in real life. In otherwords, the story evolves over time, but ends up exactlywhere it started. Their discussions about the movie ledto the development of what?
    26. 26. The Steady State Theory
    27. 27. 14) ________’s (B) regular golfing partner was abusinessman called John Blackwell. One day Blackwellmentioned that his cousin’s husband was the architectErnö _______ (A). Ernö _______ (A) was one of post-warBritain’s most prominent and notorious architects anddesigners. A Jewish-Hungarian émigré, he was one ofthe leaders of the so-called ‘Brutalist’ movement. Hewas a highly flamboyant character with a love of fastcars, cigars and young women, and was thought bysome to be rather a bully: there were stories that he wasgiven to frog-marching uncooperative clients out of hisoffices. _______ (B) liked the name ‘_______’ (A) andthought he might be able to use it. Such character traits,one might have thought, would have made him a hero.Instead he ended up as a villain.FITB
    28. 28. A – GoldfingerB- Ian Fleming
    29. 29. 15) ‘________ (a Movie) ’ (1979) by William Burroughs isnot a movie. Nor is it a screenplay for a movie, at least inthe usual sense. It is a book – a novella, in fact – andone unconnected with the film ________, which camethree years later. Neither did Burroughs’ book deal withany of the themes of the film. ’________ (a Movie)’ infact took its title and theme from an earlier book, ’The_______’, by Alan E Nourse. Both books dealt with acrisis in medical care leading to the sale of black-marketsupplies (such as scalpels, or blades). ‘_______’, thefilm, took its title from the Nourse and Burroughs books,after the director had bought the rights to the title (for apittance) and then took the project in a completelydifferent direction.All identical blanks. Fill em’ up.
    30. 30. Blade Runner
    31. 31. 16) Unlike most other proper names in _____’s (A)works, which often tended toward the onomatopoeic andparodic , _______ (B) had a concrete starting-point. Hewas named after _______ (B), a village in Hampshire,and more specifically after a prep school in the town,_______ (B) House, where _______ (A) stayed as a gueston and off from 1903. _______ (A) liked _______ (B) somuch that in 1910 he bought a house in the villagecalled _______ (C). _______ (C) became _______ (B)’sfamily name. _______ (B) House thus supplied thedynastic title, and _______ (C), _______ (A)’s moremodest accommodation, the humbler family name.Identify A and the character B.
    32. 32. A – P. G. Wodehouse B – Emsworth C - Threepwood
    33. 33. LVC