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Shun santoku knife premier 7


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The Shun Santoku Knife is among the chefs choice in the kitchen. Shun knives

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Shun santoku knife premier 7

  1. 1. Shun Santoku Knife Premier 7-Inch On this page I want to take a look at the Premier Santoku Knifeby Shun. This is a high caliber knife and is my #2 recommendation for chef knives. If you wantto check out my #1 pick you can take a look at my review for the Shun Chef Knife Classic 6-Inch Stainless-Steel.This knife is fit for any occasion, any kitchen and any skill level which may leave you to wonderwhy I have listed it as #2. Simply put, it’s not possible to have 2 number ones! The decidingfactor here really was that the Santoku Knife is a slightly more expensive purchase and is a littleheavier to use than the Shun 6-inch making the latter a cheaper more versatile choice for many.Why Chose A Shun Chef Knife?Shun knives are born from 700 years of deep tradition and stem from the Samaria sword makingcity of Seki in Japan. Each knife features the look and benefits of Damascus steel without theusual rusting problems. The Damascus-look profile of the blade ensures a faster preparation timeby reducing sticking of the knife which in turn causes less damage to the food.
  2. 2. The Shun knife has a forged steel blade which is clad with 16 layers of high-carbon stainlesssteel and is said to hold a super sharp edge for a longer period of time. This gives the addedbenefit of less time spent on edge maintenance. This being an important aspect for many chefsand home cooks.Shun by Kershaw are exceptionally good looking, razor sharp kitchen cutting tools for theultimate knife connoisseur. With a number of unique styles to choose from there is a Shun Knifeto satisfy any culinary genius.Main Features of the Shun Santoku KnifeBlade core consists of high carbon VG-10, a Japanese super steel known for its edge retention,allowing the knives to hold their sharp edges for yearsBlades boast a 16-degree angle, making these the sharpest knives out of the box; this is sharperthan traditional European blades, which are usually sharpened to 20 to 22 degreesClad with 16 layers of SUS410/SUS431 Pattern Damascus stainless steel on each side forstrength and flexibility; this metal is corrosion-resistant and easy to maintainDamascus styling adds to the beauty of the knife while the microscopic air pockets created by thecladding process reduces friction during slicingHammered finish, or “Tsuchime,” acts as hollow ground cavities, reducing drag when cuttingPakkawood handles, made of resin-impregnated hardwood, are NSF certified for use incommercial kitchensRockwell hardness rating of 60-61 ensures that it takes and holds its incredibly sharp edge longerTake a more in-depth look at the Shun Santoku Knifebelow:CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE SHUN SANTOKU KNIFECustomer ReviewsBy Thomas Fagan:
  3. 3. First off, let me start by giving a little background on myself. I am a chef by hobby and a techguy by trade. I did extensive research into German or Japanese knives and I am very glad I wentJapanese! This knife is AMAZING! It is extremely sharp, right out of the package. For the 4th ofJuly I made my first gumbo which took A LOT of slicing and chopping. This knife glidedthrough everything I threw at it. I am in love. This knife will be an heirloom I will pass on…Read MoreBy Robert:Probably the best knife I have ever used. Superior in every way to the German knife it replaced.Warning- it is… Read MoreBy P Tarutis:I do a fair amount of cooking at home. I’m not ready for my own TV show, but I can get the jobdone. My Shun makes my life so much easier and I’ve never had a knife like this before. Irecommend… Read More