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  1. 1. CannondaleBy Gabrielle Smith
  2. 2. “Creating the perfect ride” Cannondale has an assortment of bikes including: road, mountain, recreation, womens, and lefty. They also specialize in apparel and biking gear.
  3. 3. “Cannondale listens to their dealers needs and the product shows it.” People who like Cannondale love their products! But now we want to target others – maybe people who are into mountain biking thought we only made road bikes? We want to try and hit a new audience and make our brand more well known. Cannondale wants to continue making great products and coming up with new Ideas and encourage all users to get fit and be healthy, as we say “Speed is our friend.”
  4. 4. Spokesperson Have a celebrity spokesperson to get the name of our brand out. Sure, people who bike may know some of our riders, but we want a new audience that can get the attention of new and younger people who are not aware of our brand.
  5. 5. Blogging We also want to make all of our riders keep a blog and link it to the website. They can talk about their races or just biking for fun. Anything that can allow consumers to see our riders on a better level or see how useful our products really are.
  6. 6. Twitter Interact with fans and users more often! Talk about new bikes or things in the making! Offer deals or offers going on that week via status update News with the company; what’s going on!
  7. 7. Facebook Currently has 39,322 likes Make the timeline page more pleasing to the eye Update more often Include links and pages to Cadnnonale riders Use links and videos to talk about new things going on with the company.
  8. 8. Metrics of Success The success of our strategy can be seen over social media sites and our website. We want to hear people talking about our bikes and how happy they are with the product. “liking” us on facebook doesn’t mean much, but mentioning us and saying how proud you are with a product is what we want to hear.
  9. 9. Budget I think a budget of $75,000 would be good. This would cover our spokes person and for the ads. Because a lot of it will be through social media, it will cost less than having a bunch of billboards.
  10. 10. Timeline I think the timeline to do this would be before next summer (it’s a little late for it, now) Because biking is more popular in the summer due to nice weather.